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- The Free Zone -


The Non-Interference Decree



The NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on Sector 9 was received on Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):

"The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand Council. The stipulations of the decree are:

1.         No interference is permitted in the zone known as Sector Nine until further notice.

2.         This decree is to be enforced by the Galactic Patrol.

3.         There shall be no use of atomic, chemical, or biological weapons in the zone.

4.         Travel to and from the zone is regulated and shall be subject to verification of intent and escort by the patrol.

5.         The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elron Elray is not to be interferred with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants.

6.         The Ethics Order by Commander Elray on the being Xenu, currently Joseph Strasburg, alias "Herr J." or "Mister J." or Germany/Switzerland banking circles, declaring him Suppressive, is to be enforced.

7.         It is to be understood that this is a controlled and protected Sector until further notice.

8,         Communications to and from Sector 9 shall be routed through Galactic Central Ambassadorial Section and final authority in cases of dispute shall be held by the Grand Council.

By order of the Grand Council




The Free Zone Decree

The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):


1.         The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or "Terra" - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

2.         No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

3.         No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

4.         All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

5.         The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

6.         The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

7.         The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.

8.         This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.








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The Non-Interference Decree

The Free Zone Decree

Telepathy Seminar

Technical Briefing Number 1

Technical Briefing Number 2

Technical Briefing Number 3

Technical Briefing Number 5

Technical Briefing Number 6

The New Civilization Game

The New Civilization Purposes

Logical planning for 1992

The Bridge at Ron's Org

Administration Briefing Number 1

Administration Briefing Number 2

Administration Briefing Number 3

Administration Briefing Number 4

Plans for Teegeeack

"In the broad universe






27. October 1984




Very good. Alright. This is the 27. October 1984. This is Frankfurt, Germany.

And we are going to do a Pilot Telepathic Seminar - and some drills. And this will be the Pilot for the 1985 February New Civilization Free Zone Congress that we are going to be doing and that will be video-taped. The tapes will be on sale.

But this one will include some Supervision of the drills and methods of Telepathy. I will just go ahead and give what I will be giving in February as the first part of the tape, so that you can all see how you can experience that and have it. And later on you can tell me if there is anything that should be changed or if a different gradient should be used.

So I will just tell it as if we were at the seminar. You understand? OK.

*  *  *  *  *

Welcome to the Telepathic Seminar... and I see that all of you that are here need to do some understandings and drills about Telepathy. Because if you were a totally experienced Telepath you could have monitored this meeting from outside somewhere and you wouldn't have needed to pay the entrance fee!


So we can then assume from that that you do need to regain your ability to do Telepathy. And to improve it. And the reason I say regain and improve is because Telepathy is not something that is pasted onto you like a science or a schoolbook study or some new acquisition. It is something that you have the inherent ability to do just as when you are a child you have the ability inherently to talk. You only must learn the words, you only must learn how to do it with the air and the throat and the sounds. So it is with Telepathy.


The history of Telepathy is very long, let us say. In the ages in the past before life on Planet Earth there were many other civilizations - you see about them in the Science Fiction Books and so on. People recall them very well. There was Telepathy in those civilizations. It was used both as a communication-device and as just way to communicate between friends and families and people who were engaged in similar occupations.


However, through the ages this became almost a secret and as we go through the history of Earth we find many secret references to Telepathy or we find critical references or scoffing references which seem to indicate that it is just something of the imagination, it is not really true, it doesn't really occur, it's only some mystical fantasy. Well, that is the same thing you could say about a baby who is going: "Agag guga guga wah." You could say: "You see, he can't talk. All those sounds coming out of there they don't mean anything!" Yes, you could say that about a child and people who say that are like that child in Telepathy. Because they can't do it, they cannot believe that anyone else can do it either. Or they have lost their ability and had it soundly invalidated.


So the history on this planet has been one of secrecy and involved with religious or occult practices. You have these stories of people with mental powers to read the mind, mental powers to communicate thoughts to you over a distance, mental power to wake you up in the middle of the night with some revelation, you have stories about people hearing voices ...... what are all these things? Not all of them are Telepathy, because people can imagine these things, but some of them are probably and possibly Telepathy. You've all heard

stories of some mother who knew that her child was in trouble, or someone who knew that the sister or the brother or the family-member wished to contact them and they just knew it. And so they call them on the phone and they said: "Yes! I was just thinking about you!"


What does this mean? This means that there is a linking line, a line that joins those two people. And therefore there has been some communication along that line. The fact that is occurs rarely and it is talked of in various terms as: "I had a realization", "Woman's intuition", "I knew that my sister wanted to talk to me", "I felt that it was time to go and do it and, you know, it was the right time. I found out exactly that that was the right time to go, because otherwise would have lost the whole house" and so on.


What are these people doing? They are using abilities. And when they talk about them other people say: "Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes..." And if they go to a scientist or a physician or a psychologist about this, they say: "Oh, ah, ah, ah... yes, yesyesyes... well, the higher animals do have instinctual responses to their environments... and a dog can sniff the wind... - sniff, sniff - and eh... preconceive. And he can sense things far off and it's something like... oh, I believe it's a remnant of an old animalistic trait in the human being." Sorry, that's not what it is. That's not what it is.


What it is is an actual method of communication - a method of knowing something over a distance, across the space, across time, from one area to another, by the ability of the person to know, to understand, to reach across there and pick up information from the other side.


So, the history of this has been one such that there are quite a few "interest groups", shall we say, that will not want this subject to become widespread. I can predict, for instance, that the telephone company would not like it. Yes. The gamblers would not like it. You see? The people who are trying to fool you and trick you... they would not like it either. People who depend on you for money through your communication like the post office, the telegraph, the telex people. Why, if you just had trained telepathy at each end you wouldn't need any of it. These people will not be interested in this program. They would be interested to stop it so that they can continue to make their own money.


But my interest in this is not to make money. It is to make able telepaths. The reason that I want to make able telepaths is because during the history - in the history of Telepathy - it has all been okay to talk about it and it's been: "Okay, it's a mystery, some people can do it, some people can't." It really didn't matter too much. But today it matters. Today it matters. Because today we have a situation in the planet, or on the planet, on Earth, between the major military powers and major financial powers and major psychological warfare powers. And they are starting to research and develop Telepathy. And they are using it. Their intention is to keep it a secret from you and to use it to control you and run their spy network operations on you and against you. The military secrets involved in this are kept just as they kept the secrets of the atom bomb.


The early days of the atom bomb, the early days of the laserbeam, the spaceship, the rocket-engines, the ion-engines - you say: "What's an ion-engine?" - well, it's still a secret.


Yes, these things are secret because they are being used in a way which if found out people would be a little upset about it. And maybe they wouldn't want to pay their good, hard-earned money to the government that was doing it. And perhaps they would protest and some politicians would fall from favor. Nevertheless they are doing it and it constitutes a threat to each and every one of us on the planet unless we have a defensive mechanism and a counter-mechanism to it. You see, telepathic spying already exists on this planet. They are already using it. But when you are finished with this course you will know more about it than they do, I guarantee you.


I'm not saying that you will be able to do it better, but I will give you drills that you can practice with. And the drills, if you practice them, you will become, I think very soon, as able as any of the telepathic spy system people they have going now. Because they are not very competent. Not at all. I've intercepted their messages. They beam them out so broadly that almost anyone can hear them. Ridiculous. The Russians, the United States - baah. The Russians, by the way, are very much ahead of the United States on this one.


Anyway, the thing that I want to do is to give you the drills and if you have any difficulty in improving your ability at it - because first of all you will have more knowledge than anyone, and secondly you will improve your ability. And if you have any difficulty with that we can also recommend a place that you can go and improve your psychic abilities through various processes. And these places exist in the "independent" - or what we call the Free Zone in Germany and other countries of Europe. So you have no stops on regaining your full ability at Telepathy or any other ability that you wish to gain.


All right. Are there any questions up to this point? Any questions about the history and development of Telepathy and what it's being used for today? Well, there is an obvious question from the gentleman in the back there. This is: "Who are you? And where did you get trained at it?" You see?


Well, due to the improvement in my psychic abilities through the various processes that I have obtained in Auditing and Training in Scientology, I have recovered the full ability of Telepathy. I was trained for many years at it as a telepathic communicator. And this was done a way long time ago in the past in some of those Science Fiction Stories we are talking about. You know - way back. Yes. OK. That answers your question. Good.


And... any other questions? Uh - huh, yes! "Can you read peoples minds?" Can I read peoples minds? Well, let me tell you this: Have you even taken a bunch of alphabet blocks and thrown them up in the air and let them all come down in a big piles Right. That is what usually a person's mind looks like. I don't care to read it, it's not interesting. What I like to do is have people improve their abilities to where they want to communicate mentally. We're not interested in reading anybody's mind. I mean, who cares? My goodness!


However, if someone is using Telepathy for a harmful purpose or is doing something in the worst interests of the citizens of this planet, we are interested -in knowing about that. And just by putting out, shall we say, a scan - you know, like a radar antenna just looking around or a radio antenna looking around for something - we are likely to come across that and pick up exactly what it is. If the people are thinking about it and they are doing it at that time then we can certainly find out: "Oh yes, so this is what they are doing now. Oh, I see." Yes. So there is the advantage of having telepathic listening posts as well. Yes, that's true, we could set up a whole network of listening posts and we could make the use of Telepathy utterly useless in warfare and psychological warfare and in spying. If everyone could find out what was going on all the time there wouldn't be any need to use it. Because the very nature of that kind of warfare requires secrecy. OK?


Now what is my purpose in doing this? Another question: What is my purpose in doing this? As I said before: I have an interest in making sure that people on this planet and the planet itself survive. And that is my only interest in it really. I'm just interested that there is a new type of civilization on this planet which can survive, feed all the people here, freely exchange ideas, freely go into communication with each other, freely exchange products and services, have a stable currency, things like that, that are - shall we say - the basics of a civilization.                  


What we are drifting into at this time is not a civilization. It is a fear-machine which is inducing people into slavery. And so that is why I'm doing this, I want people to be free, to actually understand the things that are being used against them, and to appreciate how they can monitor these things, how they can themselves use their own abilities to try to defend themselves against them. And in any other subject it would be the same thing. That's true. If someone else over there is arming themselves with a weapon to use against me or you, then - my goodness - I want to know about that weapon and I want to have a good defense for it. That's obvious, it's survival, that's all it is. OK. Good.


So now there are no more questions? Very good. Alright. We will take a little short break right here and then we are going to set up. I might do some charts up here and I'm going to show you the basic theory of Telepathy and the various wavelengths that it is transmitted on. Thank you very much.


*  *  *  *  *


Alright. This is part two of the Telepathic Seminar. And in this part we are going to discuss the theory and practical application, the drills which you would use to improve your telepathic ability.


First I will give you the basic underlying theory of Telepathy. Let's start it out by first examining different wavelengths and different methods of communication. If we have here two terminals or two locations separated by some space, and this is point A over here and this is point B - and lets say these are on Earth here, these are two towns or something. (See chart I) We know that a person can stand here and he wants to communicate to another person over here - right? He can do it in several different ways. The first that our ancestors found out about, of course, was that he could shout, you know, he could do it verbally and try and make a loud enough sound for this person to hear, right? It is going out and he gets it. That's one way. And then with the discovery of electronics and electricity he can pick up the telephone here and this guy can pick up the telephone here - of course they are connected with a line - that's the telephone. Now you understand that the sound only is produced at this end and only is - or produced at this end and heard at this end. Inbetween here it's all carried by electricity, variations in the electricity.                  


We get a little further along and they invented the radio. So we can sit here with an aerial - beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep - this guy can have an aerial here, picks it up - and it comes down to his receiver. And now we have another thing here which is a more high frequency. This is electricity here but now we are sending a wave, an actual wave, out through the air and it's coming over here and being received and changed back first into electricity and then into sound. So we go from one - sound - go to two - electricity - and now we have it into a wave. So it still is basically using the sound, you understand? Because the sound was first converted to electricity in this method and then the electricity is converted to a wave in the air and back at the other end it's converted to electricity and back to sound. So we can call all this electronics. These are electronic methods of communication and nowadays - I mean - this can go on a relay via little satellite up here. It can go - beeeeeeep, bong, beep, bong - right? And these are microwaves. Alright? So now we have a situation where man is communicating and can communicate now sound at one end, he can change it into electricity, change it into a radiowave, say, to a satellite relay station. He can do it from here, for instance, by radio to here and it goes to microwave back to microwave and then back to a regular radiowave back into a soundwave and back to the person.


So we are getting very many vias or methods of where and how this can go. Now you may have also heard that some people can hear a radio some time in their tooth. They have a filling or a certain set of crystalline structure or molecular structure in their tooth - certain metals in conjunction - and they can hear in their head a radio. This happens sometimes. Well, it's just showing you that things can be miniaturized to such a degree. They can be made smaller and smaller, so that the communication can still take place. And even today you see smaller and smaller communication devices happen. Alright. So as this has progressed through the centuries it has also become smaller and smaller and smaller. But what is the end result of this? Oh, the end result of this is of course more ideal and easy ways of communication. And lets call it physical communications. Because in each case we are using something of matter or energy through space over a time. We call it physical communications. Alright, so you can understand that. You use it every day. So that's number I.                   


Now on number II (See Chart II)... let's take a look at something else. Let's just take this person and another person and let's take away all this type of added electronics and waves and radios and so on, and let's just see - just like the fellow that was hearing with his tooth - let's see what is it that these people have that they can communicate directly with - ja?

directly. Back to the basics here. First they can use the voice through the air. Of course he can send him... or he can throw him a letter. Make a letter, writing it down here, and hand it across or throw it to the other guy. It's two ways, right? One by letter and one by voice.


Now, have you ever walked into a room and felt that somebody was angry? You can feel anger without somebody saying: "I'm mad!" You can actually feel: "Ah, oh, that person is angry!" You feel it. And you can feel when somebody is sad, and you can feel when somebody is happy. "Oh, that person looks happy!" Why are you feeling happy, why do you think he is happy? Is it because you see the smile or is it something else that's coming from him. Let's take a look at that and call it emotion. So there is an emotion projection by these two people and that can be anything from fear - you can also feel fear - you can walk into a place where a bomb is about to... there is a threat of a bomb being put in the airport ... and you walk in and you suddenly feel afraid. Why do you feel afraid? You don't know about the bomb. The other people do and they are transmitting: "Fear, fear, fear!"


OK. So there is an emotional communication line there that can be transmitted over a distance to another person. Now we have also the intuition, the people that say: "Aah, my sister wants me to call her on the telephone", "My son is in trouble, I know it, I will call him immediately". Yes, all these things have happened. Or, the various stories about people realizing suddenly that something is happening far away from them and getting in communication and finding out that it's true. So what would we call that? Let's call it thought. Because it's on the thinking basis. It's not necessarily an emotion that's coming, it's a real actuality of, "there's something happening over there", that this person is aware of. So you call it awareness level or thought level. OK? So that would be very much lighter. A person can be aware of a thought.                  


Now I'm drawing this very solid communication line. It's an actual physical object. This is a solid line in space and you can actually feel the vibrations of voices in a room, you can actually feel sound. If you have ever gone to a disco you can feel it very well. But sound is actually through a physical medium. Emotion also is coming through and I'm sure you could do it even if both of you were in space-suits. It's something that doesn't require air to be carried through. The emotion doesn't have to travel through the air. So the emotion is going directly from this person to this person and here we enter one of the first of the Telepathic Bands. We'll just call it - and I'll put them down here - Telepathic Band 1: Emotion. Because it doesn't require a medium it just requires a transmitter and a receiver. You can feel it even if you are both in space-suits out in space. You could feel the emotion between the two people. If one was afraid you could feel it. So there is our first Band of Telepathy. We are looking at something that can transmit simultaneously between, or very fast between, one person and another and doesn't require the physical hook-ups that are normally associated with communication. So this is Telepathic Band 1 and I just marked it up here with another pen. Let's call it the red level here, this is TPB 1. OK?


Then we have the "thought level" of awareness, precognition, intuitiveness, whatever you want to call it, and let's call that Telepathic Band 2. OK? Now, let's also look at something else: that you can take this thought and you can put pressure on it. You ever see that happening in hypnotism or in a side-show when somebody is trying to control another person with a lot of intention at them? So they can put the thought through with a lot of... "You must not open that door!" ...but not saying it, intending it with a lot of energy. Beams, with a lot of beams in it. That's right... like a beam. Well, that would be your thought being put with an energy-beam or with a force. Now we can say here that the thought is on the band of a "beam energy"... because thought is not only going like this but it is some usually... it's a very heavy thought because there is usually some danger associated with it. Most of these instances of intuition and knowingness have something to do with another person being in trouble, the other person being afraid, the other person in some situation where - Boom! - these are connecting up. These are connecting up because of the energy involved here in the seriousness of it. So we will call that level of precognition "beam energy"... thought with a beam energy in it.                  


Now, there is another Band and this is the one that they don't know about. Because these first two - they are being in use and researched on Earth right now. There is another one - Telepathic Band 3 - and for just practical purposes we can refer to this as "thought" and we can put in here Theta.




Ok. This is side 2, Telepathic Band 3 - Thought on a Theta level. Now that refers to the spiritual beingness or awareness of awareness of the person, which is pure thought. The type of thought that you perhaps do when you are merely reading, when you merely thinking about something pleasant, when you are merely observing and understanding what you observe. It doesn't have a particular emotion with it, it doesn't have a particular force with it, it's at a postulate level, or very thin energy level. I won't say there is no energy associated with it, but whatever it is, it is very very very light and is very very separate, almost out of, totally out of, the physical universe. So we call that level Theta. Very light. Ok. So this - we will just draw it as a very light line here... alright... and that could be... this is thought with a beam, I just put that as 2. And 3 here - pure thought - as 3. Now this is the practical telepathic level right here. The reason being that... and I'll show you another picture here eliminates the problems of matter, energy, space and time. It eliminates these problems that we had in the first drawing about using all this energy, about having a space inbetween here, and having to have the time to get these messages pushed across all this distance, waiting for your long distance calls and so on. Now, I will take that one down. (Chart II)


Now I want to point out that the current level of research on this planet has to do mostly with this and this (TPB 1 and TPB 2). These are the ones that the spy networks are using and they are about into this level right now and that's why they are - shall we say - still in school on this. The emotion... I'll now show you the wave, how the waves flow on these, right? (See Chart III) Let's take number 1, which is the red one. This is 1, there we put it over here. Telepathic Band 1 - emotion. This is how this thing would go out, it goes t in concentrics, look at that from this side and from here, it's going out like that - in all directions, alright? It: "Baaaahhh..."                  


Anyone can feel it in a room, whether he's standing on that side of the person or the other side or over there or even up above. That's Telepathic Band Energy 1. Not very practical if you are interesting in keeping your communications private But you can use it.


OK. Number 2, we have the beam, the thought beam. OK, this one goes like this. Thought beams... they start out and they spread. This follows the same pattern of a waterhose or sending out a flow of water or air or anything else trying to direct it in a straight line, but due to the interference and the things that it's receiving counter-efforts from in the universe, it tends to spread out and dissipate. OK. So the thought beam here spreads, and if you look at that from this way (from above), it also spreads like this. It goes out in a cone, in a cone and from here spreads out. So essentially what's happening is it spreads and dissipates. That means that as it goes out it's intensity becomes less. I don't know the exact mathematical law on that, whether it's the double the distance with one quarter of the effect that you might have in a gravity formula or in a sort of light intensity formula or a sound formula, where as you go twice as far away from something it only has one quarter of the effect

that's usually for spherical, spherical outflow. I'm sure that would work here (TPB 1), but in this (TPB 2) beam there is some spread on it and some dispersion. That would be more analogous to a laser, because a laser that starts off from here on Earth and hits the Moon, it starts off from here as a thin pencil of light and on the moon it may make a space that big (2 meters in diameter). So it is to some degree dispersing and if it kept going out it would finally disperse totally. But it (TPB 2) is more controlled than this (TPB i) which just goes out; "Wah...." all over, eh? So it's a controlled flow and it's a beam (TPB 2). However, this is the one that I have noticed that the Russians are using right now.


This (TPB 2) spreads and dissipates and anybody... if this is going to a person here - say - in the center, the guy... say he is working from Moscow and wants to contact somebody in - shall we say - Basel, right

here is Basel - he directs his beam at Basel, but in actual fact people sitting here in Zurich and people sitting here in Stuttgart they can also pick it up, you see? And similarly a guy flying by in an airplane might pick it up here or somebody that is down below in a valley, below where this guy is transmitting from, at a lower elevation, they might pick up that telepathic message.                  


So it's not very secure. You understand? And that is the one that they are working on right now. In the United States - probably the English are too, but are very quiet about it - and the Russians are definitely working on it - and the Chinese. They are actually selecting out in China - they are finding people who as children have certain psychic abilities and they are growing them up without invalidating them and trying to get them to explain how to do it more and more better to use them for spies and so on.


But, anyway, this is the problem with this - "thought beam". We are not interested in that. If you receive from those people you can actually communicate directly back to them with Band 3 and they will be very confused. They will think: "Man, that's super! Who did that? Where is he?", you know, and so on. They won't know. But Band 3 is the actual one. You notice that this (Band 1) is analogous to people shouting at each other because the voice is heard all over the place, right? And this one (Band 2) is more analogous to people flashing lights at each other to communicate or to using some kind of a radio transmission where it's coming out at the other end, but still spreading at the other end, and anybody around the radio receiver can hear it, right? So we still need something more direct to have personal telepathic communication that's more like the telephone where only you can hear it. I mean that in between you and the other person on the actual telephone line there are many people perhaps listening or they are taping it for listening later. This is a favorite thing of governments today because the computer can monitor your telephone calls. They love it. Anyway, that's Chart number III.


Now we are moving into this... to Chart IV. Now we take the thought... and this is the Theta level Telepathy. OK. Now we have a person here and a person here -alright? - and they want to engage in telepathic communication. Now in this method you don't have this spreading here, we don't have a beam here.


What we do is... this person is having the awareness let's say - this is the space this other person is in, let's say he is in his room or his house or something and this person is in his. Well, what is done here since we eliminated all of the in-betweens, is that this is now on a knowingness, on an awareness level. This person is immediately in communication with this other person when he can duplicate that other person.                   


He can actually make a duplicate or know that the duplication exists. That person is there, right? So what he is doing is... essentially he is saying or intending that this person become aware of him, he wants him to communicate and join these two remote locations. So that then we essentially get the sum. This becomes this drawing here... and we have this type of thing: The two people duplicating exactly what the other person is doing as if this person was reading right over that guy's shoulder and this guy was reading over that guy's shoulder, you see? (See Chart IV)


Now, it's just like as if we had... if you wanted to communicate a fast message and you wrote something down on a piece of paper and someone sitting next to you read your paper and maybe would answer it on their piece of paper, you see? And you read it over their shoulder Now if you could do that at a distance then you will he in telepathic communication. If, for instance, this person was sitting in the next room and wrote something - and you wrote down on your sheet exactly what that person wrote down and then you answer it - and he wrote down what your answer was. We're talking about a telex procedure that could be used in telepathic communication. Of course you can do it directly mind to mind, or person to person but then we are not recording it so we are not using it as a business method or a tool to help your organization or save on the phone bill, you see what I mean? What we are trying to do here is get you into a practical use of Telepathy.


Of course you can always communicate with the person. But you will find that this situation - where there people can become aware of each other across any space - this can be into the x-power, infinite space. It doesn't matter how far that is, it doesn't matter at all. Because the power of this person to imagine or know that other person and to get into this relationship, where they can actually read each others thoughts directly, is only proportional... this situation here is proportional to what we call the ARC between them. And that is their Affinity or likingness - the way or how much they like each other, how much they can tolerate space, either close or far. Their Reality - meaning that they both better believe that they can do it or they won't be able to do it, and the reality about the things they are going to communicate, right? And of course their Communication level itself.                  


If someone is trying to communicate to you an atomic formula having to do with nuclear physics and so on like that and you haven't passed mathematics in the first grade you are not going to get much of a communication across. You are not going to get much reality and you might even have a drop of affinity. So what it is, is... as these things (ARC) have built up, the telepathic exchange can build up as well, ok? So what we are doing here is eliminating the other physical - what we saw earlier here - all these physical parts of the communication formula here. And we are just bringing the two beings... this is not their bodies, you understand, it's the awareness of the person as an individual... and these two persons are exchanging communication by putting themselves in such complete affinity, reality and communication that they can exchange it directly and it is very, very, accurate. This is more accurate than many of the secretaries I have seen. They make errors in the typing, and every book I have seen recently in print has typographical errors in it, right? Every book I have seen in print - and these are coming from major publishing houses - there are always two or three typographical errors in the book. What is that? The duplication is down - people are mis-educated, or they have been taking drugs, or whatever. But, the point is that these two people in a telepathic exchange or interchange - they can duplicate exactly what the other person is saying. If you mis-spell a word the other person can mis-spell it too and he may need correction. But the point is you will exactly duplicate the message. And now, to actually get this operating... how do we get this operating? Well, first we have to do it... Let's now go into the actual ways we do the telepathic drills here:


Drill Number One: OK. The way we work this, first you must lose your dependency on space. Or let's go back to its more earlier basic. First you must discover that this is the lime to use. So the first drill that we will do has to do with this. Drill: Find the Telepathic Band 3 Theta line. That means: To find it, you have to differentiate from this kind of thing and from this kind of thing and this, alright? So you have to find out that there is such a Band here and to differentiate from TPB 1 and 2. That's your first drill - to find out and to know when you have it and know that the other two Bands of emotion and beam are not it, ok? That will be the first drill. We'll do these in a moment.                  


Drill Two: Now, the second drill is to gradually reduce your necessity for having the space be close together. You see the end result here, we are approaching an "ARC" - or Affinity, Reality and Communication - where they can exchange directly. But most people are very used to confronting people across a small space. You see? If it's very close like this they can communicate. So you get farther and farther away they can't do it so well - and finally they have to use a telephone. You see? We have to eliminate your dependency upon closeness and farness or the degree of space you can tolerate on this.


So the thing to do is: Practice a simple telepathic recognition drill and then extend space on a gradient. This is a little series of drills actually. This is done by getting a few objects or cards or 3 numbers or whatever you want to do it with - little objects - putting them on a table in the middle here and having one person start the other person. And the other person thinks of one of those, and this person says right away what it is. And the other person says: "Yes" or "No". And they don't mess around. The guy can say: "Well, yeah, ok - " (You can actually find out what Band the guy was on or what he was doing right or wrong.) OK. Then the other person does it with the other person. He says: "OK. Start. "Ah, hm, I think it's that." "OK." Boom, boom - keep it going. Now what you are trying to do is identify exactly what this guy - where is he coming through? Where is this line? Where is the actual thought there? So that is the first drill. Right across the table until the thought is there and the things are being recognized immediately as the guy is thinking of them. You understand?


Then one person stays in this room with the objects (or some of them) and the other person goes in the other room with some of them and they talk around the door. So they can still hear hut they now know that they are not reading the persons face or something like that - but that they are actually getting the telepathic line without having to be in the same space. There is now a barrier between them but they can still do it. And when they can do that - well, then they can move to another area of the building or across the street or anywhere and do it. You see? But now... what has to come in here? We have to put in one arbitrary in telepathic communication drills. When you start doing them over a distance such as that you have to have a synchronization of time. Otherwise you are going to maybe start when the other person is thinking of something else or answering the telephone. They are answering the telephone and you are trying to get in telepathic comm with them!                  


You are then going to have a funny feeling like: "Hey, what's the matter, feels like it's not the right time now..." because it's not right. The attention units - the attention or the line here of ARC, this affinity line, may be over here going to somebody else at that time. So it's not on this particular telepathic exchange. So the second telepathic drill to extend space on a gradient... this would be in one or two rooms.


Then the Number Three Drill is to practice the telepathic recognition drill with distance. You know? But now you can't easily speak and so you can get to two different houses and do it with telephones - to check the results with telephones at agreed times. Now that means that it is just as if a telex would be used: "We will call you on the telex at 8 o'clock in the morning", "We will call to you", you see? So the telex machine here calls the telex machine there. Alright, they call up. Then the person says: "OK, I understand. Go ahead." Then one sends his message. Now it's the other person's turn to send his message, you see? There has to be an agreement at which time both people will be willing to sacrifice all the other things and have the ARC to do the telepathic drill.


Just like if the phone rings: "Oh, excuse me a minute, I have to answer the phone." That's a normal thing in the society, right? Normal! A normal thing - the phone rings while they talk and: "Oh, I've got to answer the phone." Why? It's another attention line to another person - another communication line - to somebody who is far away, so it's more important to get that one and find out who it could be, hey? Because you can always talk to this person - he is right here, you see? "Oh, it's somebody far away calling me! Wow!" Now suppose somebody is coming in with Telepathy from all the way on the other side of the planet! Well, you don't want to have it interrupting - you know - your phonecalls and your going out and your walk in the street and your shopping or your business or whatever. So you set up a time. You set up a time. And you make that priority and you say, let's say: "Noon!" - mittags - and you say: "The time is 12 o'clock." And you get a quiet room and you have your telepathic communication with the other person. Who sends first is already agreed or you can get together and you can just... if you are very good at it you just say: "Ok, you want to go first?", "Yeah.", "Go first." - Boom, Boom - but you are doing it all with thought.                  


You get his message, you write it down, you give him your message written down and you have the whole thing. You can put the telex company out of business and also the telegrams and letters. OK. So you have to have a the agreement to practice this drill, right? Now this is a recognition drill over a far distance.


Drill Four: Practice telepathic message drill. Now we are going to do the message drill. But first together across the table so you get the familiarity with it. Then move it into the next room and then move it across the space to another house or another area. The message drill is no more difficult than the recognition drill. You are just doing the recognition drill with simple a, b, c or objects - you know - a hall, a piece of wax, a string, an envelope. It's simple. You are just getting one word. But now you are going to be getting messages. So you write a whole message down and the other person writes their message down and you try to get in comm with them and you get that person's message and you give your message. And then you bring the papers and you compare, OK?


Drill Five: I will tell you that I have worked with a guy in Spain - John Caban - on this. We did this particular drill on the next part which is: "practice telepathic message drill with a distance at agreed time." We did this - (Drill Number Five) - because he also found that he had been trained on this in the past. And so we did it between Madrid, Spain, and an airplane that was nearly arriving at Kennedy Airport in New York City. At a certain time. I was on the plane and he was back in Madrid. We wrote down our messages and contacted, wrote down what the other person had and the other person wrote down what he had. And when I came back to Spain a few weeks later we pulled them out and put them there together and they were 95% the same thing. 95% - there were one or two words that were different... but the sense was all there. All the meaning and all the sense of the message was there. One or two words only - as maybe an "an" for a "the" or something like that. It was very minor. And that was just our first attempt then. We weren't even... you know... even drilling very much, we were just doing it like a drill just to see what would happen. OK? So that was about 3000 miles distance and it was instantaneous. OK?


Now, Drill Six: Once you have done all this you might want to extend your network by getting familiar with another terminal on Drills One to Five.                  




That means that once you have practiced with somebody you may very well know them and you may very well know how to pick them up and how to send to them. But each person is a bit different and this you find out as you do telepathic communication: That each person "feels" a bit different. You sense them a bit differently and so on.


It is very wise to get familiar with the terminals you would normally be in telepathic communication with. It is good to establish the high affinity, reality and communication needed so that you can not be fooled by someone pretending to be someone else. Each terminal has a definite recognition pattern, just like each telephone has a separate number, each radio has a separate call sign, ja? Each person you have telepathic comm with will be different in their characteristics of communication and by knowing that and knowing it well you can never be fooled. No one else can duplicate that particular pattern and that is the individuality of the person, alright? So that is why we do Drill Number Six, because this will enable you to do the telepathic communication without having someone put false data into your communication. You may have already experienced this. There have been Russian telepaths trying to interfere with some of our people that have some telepathic knowledge and pretending to be me. They have already tried to do that. They pretended to be me. I actually heard one of them one time and I know some of you heard from them and they pretended to he me. These people know, of course, that it's not me - the people that they are sending to know that it's not me because they know me, you see? But these people that are on these lower Bands, on these emotion and beam bands they don't really understand Telepathy, you see? They don't really understand it at all. They are operating like it's some kind of a thing that they can control with matter, energy, space and time and it's not something you can do that with. It's something that is controlled by the persons themselves. As I said before there would be a lot of enemies to Telepathy in communications because the telephone company, the telex company, the mail service and the post will all have a very difficult time. They'll have to be very good because Telepathy is a lot faster and it doesn't cost you anything. So they better get their service up or we go into competition with them. OK.                  


So, basically, after this series of drills... right?... you can then do another one. This is... now we are going into the more or less: "How do we utilize them" and this sort of thing... but you can now do this, which is a little "scanning", a scanning for terminals. You can do Drill Seven which is called: Scanning for Terminals. It means - just letting your attention move around searching for telepathic communication of any type and listening in on it or trying to get a terminal that can do it and finding out what's going on. So this gives you information, alright? And you can also scan for terminals or data.


Now many people transmit telepathically whether they know it or not. They are transmitting telepathically while they are talking or while they are thinking. They are transmitting telepathically. And if you have time to listen you can recognize the line, you can pick it up, and thus comes the idea that: "Ooooh, they can read our minds." No, we don't read the mind. We don't need to read the mind. It just looks like a bunch of garbage. We don't care about that. But when somebody is thinking and unknowingly putting out a telepathic line at the same time then if you understand Telepathy you can hear it. You can pick it up, you can get the sense of it. Therefore they think you are reading their minds. You're not. They are sending it! They are broadcasting. They are sending it out. They are saying: "Here, here, here, sense the data." It's their own fault. It's their own fault. OK?


Now you ask... now there might be a question or so about this... on the drills here. You can see the distance extend, you can try to contact people as far away as you can imagine and you might. So I want to point out here though that there are some things to be careful of on this. Now we will look at the things that can go funny on this. Right. Things that need "handling" or "correction". This is the Qual actions or you might say the Qualification or Review of this.


Now this is Review Drill - or Number Eight: If there is at any time... let's say it's a precaution or let's say it's review actions. Now the first thing that could happen is that a person could get hooked up on a wrong line and not make any more progress. In other words, they could get hooked up on using an emotional Telepathy and would be forever locked into emotional Telepathy.                  


Or they could be hooked up on this beam Telepathy and they would then go far apart and they couldn't do it because it would dissipate too much and you could never pick it up. Now these are handled by just going back and doing Drill One where they differentiate. So if a person is fixed on "wrong band" then do Drill One. OK?


The other thing is you have... shall we say, there are spirits on the planet and there are certain radiations on the planet, like radio wave and other projections... by the way, the governments are also experimenting with the amplification of thought and projecting it on microwaves, so that they can hypnotize you at a distance, or put thoughts in your mind.


You must recognize these - shall we say - ghostly spirits, or spirits without bodies, or just awareness units around the planet, or these ghostly beams that are coming in with messages on them and telling you to: "Be calm! Be calm! Be calm!" - that's what they do in England, that's their buzz-word there: "Be calm! Be calm!". So if a person is receiving these things they might say: "Gee, I get these funny telepathic messages!" - you know, somebody is saying "Look at the beautiful sunset", or "No! It's wrong! You are doing wrong!". Just weird statements out of the blue, you see? But you could be receiving it from free Thetans, right?


So let's say "receiving but not the right terminal". Now there are four situations:


1. It could be electronics, electronic amplified thought. And in that case we will have a wave phenomenon - you feel it like a - bzzzzzz - there will be a "buzz" with it. It will be more like hearing a television turn on, you know - eeeeeee - you know how it feels, the wave that you feel, that high frequency thing with it. An amplified thought, electronically amplified thought, sounds sort of impersonal and robotic. It comes in just like a zombie, like a robotic type of command or something like that. It doesn't have a personality with it. You can feel that there was a personality there once but it's now been pushed out by the electronics, and so that can be differentiated.                  


2. You could have an impostor. That means a person doing Telepathy pretending to be somebody else. You can always check these by knowing who the person is and drilling with the person that you are going to communicate with so you have the ARC high enough that you cannot mistake that. So it could be an impostor and again this is handled by the drills. All this is handled by drills. You see this one - electronic amplified thought - that's handled by the first lecture parts and also Drill Number One. And this one is handled by Drill Number Six - getting familiar with the various terminals you are in comm with, right, so that you don't get an impostor.


You see, this could be from other spirits in the atmosphere that were just going around - mhmhmhmhmh - like this, spiritual ARC but nonsense. It doesn't make any sense to what you are doing or anything. You know? It doesn't make any sense at all. And this stuff... you can just tell it to go away, you know? It's done by Drill Six to recognize who it is you are getting it from and then just to tell this person... tell them: "Go away!" with intention - the same intention that you use in Telepathy - and they will.


You just give them the telepathic message: "Get lost! Go away!" They will, you see, because they are responding to Telepathy, they are sending you something so you just respond. You will find that it's usually beam, that it's usually on the band of beam and emotion, this stuff - "I'm afraid! I'm afraid!". You hear this little voice, "I'm afraid! I'm afraid" - "Go away...". OK?


3. Then you can also have the picking up of a ... what do you call it? ... party line. This means that somebody is talking or sending Telepathy but he doesn't know it. Or he is sending it to somebody over here but it's spreading over there and it's on a lower band. In other words, you are coming in on the telepathic comm but it isn't for you. You know, somebody maybe broadcasting without knowing it or as in the case of the Russian spies they send it out on a beam and somebody else picks it up and it says: "Agent 30402 Veruschka go to Petrograd immediately...". You know, something like that. What the hell is all that coming through? But you will hear things like that.                  


OK. So, "party line". And that's also handled by drills... knowing Drill One through Six again. And if you are doing Drill Seven you get familiar with these. So Drill Seven will handle all of these by your becoming familiar with what you are receiving. So you can actually say: "Oh, that's that, that's that, that's that." you know - Boom! You don't have to turn your radio on if you don't want to hear it. You see what I mean? This is like the radio, you tune in the guy you want but if somebody else is coming in, you know, you can turn the radio off. You see, you don't have to hear this stuff. OK. So that's about the basic things you run into.


4. And if a person is "fixed and they can't really find this Telepathy thing", there is one other thing which can be handled and that is improve the psychic Theta ability. And that's done, again, with processing and training in Scientology. That's what's been doing it for thirty years. And you notice it's been one of those heavily attacked subjects in the world. And fanatics and suppressives try to take it over, rob it, kill it~ blind it, kill the people in it and everything else. It's so fantastic because it does improve psychic abilities, I can guarantee you that. And the people that have done it honestly for thirty years do have quite good psychic abilities. So. This will do it. But make sure you go to the right people. Not to people that are trying to rip you off. Go to some of the Free Zone Independent Groups and they will give you the processing and training necessary that will help you with these abilities.


So these are the handlings for anything that goes wrong with the drills or with the person in their practice of Telepathy.


Any questions about all on this? Very good. OK.


Thank you.


Anyway, that's the end of the part about the drilling and the "how-do-you-do-its". OK. Thank you.


* * * * *


OK. Well, now you have all had a little break and a little chance to talk about and practice the drills... (or get the video tape and you can actually sit down and do these drills or buy a tape which will have all these drills on it or you can actually purchase the drills as a separate issue and we will maybe also have a transcript of the lecture later on for sale).


But now I want to go back to some of the questions that you asked me in the beginning and I want to really get you to understand something here. What is the purpose of doing this seminar at all? Now what can you use it for? What can you apply this to? If you run the telephone company out of business it doesn't mean that you are going to be rich or anything like that because what are you going to replace it with? You are just going to be... anybody can learn Telepathy. My idea is that anybody should learn it as it is a survival necessity.


But what are you going to do with this knowledge? Well, one of the things is: First, you can stay in communication with your friends no matter what happens to your normal communication systems - the telephone, the telex and so on like that. You do not have to be dependent, you don't have to be depend on the normal communication systems. Therefore in the event of war, disaster, economic problems or you can't pay your phone bill you can still communicate. So that's one advantage.


Second of all: It gives you a higher understanding of the other person and their nature and also extends your pattern of a network. You might become like a group of amateur radio operators and have a whole network of telepaths with identifying call signs and all that - like the truckdrivers do it and so on. You know: "This is telepath 'Sweetmind'..." - you know - "and 'Honeythoughts' coming in...", you know? They have identification tags, you know. So you might have this whole CB-lingo coming on into the idea of Telepathy. "Here is the 'Mental Giant' coming on". Ja. I can see this happen. And once you have such a network... (laughter) hahaha... that was probably her "handle" back there... hahaha... 'Sweetmind' or 'Honeythoughts'... hahaha... Anyway, I did want to mention that this could become a possibility.                  


Also no one will be able to fool you with any electronically directed thoughts, amplified through machinery or electronic waves, they won't be able to fool you and give you false orders and directions and ideas through those. You will be probably entirely immune to anything such as that and also to hypnotism and other various ways which you could be controlled.


You will also be able to receive and monitor thoughts that may be dangerous to your country or to yourself or to your community such as I told you about - for example, these spies using this stuff.


Now if you also wanted to get together in your network and set up a monitoring service... that would also be entirely acceptable. A telepathic monitoring service with a little "central" where people find exactly what's going on in the world. And they write it down perhaps on a regular piece of paper and mail it to this monitoring center. Or they telepathize it if the monitoring center can afford people to stay there 24 hours a day and receive all the telepathic comms and have times for each other to come in. But it's easier in this case to actually telephone it in or send it in on a computer or in the mail so it can all be assembled and put out as a little magazine, you see? And it could say: "Hey, look! Five hundred telepaths today picked up that the Russians are setting up an entire European demonstration and it is going to happen in Paris on the 17th. Anybody wanting to attend, please, book your hotel now, because it's going to happen on the 17th." You know? And so you can do little funny things like that. Just totally "blow" all of these scenarios, you know? The things that are planned for your amusement that appear in the papers after they have happened, but you can find out about them before they happen. Therefore you wouldn't really need newspapers anymore. There are a lot of things here and I hope you really enjoy it all.


Now one of the questions, which I noticed no one has asked but I do want to answer, is: What about the 190 different languages that are used on this planet? How can one extend their telepathic net - without knowing 190 different languages - to all the good people around the world? Well, there is such a thing - besides doing it as we said with words and messages and so on - there is such a thing as Concept Telepathy.                  


Since you started off with the drills using objects and you were giving the "idea" of an object or the "name" of an object, you could do it either way. You could say: "This is a tape". But, you could also give the concept of that. In other words, give a picture or a concept of a tapebox and the other person will get that: "Ah!". And in his language he would say: "Tape" or "Tonband".


So Telepathy can be in words because you pick up the thought. If the guy thinks in words you get it in words. If he thinks in concepts you get it in concepts. So if he thinks of that tape being put in that machine then the other person will get: "Ah, he wants me to put the tape in the machine." So Telepathy can transcend the barriers of language. It can be done in concepts as well.


In fact you could repeat all of those drills and do them only in concepts so that you wouldn't use words. You would use a concept - a concept of that object, an actual... you "visualize" the object and send it that way. The telepathic line is a very light line - it doesn't require any energy or a lot of force or any emotion or anything. It's just very light... it's just easy... it's just thinking about putting the tape in the machine. But it has to be with the understanding that it is going to be duplicated at another point and knowing that point and getting in the link-up with that point. And then when you think it, it's immediately received, the other person feeling the same way.


So that is for the, let's say, the next expansion phase of Telepathy: To move it into a conceptual Telepathy. And in this way you will find that you can be in communication with even alien species, you know, people such as your tax collectors and so on like that. I'm talking about alien species here, people that are, you know, pretending that they are not human. So you can actually get into communication and monitor their activities as well.


Now you can see why there has been so little written about and so little exposed about Telepathy in the last thousands of years. It's because first of all it's a very simple subject and second of all it's very dangerous for those who want to maintain control over you. Because once you have Telepathy and once a few of your friends have Telepathy and once you can train others on Telepathy it becomes very hard to enslave you, it becomes very hard to take over your freedoms.                  


And that really is the purpose of why I'm giving you this lecture and this seminar on Telepathy. I don't want you to be slaves. I don't want any of us to be slaves. I want you all to enjoy your freedom and to enjoy it with others like yourselves who want others to expand, be free, and to be in communication with anyone else they wish to without being subject to the problems of matter, energy, space, time or the telephone bill.


So that - in a nutshell - explains exactly why I'm giving this seminar and what it is and why you may not have heard about it before. And now that you've heard about it can you use it? Can you do it? Do you want to be free? If you do and you understand that: if you want to practice this and if you want to do it, and if you want to expand the network, then I think we will have a marvelous New Civilization here where it will be so free and so much fun that the days of the present and the problems of the present will all have vanished and we will not have anything except a sweet aesthetic feeling that everyone understands everyone else and we can be at peace and we can be happy. Thank you very much.


*  *  *  *  *


Gut, OK. The people here at the pilot project have just done some telepathic drills involving recognition of objects, increasing of the space, doing numbers, letters, words and then changing partners and relaying messages and getting the idea of the different terminals. I'd just like to get a short statement from each one of them about what successes they had and realizations they had while doing these drills. We didn't, of course, get to the EP (End Phenomenon), the whole thing of being a fully trained communicator on Telepathy. That would take some weeks. But the actual fact of Telepathy and how realistically it can be done, I think was shown to be possible.


First we will start with the hostess - Martha - would you like to say anything about your drills and successes?


"First of all I enjoyed it tremendously, generally - and secondly I realized that the potential is there, it can be done, it needs some more training and it has become very very real to me. That's all."                  


Thank you very much. Ed?


"Ja. The first was the recognition that it really works and the second was the differentiation between thought and the real intention, that in the moment you start to think about it, it starts to disappear somehow. That was one cognition

had. And on the other hand it's like a little telepathic baby who tried to do these first steps and also fell down and so on hut it can be done. That's the thing I... or the win I had for myself. That I if I continue with it and start to do the drills and so on then it will he perfect."


Thank you. Bruno?


"It works. I think I can and will be a sender and a receiver but to be a communicator it is very very strange for me - now. But I try to train it up to the EPs of a communicator for to wear this hat too. Thank you for giving this seminar and the data on this ability."


Thank you very much. Doctor Prinz?


"So. I am astonished over the dimension from this area. The dimension is so big I haven't believed before. And it is big in survival and in a counter-surviving position, in both. And I can understand we must realize so good as we can all these things because it is necessary for us for survival. And especially in my job. I found similar things and so it is not absolutely new for me. But new is the exact lines and the possibility to duplicate exactly what happens. And I can believe when we have some guys that can do it they can protect our whole area because I believe it is very important to have it and to have all the good informations and the bad informations to give the correcting flows on this planet. OK."


Thank you very much. Doro?


"What I found out for myself was that before I did the seminar I had some idea like: "Well, Telepathy... it's there and it can he done, but it's hard work and it's very difficult..." and so on, and when I really started doing it, it was astonishing how easy it went. It was just there. And that in fact was the difference between thought and effort band. But it's really astonishing how easy it can be done. And what it needs now to be a real communicator in relaying messages, word by word or letter by letter, it's definitely nothing but good old training, like training how to drive a car and things like that. By knowing how a car works and what the rules are it doesn't mean that you are a good driver and that's exactly the ability on Telepathy that has to be developed by training. And thanks a lot for the data."


Thank you very much. Alright, Maria?


"Well, first of all I was very pleased to have the opportunity to do it and secondly I think it was a recognition of some past understanding that I had on it, but not the actual... the possibility to be able to drill it. Back on the track, having done it before the actual thing I got out of this was it's easy, it's not complicated. You just have to get the feeling that it can be done and it is possible. And the drilling is going to make it more possible to be able to become better in it and I enjoyed it very much."


Thank you. Alright, that's the end of the Telepathic

Pilot Seminar and this is the 27th of October 1984.





*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *















Technical Briefing Number 1


held in


Frankfurt, 12th October 1984

by Capt. Bill Robertson



It is important to understand what LRH did during the last 20 to 30 years. His main job was to develop, research and publish the technology. The other things he did, like starting the orgs and doing management and so on, were secondary. That was done as a necessary thing to protect the technology, and to keep it expanding. But he has stated many times, that when ever things got tough in the world, or if there was a big attack on Scientology, then he would always go back and finish the technical research for the next level, so that this new or later developments that he would find and put out, would keep people moving up the bridge, and they would there+ore be better able to confront and handle whatever attacks were being made against Scientology.


The last time that I have seen LRH personally, which was in the year 1980, in the fall, he had just completed the final technical development and research on the presentation of standard tech by film, by pictures, so it can never be altered by anyone in the future.


It is very interesting to note, that those films are no longer available in the church. We are trying to get copies, but the excuses they give are, that the films show people who are declared, and that they are scratched, and some are damaged, and that "we don't use them anymore".


Now, anyone of you that knows the HCOPL 17Jun70 "Technical Degrades", will realize that this is the technical proof that LRH could not be behind RTC, because he would never have allowed anything that he developed to give exactly how the TRs and metering should be used, not to be used anymore.  We are just talking about the technical side this time. In the years, that I worked with Ron, he explained to me a few times, what his main job in the research was. It was basically, he said, like going into a dark room, opening a door into a dark room, and trying to find a door at the other end. Without a light or a guidebook. He said the only thing he would go in with would be an E-Meter. As he would bump into things, or run into difficulties in the "room" (or level) that he was researching, he would then have to find out, how he could get back to the door and start again with the E-Meter. And finally after exploring the various ways to get through this area, he would finally find the door at the other side, and could go into the next level.


"Now, he said, the bulletins you see written, are the exact path through the room, there are many other things that could be written, but they are not the direct path through the room."


In the C/Sing of a level we find certain remedies and corrections, which help people get back to that path through the room, if they go off into the wrong direction. These are the correction programs and so on. You see that in various things like the green form, the resistive case bulletins, and the things handling various types of things on the GF40 and other list actions, and so on. These exact things and some of the remedies, and some of the OT Correction handlings, when a case caves in, these are the various ways to get back on to that path.


Now we have found out, that after 1980, when Ron did go off the lines (because he disappeared from the place where he was working at that time in California), that certain technical bulletins have appeared, but I happen to know, and so do many other technical terminals, that in the materials parts are written by LRH. Parts of them. Other parts are not written by him, these are parts of his research, they come from his research notes of the past, which he did not want to put into the levels, because they are not the direct path to the door.  Alright, this is the reason, that in the Free Zone technical centers there are many Solo Nots Completions, I think there are 20 to 30 right now, and so far in the church there is only one or maybe a few more, but they are only promoting, that there is one.


We cannot analyze the church s technology anymore by the policy of Scientology, we can only analyze it by the emotion of greed in asking people "pay,pay,pay" for more, to not go through the room, but wander around in it for d while until all the money is gone.


I hope you understand this. That describes to you, what Ron went through to do the research to give you the bridge.


His work day on the Flag Ship, when I was there for 6 to 7 years, that I observed him working was: every day in his whole schedule was approximately eight hours a day devoted to tech and eight hours devoted to handle management, admin and ships affairs. I never saw him work less than 16 hours a day in that six years, never saw him get a pay-check for the week of more than 80 dollars. I do know, that when we were ready to come to America and go off the ship, that if Ron had wanted to take all of the Sea Org reserve monies, which was at that time about a hundred million dollars (for the Sea Org, for the churches for making buildings and continuing expansion, that is what it is for), that if he wanted to go and disappear with all the money, that we would have said, "OK, fantastic, he has done a fantastic job". But he didn't do that. He went to America and carried on finishing the NOTs research and OT level research, and doing the films, the technical standard films, knowing already, that there were many, shall we say people, who in the United States were waiting to attack him and his family. This does not sound like the actions of a man who is operating on a basis of just money.


The lies spread about LRH are proportional to the overts,

that those people, who spread the lies, have done against him

and his family.


The people, who transmit or relay the lies especially amongst Scientologists, are merely people who probably have not made the place on the gradechart, where they are supposed to be. Because anyone who has gains from Scientology and real wins or abilities, knows Ron s purpose on this planet.


His first duty was to help thetans to rehabilitate and go back to their native state, and that it was in fact a way to become self determined and pan-determined and at cause again.


Even the last possibility of a person remaining at effect was covered by LRH in the tech, where he said on the Class 8 course, "the last thing you will have to run out, the last thing, is your track of auditing, because, you realize, that from the definition of a thetan at cause, that whenever he is sitting in an auditing chair, no matter how good the auditing is by the auditor s code, which puts the PC at cause over his case, and helps him, he was still scheduled by the auditor, he was told to pick up the cans, told to start, and to end, and he was under control, though it is a control that is leading him in the direction of getting him free", and Ron said, even that little bit of the person at effect has to be audited.


So, auditing is not a trap, Scientology is not a trap, but it can be used as a trap, if the purpose of LRH is not followed.


Now to that point I ask you if there are any questions about LRH or anything I have said, because now I tell you next about what we do in Frankfurt.


Question from a person at the event: "There are many bulletins after 1980 like data about checking grades processes for reads and that sort of thing, now how do we know where ends the data?"


I covered this point with several tech people in England and America between 1980 and 1982, and it was decided at that point {it is arbitrary of course, but it is a decision and it works), that we take the end of 1980, because that is the last time, we can be sure, that LRH was there and receiving any technical bulletins back and forth for OK, and his approval, and all these auditors that have audited some 20 years, and when done correctly, have great results with all the tech from before that, so there seems to be no reason to actually change it.


Ron did that continuously, as he would get feed-back. You see, the Flagship was an experimental place also. Many of us that were on board, were asked, if we would volunteer to take part in research sessions.


I might add to that point about the research, I told you before that Ron didn't write the bulletins immediately after getting through the dark room himself, but would make sure that cases of all types, difficult cases or easy cases, or people that have gone up the bridge this way and that way, whatever, that oldtimers, new people, could all receive the same results by getting PCs and auditors to do it on the Flag Ship. So there was continuously, as they came out, there was always the way, that every single person could go up the most, perhaps shall we say, not particularly the easiest, but the most efficient way. It does not mean fast, it means the person would be able to confront and handle that, which came next and go up the bridge.


Now, on the Class 8 Course he made his point, that it was all conforming to the basics of Scientology, so the only changes you would see in the bulletin after that was, if there was some pretty large percentage of when they put the tech in the field, that some problems arose, and it wasn't found on the Flag Ship, then there would be a slight revision or something.


Now you have to realize, that since 1980 there has been another motive in this, and that is to keep the person paying for his auditing.


As Ron said on the Class 8 Course, there are a million ways to do it wrong and there s only one way to do it right, and you can make a million dollars doing a million wrong things and finally come back to the right one, or you could put them through the correct way the first time, and then you can make a lot of OTs.


Ron s purpose in the Tech was to get the thetans up to OT, and we can not see this purpose in the bulletins, that have come up since 1980.


The actual additions of various rundowns, and things people must do, some of these are merely, shall we say, special handlings. They are not major actions. That means, that not every one on the planet would need a R/D concerning how to better fix an automobile, or how to handle their 2nd dynamic or something like that, or how to handle their problems with Ethics. Some people would need that, but the others would handle that on their regular bridge.


So we have a path, that is very well researched, and very well experimented and very well taped out, which does result in increased abilities and causativeness, and I have compared the case levels of people, who have done the bridge before 1980, and the ones who have done it since with the church, and there is a great difference. It is a difference, which can be measured in terms of dynamic responsibility, the responsibility in life over the various dynamics, and in the reality and communications levels of the people involved. I think, you may yourself know of some of these examples.


I have found people in the church doing NOTs auditing, which is now the top level of the released bridge, who were afraid to communicate, afraid to find out everything, they kept very low profiles, they were very effect. This did not seem to me that they were able to cause much effects.


Another thing that people may be interested in, and this is to finish the answer on the question, is what Ron predicted for Scientology on the PDC tapes of 1952.


The PDC Course was an actual OT-Course, it dealt with the thetan s ability to mock up things and to make things of his universe and to reduce his being effect of the MEST-Universe (matter, energy, space, time}.


He said in those lectures, that Scientology had a short space on earth to flourish and prosper between the time that man had gained control over his environment and his machines, where they released him for a little more free time to do spiritual things, and before those men with evil purposes would use those machines to enslave you.


This apparently has been a repeated history on the track, we see it happening in the world. He also said, that we must get the tech fully developed and in use, before the "shades of night" fall, and he referred to that as the "Shades of Night" coming down or keeping all ideas and new developments a secret, so they could be used to control people rather than let them gain more freedom.


You see that today with all these mysterious secrets, that are going behind the scenes, and you never get to hear about what is really developed. All the ideas for a New Civilization for instance are kept from you, or not let be developed.


I think that fully answers, why we put that arbitrary date in there.


I also might mention one other thing about the Grade chart, since you are all on it, we are all on it.


The grade chart represents the majority of cases at the time it was developed, how they can progress. However, as a C/S you do not always go by only that, because as you know not every one is average. You must do the basics of Scientology with each case on an individual basis, this is the only way you can handle resistive cases or someone that comes, and has just recently arrived, and is already a Natural Clear, and has no drugs or medicine in this life time.


So each is different, there are the extremes, and there is the middle, but no case is exactly like the others, as no thetan is exactly like the others. In fact you will find, that, if every case was the same, all their cognitions and all their answers to the questions on the processes would be the same, but they are not.


The questions are the right ones, the answers are the individual ones from that thetan to get him through that particular ability level. And if there is something necessary to be done to get him to that "going up the bridge in the middle", then we must choose the exact thing that will get him there without any problems so he has no difficulty in continuing, which brings me to the reason why I am giving you this tech briefing.


We will be starting now full time 1st or 2nd week in December the moving of all cases in the Frankfurt area that can exchange right up the bridge.


Now you ask "why here in Frankfurt ? Because you are supposed to be in Spain?" and all that stuff. The same thing we are doing in Spain, but I do not speak Spanish and the cases in Spain are all at a level, where they can be handled very easily by a lower class auditor, many have not had much auditing at all. I have programmed or C/Sed for each of the people there. I have trained up a Spanish speaking auditor on the DCSI, so we can which ever ones that are clear going on up.


But also there is a matter of exchange, and there is not much exchange in Spain, the people there do not have any extra money to do anything under the socialist government, and to tell you the truth, I couldn't survive on just doing tech in Spain. In fact I was not even going to do any tech anywhere, I was depending on David Mayo's and the other AACs to expand quickly, but something a bit upsetting to me has occurred in the last 4-5 months, that is despite all our advices to them on policy.


Remember what I have told you about policy. It is the 3 dynamic tech, which protects the technology.  The AACs have actually stated in writing to me, that they do not intend to use Ethics, they do not intend to use Policy. I happen to know that persons, that all people will not go up the bridge without those things in use. 


If you understand the mechanics of PTSness, when that occurs, it must be handled. It s Ethics, it s an Ethics handling. If you don't have that, it s a roller coaster.


Policy and Tech complement each other. But that is not the most upsetting thing, that was the first one.


The second upsetting thing was, it is allowed and even promoted by Div 6s and Div 2s, - I do not accuse any tech people for this, because I am sure they do the right things with their tech-, but the administrative people and publics of those AACs are permitting extreme criticism of LRH and repeating of the enemy s stories, that are appearing in the newspapers and were started by known SPs, such as Nibs Hubbard-deWolfe, who was Ron s antagonistic son from a former marriage.


They have thought it OK to keep promoting the words of Flynn, who is dedicated to destroy the church, Ron de Wolfe, who is dedicated to destroy LRH and Scientology, and I have that in writing from Ron de Wolfe himself. In a letter he stated, he has been trying to take apart Scientology brick by brick for 30 years, and yet it is OK, it s allowed to say, "I think, this is right, LRH was in black magic, and he was taking drugs, and he was doing all this, and he ripped off all this money" and they are allowed to say that. They even write that down in their magazines and stuff like this.


Now I ask you: If this is permitted and they send a person up the bridge, in the future when he goes out and says "I am a Scientologist", (by the way, they also send out letters stating "We do not say we are Scientologists anymore". I have a letter saying that from Harvey Haber from the AAC, who is the DIV6 of David Mayo s.), when they say that and go out and say, "Well, I've had my auditing" to someone they are in communication with for business or a job or just contacts, these people could just turn around and say, "Well, that s very funny, because 5 years ago you told me, this guy who founded all this stuff was crazy, black magic, and he was this and that". To put it mildly and in the most lightly way, they are destroying their own future. It is like a man climbing a rope ladder up the side of a cliff and saying, "Man, the guy who built this ladder, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. The things that hold the ropes are all weak, and it s going to fall in any minute." Well, why the hell is he climbing the ladder? Why doesn't he just stay down there? It is not understandable.


This is why I realized, that they needed a C/S in Frankfurt, I realized also, that many people have been shall we say, a little bit messed about by the old church. I realize, that people are willing to exchange to have all this handled and go up the bridge standardly. I can also read and speak some German, although I must translate some of it. Also Frankfurt and Germany are a very key part in the 4th dynamic, which I also take responsibility in my universe for handling , so that we do not become slaves. So for all of these reasons I decided to actually start some very standard going up the bridge for people from any level, because at first it was going to be OT levels, but there are not enough people just there yet. But we will get them all the way up and then carry them up to the very standard OT abilities.


As I say, I can recommend any technical person, that anyone wants to ask on the planet, that is doing standardly the tech. David Mayo does very standard tech, and so do all the people he trained.


All I am stating here is that the environment, which they are in, tends to make them PTS. Eventually it will stop or hinder or cause them to drop the cause levels or the ability levels they have obtained.


So it is not the fault of the auditor, it is the fault that they do not have a 3rd dynamic tech in the org, and the Ethics around it to protect it.


Now perhaps you have seen the order that Dorothee wrote with my approval about the drug-scene over at the "Avalon". This is an example of a gradient of ethics being applied and the correct policy being used to handle PTSs and giving them a chance to get back on the standard line. Do you know, that there is no AAC in the world, that I have seen an issue from, that there is no tech delivery center in the world, that I have seen an issue from, to handle an ethics situation. They can't confront it. I could handle it as a C/S with them. Because they have been hit by incorrect ethics by RTC they backed off from using it totally.


To stop using it totally is like a man, who has a wreck with his car, and he never wants to drive again, or like a person, who has had a bad auditing session and they are very hard to get back into session. There are handlings for this.


LRH said, the tech could be used to suppress people, Policy can be used, Ethics can be used with Policy, but when used correctly, no problems, you go right up the bridge. Actually I wrote the chapter about Ethics in "What is scientology". I wrote that chapter and sent it to LRH, and he personally OKed it. What was written was put in the book. And in that it states, that Ethics is a technology, and it covers conditions, it covers getting off overts, and sec checks, and covers the PTS/SP phenomena, and boards of investigation and other justice actions.


These are all technical tools, and when used correctly and for the right thing, without the way RTC is using them, saying "I don't like these findings for the Comm Ev, you find it this way, now go back and do it the way I say", which is totally against policy written on it.


You think, why can't people see this. The Convening Authority or authority who calls the committee cannot influence the committee, he can only accept the findings or reject them, he can not tell them what they should be. It is an evaluation, and in fact you don't even need a committee if you don't follow that policy.


And now you find in the writing of RTC itself, they even say "we now declare people at the finger". They even say this themselves, no comm ev. They will even tell (we have witnessed statements), they will even tell the person "you can have a committee, but you will loose." The other thing is, they are mixing the technologies again, they are alter-ising the technology of ethics, they are confusing conditions with justice actions.


A justice action is a 3rd dynamic action, when the person cannot get his 1st dynamic ethics in himself, so he needs the help of the group.


Condition formulas are actually the way to expand and flourish and prosper in the universe. They are meant to be applied causatively by the person on an individual basis. If the wrong one is applied, and this is stated in Policies on Ethics on a tape, if the wrong one is applied, the person will fall down the conditions to the one lower. Very exact. This happens all the time.


You notice, how many SP-declares have come out in the last few years, 2000 and more, and from the viewpoint of the church all those 2000 fell to the next one lower. If you look at an SP being an enemy - they went to treason and they resigned from the church. It was the wrong condition. Obviously they didn't come up.


Ethics is to get the guy up. Some of them went to doubt and did a whole doubt thing, and when they did that correctly, back to treason they went again and were gone. Some of them went down to confusion and remained there, and they didn't want nothing to do with anyone. That is an example of misapplication of ethics. But what we have been doing in OTC WW is trying to make sure, not only the tech survives, but the policy and ethics as well, all those technologies.


So in Frankfurt we will find, that we will do it that way. When for instance you hear some one carrying on and nattering about this and that and the other, it should be reported to ethics, the person is called in, and HCO justice policies are applied. It s called Manual of Justice where by finding out, who told you that, and you trace it back to the source, and when you get to this source, he either agrees to have his overts and withholds pulled on the terminal he is criticizing or if he doesn't agree, then a justice action is called by the 3rd dynamic to decide, where this person is sitting in relation to the group, like a Comm Ev or what ever.


There is no condition formula, which says, criticisms are handled in this condition. That's not the purpose of the condition formulas. You can't put a person in a condition because he is critical.


The church does this all the time. (Ha, you are critical of us, you must be with the enemy, you are suppressive.) There is not such a thing, the technology for handling criticism is given in the red bulletins also, it comes from O/Ws and M/Wh Technology.


It is very easy and everything has a basic and a way to handle it. When you mix these up you get salt in the coffee and sugar on the meat.


First of all we will star* this program off by making sure we collect whatever data we have on the case, or what ever auditing you have had. We can do that with a white form plus a DofP interview, or you can write it up yourself and we check it with a DofP interview, or summaries, what you had on the bridge or off the bridge. It is up to the DofP to get the complete data now.


I m a permanent Class 8 awarded by LRH and I know what to do with a case problem. You have to have the data on the case. We get these data together, and before anything else is done, I look it over as a C/S, and then I make sure, that the next correct action is done, after which the person should be on the bridge. Now that means, he may be on the bridge already, but so far I haven't found anyone that is standardly on the bridge.


Some people have had invalidative sec checks, some people have started to go into endless corrections, and some people have been programmed to, shall we say, to do actions on the side, which are not necessary to go up the bridge and probably not needed.


For instance, a girl asked me in Vienna, "I have this problem of playing before an audience, I m anxious, I m nervous." So she said, "can you handle that?", I said "yes. Well, I m also a C/S. Where are you on the bridge?" "Well, I think, I've done ARC-Straightwire/Life-Repair."


She really wanted this handled. Now, if I was interested in just money I would say "sure, it will take 50 hours, I ll handle it." No. I only want the fair exchange, but I want the best thing for the PC, so I told her "First go up the bridge. Get your grades. You can do it here, or in Langenthal or what ever, and when you are up the grades it should have been handled. If it is not, then let me know and we will handle it."


She was surprised. I said, "Well, what do you think, the grades are for?" The things like that, that the thetan can obtain, each grade handles the different parts of these things. If you know the grade chart, you can see all the abilities that people achieve on those grades. If they really achieve that, I don't think she would be nervous after grade IV.


Well, if you look at it, it could be a problem in communications, it could be a problem with a problem, about it she could have O/Ws and be a little nervous about being found out. It s right there somewhere, or an ARC break or dramatization of a service fac, it could be anything. So, honestly as a C/S I have to tell her, "you go up the bridge". The church would probably say, "ha, you need a Sunshine Rundown, so you are happy all the time." 50 hours of that, that s a very high price.  So you see, this is what we want to get back, the intention of LRH in developing the Tech, and in addition to the intentions of LRH, we want to get back in, (I say get back in because it is not there now), the recognition of source, because there are people now in England going around and saying that, "Ron didn't develop the tech", and they are saying, "John McMasters developed it", and other people like David Mayo, and some of the Class 10s, "Otto Roos developed the Tech".


How soon they forgot, that I was there on the Flag Ship for 7 years, when he, LRH, developed everything.


From the Class 8 Course all the way through NED for OTs, starting with the NED course, all the tech in between and including the Ext/Int-Rd and the Drug-Rundown, OT Drug Rundowns and everything was developed right in that period.


As the captain of the ship I made a tour of the ship many times a day, and I saw him at the office, working on the Tech 8 hours a day. I didn't see any of those other guys doing it.


So it s very strange to me, that these stories can be circulating amongst Scientologists, that s as silly as me saying, that since I was used on a pilot process or an experimental process of some of the L s, (you know, the Ls, L10, L11, L12). I was given some of those on the Flag Ship, as an experiment. But its like me going around saying "I helped develop the Ls." I didn't do any of the research on the L s, I was a PC or a PreOT.


You see the difference. And even then, I mean, that people would believe this, it shows me, that we are on the correct path only here in Frankfurt, and in Spain, or where ever we are putting the OTC WW. Because, as I said, the other areas are becoming more and more increasingly (as they are not getting their overts pulled), they are getting more and more critical, and spreading these rumors and so on like that. They are false.


OK. That s my viewpoint and I hope you like it. But I think, what you are being given, if I may look at it now from another viewpoint, what we are doing here is actually also a pilot process in Frankfurt, right, and as a result of this you may be the first people to be able to promote the results of the most standard bridge since LRH was actually running FCCIs at Flag, that s Flag Case Completion Intensives on the Flag Ship, and he was C/Sing all of their cases.


So, next year we can start over here the Universal Church of Scientology somewhere in Europe, where all the training and auditing, that has been lost, all of his training, all the Policy, all the Ethics, all the Tech come back in.


Because that has not been duplicated yet, I consider I ll take the responsibility to start that and help start that, because no one else, again, is doing it.


I also like to state, that when you get to your OT levels and so on, that my main experience in missionairing in Tech was to be the Commanding Officer in most of the AOs on the planet.


I've been the Commanding Officer for the AO at Alicante, which was the first one on land, and the one in Edinburgh, which was the first AO in England, and the first one in California, which was the AO L.A., and on other missions I have run for a while the AO in Copenhagen. And believe me, I know everything, that can happen with an OT case.


Before those jobs I was in the Advanced Org on the Flag Ship on the following posts: Tech Sec, Qual Sec, Dir of Review, and the Review Auditor for all OT cases.


And before that, when the Sea Org just started in 1967, I was the I/C of Review, and that included sec checking, included all of the review actions on all the persons in the original Sea Project. Before that I was Senior Lead Review Auditor at SH England, and Director of Review Qual Division, and before that HGC auditor and also Class 7 Intern, which is Power Processing Auditor.

So I have a lot of technical qualifications on my track for handling these types of cases, and I can say in truth that the AOs were never run better by anyone else except of course LRH.


I m not bragging about that, I m just telling you that, because I've duplicated, what LRH wants. And most people, that have been to those AOs and have been through them, when other people were running them later, will tell you the same thing.


The reason they tell you that is because when ever I went to correct an AO later, the first people who would come to me, would be the oldtimers who had been there earlier, you know, and gone up the bridge, and they would say, "I m glad you are  back. Now I want to tell you something." "OK," I said, "go ahead and tell me because I m here on mission, to handle whatever it is." And they say, "We can't promote for people to come here anymore, they just don't do it right anymore."


These were the most influential and wealthy and the most known public, and I would pull the string and get the data, and I would find that who ever was running it, he had gone into the idea, "We are just going to make the money, we are just going to sell Power processing and something or other and we are not going to get them up the bridge."


One place in one time in Copenhagen I even found they had a C/S, that was blackmailing PCs. I declared him and I'll even let you know the name, because I don't want him ever again in Scientology. That was Belkacem Feradj, French Algerian, he is maybe not known in Germany, but he was at the AO in the 70s, he is now in the US. Anyway, that is probably the most betrayal, I think, to do to LRH, that someone could blackmail a PC, find out about W/Hs from the government or his W/Hs on wife or whatever and then say, "If you don't give me this money, I will tell."


Now, that is about the most betrayal that I have run across on the tech lines.


But these Guys, that are going around criticizing LRH, if they keep going like that, they may reach No.1 position in betrayal.


We have tried as OTC, and my friends tried, Maria has gone over to the US, Hermanns in Switzerland have gone there, John Caban has gone over there, and every time we brought them the same message.


"Hey, knock off this criticism and this Bla Bla Bla about LRH, and pull their overts and withholds, and trace it down to the source and expose, who is doing it." They won't do it.


Anyway, it s time now to create the alternative for the

alternative, OK ?


I ask you, if you want to help in this. I m going to do C/Sing and so on, and in special cases I might even do some Review Handlings, because there are some people I understand have been screwed up, messed up on the OT levels, that requires this type of AO review auditing handling, which I can do and get everyone back on the bridge and on up through OT. We do need more OT s as LRH always says. Real ones.


Because, shall we say, he is feeling a little lonely. He has left the bridge here for us. He is waiting there to say "Hello!. Glad you could make it!"


So, anyway, that s what the plan is, and I would like now to know any questions you have about this, before the tape runs out.


Oh yes, one other thing. My rate as a permanent Class 8 as C/S is DM 300.- per hour.


Maria is going to do the DofP stuff, DofP interviews and also operate as what you call a tech page, getting the folders together and doing all the things, she knows the whole line, she has worked at Flag and in AOs and so on.


Now I want you to realize something, right ? Marianne is going to continue auditing and so will Franz and anyone else.


Like that I hope we will get the whole thing together and just start a flow, that will be filled by all around Europe. We will have to train people and get them out and just bring the whole level of technology up.


Also I want to point out that DM 300.- an hour C/Sing once the person is on the bridge right, really on the line, and when I know what is happening in every session, then it is not necessary to have the Senior C/S, (I m calling it Senior C/Sing). Anyone that is trained to run those levels can probably just C/S the next steps on the thing. Like you have run OA on the communication thing, the next thing you run is OB. So when you went standardly on OA you go on to OB.


So I m sure Marianne can handle that, or Franz, or any person.  What I m trying to do is once getting the person by making sure that he his totally right on the bridge without any BPC, picking them up again at the point where they go into the Solo-Assists and then giving them the C/Sing from there all the way to OTIII. And I ll even state here, that anyone that wants to go on the old OTIV,V, and VI, we have those materials as well. But that is only once they have finished OTIII, then they can sort of communicate back and forth in writing to the C/S and we will see, if that is the best line. But by that I think I ll probably have done my NOTs training as an auditor and C/S, so I can carry on with that. If not, there is always Per Schiottz in Copenhagen, so we will work the whole bridge.


Please address any communication, if you have anybody interested for this, to Maria. She will be keeping the logbooks of who has paid for what. So we can give the service on the basis of policy, you know, the service to the people, that have given exchange and buy the preference rates, and so on.


Also the C/Sing does not take as long afterwards as it does in the beginning, because in the beginning you have to work with little data from the DofP and the White Form, you have to guess at what all is in the folders that the church is holding, and you have to pick out what BPC they have missed and handle those and make it so, that the person is ready to go.


When you have them going already it is very easy and may take 5-10 minutes to do the C/S. If there is a little bit of trouble it doesn't take very long, because you have already done the basics.


So out of DM 300,- we say that DM 150,- is half hour and DM 75,- is 15 minutes and if it is a fast thing, 5 to 10 minutes it s DM 50,-. So that way everybody can have their folder C/Sed by me if they want, if they don't wish to, they can just have the beginning done and will then be given on to their regular tech lines, and after they get to the Solo Assists, then I ll take it on from there.


Now, for the auditors here, the people that are tech people, I will tell you one other thing. Here, we are applying the policy of Qual. OKs to audit and OKs to the C/S etc., etc. are obtained in Qual. And this is how all tech got started on the Flag Ship. That s why I m using this, because we do not have a training course, where we can'train a whole bunch of C/Ses. We will have in the future, but until then, if there is something you want to C/S and you have the qualifications as an auditor there, well, then you bring the bulletins, you study the pack and so on, and as Qual Terminal I ll give you checkouts and meter checkouts, everything on that pack, and give you the OK to do it.


That is how it was done originally in the Sea Org. You check out, you show me the checksheet, you've twinned, or where ever you have done the whole check outs and so on. Like a tech training thing on it, on the exact thing you want to do, like you want to be able to C/S or audit on the DCSI. Well then you do the Pack, Bla,Bla,Bla, bring it here, I give you an exam, give you a check-out and so on.

Well, I think that is about the end unless there is any other question.


To end off, that is the purpose of this. It is to put in the bridge like LRH originally intended. The alternative to the alternative, that will bring Europe again into a position where LRH stated in 1966 "Europe must be ready, in case the United States go down the drain, to take over the entire responsibility for Scientology in the world."


I think it is time again to do this. 


Technical Briefing Number 2


Frankfurt, October 26th, 1984

by Capt. Bill Robertson



Hello again !


The first tech briefing was on the OTC's operation in Frankfurt to set up a delivery center here going up to OTIII and possibly beyond.


This week I want to talk about the organization, the reason for the organization, in respect to the tech, and how it protects the technology.


I have given this lecture once in Spain, but we didn't record it. It was very well received there.


I try to give it without a blackboard, because many people will hear it on tape. Normally I draw a picture, but I will try to make a picture, so that you can hear it.


Many of you have studied green on white and red on white, and you know that one is the technology of auditing and training, and one is the technology of organization and ethics.


How do they relate to each other, why are they both important, and you can t just throw away one and use the other without having a serious consequence ?


To look at this, let s go back to 1950, and let us imagine, that LRH has come to earth to handle the aberration on the planet. All by himself. Now you know that he was working by himself when he wrote Dianetics. So, if you imagine, now I make a drawing, and up here I put a thetan, LRH, a theta symbol at the top. That s LRH, a person, a being, that is clear enough to observe that the planet is aberrated, and wants to do something about it. So he writes up Dianetics and researches it. And now we draw down below here at the bottom a big ball, which represents earth. And on it we put a lot of little black dots, which represent aberrated people or beings. Some think they are bodies, some think they are animals, and some think they are robots, and, anyway, they are aberrated. And around this ball down here with the black dots we draw a whole bunch of little waves and squiggly lines, all representing their banks interconnected, and the aberration that is being dramatized on the planet. A whole bunch of little lines there that looks like a mess, like spaghetti thrown on the floor.


Now, the thetan up here, LRH, takes one of these points, with the little bit of squiggle, that is with that point representing a person and his bank, and audits him. And we see that, halfway between here, we see, that this guy has come up here and has been audited, and a lot of that has gone away, a lot of the spaghetti. And we repeat that process. He must have audited many people in his research, so we put a whole bunch of dots in the middle here, and with not too much spaghetti around them.


Now we see, if you take the viewpoint of LRH, how long it would take to handle all the dots on the planet, if he did it all by himself, when there is about a billion thetans in human bodies and plenty more just floating around, not even having a body or stuck into some part of the MEST universe. It s a long and tough job for one person, one being.


So he trains one of these dots up here, that he has already audited, and he trains, let s say, about half of them as auditors. And he sends them down into the planet with all the dots there to audit. And they disappear into the spaghetti. They make a little bit of space there, where it is a little bit cleaner than the other space. You can erase some of the spaghetti where these little dots went back onto the planet. But they are not really high enough up as OTs to keep themselves totally keyed out and carry on and repeat exactly as LRH did, because they are not quite all the way up there.                  


And some of them stop auditing and go back into the spaghetti, and the little space disappears around them.


So, if you are looking from the viewpoint of LRH, he says, "We need something now to protect the auditors and help them confront that bank, that spaghetti, that aberration. They keep drowning."


So, what do you do here ? You divide the parts of the spaghetti into their component areas of aberration because some people have aberrations more about communications, or they are PTS, or they have aberration about money, or they have aberration about doing something without approval, or they can t operate on their own, because they don t have anyone to support them, or they have some problem in their own case, which makes them not confront all the spaghetti around their area. Or they are afraid to get into conflict with the government or the other powers that be around, and the authorities that are around the planet telling them, that psychology is the only way to handle the mind and so on. Or they are afraid of getting into trouble with the government or the tax people.


Now, so you divide all of these fears and put an expert in charge of each one. And you surround the auditor with these people, or you surround more than one auditor with these people. And you have each of them trained to handle that portion of the bank, exactly. So, you then put that onto a pattern or a plan.


And in 1965 he released the final plan on that, which was the Org Board.


Did you notice, that the people, who handle communication successfully, just communicating, no matter how aberrated someone is, they are people who like to do that. Yes, they are always pleasant, and they don t key in, those are good people for reception.  And there are those, who can confront evil very well, and they are good for ethics people. And there are those, who can confront the problems and aberrations about money very well, and those become good registrars and treasury people. And of course the auditors can confront the individual bank and so on if they can get the safe space. Or they are the tech people and the qual people.


But the qual people are more high than the tech people, because they can also confront the aberration of the organization, to try and keep it all sane in the organization. They also correct not only the tech people but also the organization as well.


And then there are people, who like to play with groups, and can confront groups and are not afraid to stand on a stage and talk and lecture to people and all, and they become a Div 6. And there are those that like to run things and can confront a lot of things, and these people become executives.


And there are people, who like to confront the governments and someone like that, and so on, and they become members of the GO.


You realize, that these qualities, although the people are trained to do this, trained to confront, they also must have some inherent purpose or ability in that, that they have retained or kept from the track, or have that degree of OT-ness in that area, that they can do it well. And that is, how you get your first people on to post, the ones you find, that have this sort of ability left over from the track, that didn't get suppressed or aberrated.


I'm sure, you have all heard of people, that come into the org and right away they do real well on the post without any training. But, if you move them into another post, they go "Whoof". That is because they need to have trained and processed out the aberration of confronting the other area.


But as you get trained and processed on all the levels of the bridge and policy, you can then confront all of it and become an executive. And yet you know some people, that, when they get linked into a managerial network of managers, who are controlling not only one org, but many orgs, that some of them failed terribly, didn't confront it, and went back just becoming an auditor and confronting one person at a time.


This is only a problem of handling a persons case and their confront level, and their training of course. But in the beginning you have to start with something. So, LRH put in a rule, in policy, to handle the fact that not all of them have got to be totally handled and processed at the beginning. He made them make an OT-postulate of their necessity-level so that the rule became: "No case on post". Very important. Because, wherever that happens in an organization, it makes a weak point.


No case on post. You follow the policy and the tech. You operate at cause, like the auditor does. In the TRs the auditor learns not to have a case when he is auditing the PC. The same applies to people in the organization.


So now you can have a successful organization to protect the auditing and in this ball down here you can spread out a much larger area of clearing. And in the Div 6 you can train everyone that comes through the organization to go out and start the small groups in the field, or in the spaghetti area, to also start their own little group of clearing supported by the large group called the organization.


These are expressed in the Volunteer Minister s- programs, the Gung Ho Group- programs or OT-Gung Ho Groups, and the Dianetic Field Auditor- program, and the programs for setting up franchises and missions, and FSMs.


So you can start to see, that the whole of policy is designed to put strong points into this aberrated planet, of relatively clean theta, which can then expand and can themselves put other points out into the environment, which can then expand, and which can meet together, and finally the spaghetti will disappear as people get trained and processed.


And you also can see now the starting of a flow. We bring these little black dots into the beginning of the organization with all the spaghetti around them, and we bring them through the organization; reception, registrar, treasury, tech services, training, auditing and in qual for the examinations and certificates and the feed back line of review to make sure, that everything is OK, and finally to Div6, and they are then hatted to go out into the field as FSMs or as field auditors, or volunteer ministers or franchise holders or whatsoever.


Now you see that flow, and as it goes through in the organization, and the people each time they come through the organization they are going up the bridge, higher and higher. Theoretically this is a machine, this is a clearing machine. Do you see how it is? It brings in the dirty particles, cleans them off and sends them out, and then it brings them back through again, cleans them off some more and sends them out, and so on and so on. And it sets up more and more little organizations to do that. Look at the basics of gradient scale here. It s not cleaning them all totally the first time. It s doing it on a gradient. The gradient scale is called the bridge. And it moves up on a gradient to Clear and then up to OT. That is the flow and the pattern that LRH designed to protect the auditing and to make sure this clearing machine works on the planet.


Once you have this machine in operation, it is very difficult to stop it. About the only way to stop this machine was to move in at the top and turn off the switch.


You notice, that the people at the top of the organization, LRH, MSH, Quentin, even myself, Diana, Bill Franks, all these people were the most heavily attacked by the take-over people. It is understood, that before 1980 there was still aberration in this machine, because it is a gradient, it wasn't intended to be perfectly right at the beginning at every level.


We maybe can do that on the next planet we clear because everyone will be all trained and processed and ready to go, when we go to do it. But in this one it was doing it with the tools that were available, since it was a restricted zone planet, and not only the technical experimentation was done here, but also the ethics/policy - experiments.  The people, or beings, who originally volunteered to do this mission with LRH, immersed themselves all into the spaghetti for many many lifetimes, to actually test the validity of the technology in getting them out of the spaghetti.


When this was proven that it could be done, it was also proven of course, that it was not dangerous anymore for this planet to be restricted so that thetans could not come here. In other words, you would not contact a fatal theta-disease and never get well again. Because the technology existed to get people back up to their original state of whatever it was when they came to the planet, when they started their voluntary mission. These were the people that Ron asked for to help him in the Sea Org and Sea Project. Since they were already members or volunteers from other civilizations, and they were already dedicated to helping LRH, that was their original agreement.


And some members of, well let s say galactic network organizations, such as the Patrol and the Biological Survey and various other interested scientific groups, these people were the ones that LRH was showing "Hey, let s get back together in the Sea Org here". And that s why they had the billion year contract, because those people would respond to that, because they were already on a long purpose line before they came here.


Of course anyone who has found out how successful the technology is was also invited to join if they wanted to take that purpose.


So today, the situation is that the organization had a couple of faults in it. All were either covered by policy already and were just ignored -in fact all the situations including infiltration and take-over could have been handled by following policy more rigorously.


This has been analyzed, and we will not repeat the same mistakes that were done at that time. In short, there are some policies, that become now more important than other ones to prevent that type of thing from happening again. All of them you see already being employed in the Free Zone. And one of them is the fact that you don t make a total step ladder of command, where no one can communicate to some one higher in the organization without going through all people in between for information.


The information about the take-over, infiltration and all the problems that occurred with the GO and so on was known at certain levels of the organization, but was prevented from getting to the top. That s covered in my debrief tape.


This time we have it as a network, a net like a spider s web but without a spider in the middle. All linked together, but the information can travel as fast as a telephone or a computer or telepathic communication can travel. That way anyone that tries to take over the organization is soon revealed and spotted. OTC has successfully handled 7 such attempts in the last 8 months. Some of them were attempted by other independent groups. Some of them were attempted by RTC, and some of them were attempted by hired telepathic people by the Marcabians themselves. Let us not deceive ourselves this time either about the importance of Scientology for this planet and the universe. This is another thing which was a little bit, let us say, made of lesser importance than it should have been in the old organization. Everyone was striving to be recognized where those people, who are suppressing the 4th dynamic, were well aware of Scientology, and had already made many plans to take it over and to try and keep it from being recognized. In the highest level conferences in banking and government they used to discuss Scientology at least 2 hours a week. And they also instructed the press and the other officials, to make nothing of it and to invalidate it and to keep it seeming like it is some kind of crazy cult.  It is obvious from this that the people who are currently trying to control the planet do not have clearing as a purpose. Understand this very, very, well.


Because if they do not have clearing as their purpose, they are totally opposed to Scientology, not individually, but as a group. It threatens the vested interests. Then what is the purpose of these vested interests? Since we are striving to free people, make them more independent, clear and sane, then these people have the opposite idea, and they intend to enslave people and make them less aware and more insane.


And you only have to look around you and find out what the programs are to have this happen. It s very simple.


Why the sudden increase in Drug-taking in the civilized societies since 1960? Why the criticisms of all religions and things that would make people more spiritually aware? Why the more tight control of peoples money and finance and ideas? Why the more threats of war and civil disturbances and terrorism?


All these are planned. And if we look at the other side of it, the side of clearing, have you ever spoken to anyone that has gone into an area, let s say in the country, or not near the major cities, or in a small country and found out how easy, they tell you, it is to expand Scientology and how eager people are to have it? It works. It handles their problems, their ARC-breaks, all of their engrams etc. They love it. And in many areas they welcome you with open arms, and say, "Oh, I want more of that! Would you please talk with us? Will you please come and talk to the leader of our group, right away?" This has happened many, many times in areas, where the evil ones have not had much control. But as soon as they hear about it, then they come in and put the suppression on it. It is rarely a mistake made by the eager Scientologists in the area.


It's usually -if we look at policy the reason is an omitted use of policy to handle all the various aberrations that can be dramatized or restimulated on the population.  You see this in the field of Scientology, where the people say, "Oh we don t need ethics out here. And we don t need Guardian Office activities out here." And believe me, when there are bad activities, off-policy ethics, and off policy GO-activities, you certainly don't need it. But when they are the correct ones and done according to policy and the data series evaluations then they are very successful.


So, what we have seen in the last 5 to 10 years is a gradual going away from policy and implementing arbitraries into the policies and into the organizations. And these were deliberately done and restimulated on the minds of Scientologists by the outside vested interests and their infiltrated agents. for reference on more data about that is Sector Ops Bulletin No. 12, called Models and Scenarios.


The world press criticism of LRH and Scientology stems exactly and directly from these sources, and the people that were involved with it have actually admitted to it in writing to us. We have also information from, shall we say, files of various governments, obtained through the "Freedom of Information Act", or the "Freedom of Looking Act", that first of all there have been plants into the organization in high positions since the late sixties and being well paid by the governments and pretending to be very good Scientologists. But only pretending.


And you noticed, that they never went around an auditor that was C/Sed by somebody who was trained by LRH. They never got near an auditor who was trained or C/Sed by LRH. And if they did, they demonstrated very strange case-phenomena such as no case-gain, incredible withhold-phenomena, and always trying to excuse it and saying it is something else.


One such planted agent in the USA had 300 hours of audited NOTs without case-gain.


There are many more stories, but I am not interested in the stories right now, I m just interested in giving you the picture, of why the organization and the ethical surroundings of the technical lines is very necessary in any game or any attempt you are going to make to get tech in. The tech can be given at reasonable prices, the tech can be given with high ARC, and it should be, and it should be in a friendly and safe environment. But there should be something else as well. It should be an on-policy and on-ethics environment. The gauging of the importances of the various policies is a very important thing to do.


In the Free Zone or with the people who carry on with Scientology in spite of anything we have found out that there are certain importances in policy and tech of course to be used while we are coping.


For instance, if an auditor is not trained to do a certain action, we can without going through half a year course and keep the PC waiting we can check the person out on that action and get a "Qual OK" to audit that action and do it.


This is the original Qual - Policy, that qual gives all the OKs to audit anyway, no matter whether the person is trained or not. If he hasn't taken the auditor course for a certain list he has to do, the next thing on the PC is a list, and no other auditor for a 100 miles, and he is the only one, and the PC needs that list- well, he can be trained to do that particular action and go and do it. If he went away to get trained that would be only one hundredth part of his training, but he would be away for six months.


How do you think all the processes and the training levels were developed anyway by LRH. The courses were not the first. The auditing processes were the first. We are just going back to this historical thing.


LRH had to train auditors himself to audit the processes, that he developed. And each time on the Flag Ship, when he would develop a new process or a new level, he would first train one or two auditors to do that process, particularly that particular thing, and use it on a few PCs. That might be with one bulletin or one LRH-handwritten despatch.


Later, as it was proven that that was the way, as I mentioned in the last lecture, that that was the correct way to get through the room, and it all worked on all levels of cases, then it would be written up as bulletins.  And you might then eventually in 4 or 5 months have a whole course for that. And then would come the thing that everyone must be trained on this because there was now enough material  to make a whole new class of training. Now this is of course, where the Class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII auditors courses came from. Of course the Class VII-Course as well because •t was for specific processes, power processes. The class VII auditors were for that. But the first people, who audited them at Saint Hill were only class VI, And they were checked out on the processes in qual, and then they started auditing it under supervision. And from that developed the class VII course.


So we have to repeat the evolution, until we are big and strong enough to have these various facilities again. You understand that is a more important policy of following the research and the development line on a proper gradient. We already have all the research done, so it s just the development of the tech. And it s not the tech, that we are developing, we are just developing the policy around it. We are putting in more and more policy on a gradient. That way it has to be done to actually survive. If you try to apply all policy at once, then you can t do anything, because somebody will come up and say, you don t have a certificate to do that, and there is no real HCO here, and there is no real Qual here, and there is no real CS here, and you have no OK from this, and even no Flag here, so you can t do anything. And if you can t do anything you fail.


So you must judge the importances very carefully and apply on the proper gradient the policies, that you can apply at that time, which will ensure the success and won t stop the action.


Let me repeat the last sentence: You must gauge very carefully, when you are coping, like we are doing, the exact policies you can apply at the level of the gradient where you are, which will result in success and expansion, and which will not stop the development of the organization and expansion. You are essentially therefore being confronted with what is the purpose of what you are doing.  I refer you back to this drawing that we mocked up here.   What was the purpose of LRH when he started developing Dianetics? Well, he wanted to help people. He wanted to help them spiritually. He wanted to remove the aberration. He wanted them to regain their abilities. It was a doingness. It was the activity of auditing.


Now, maybe, another policy leaps to mind: "Any auditing is better than no auditing". So these are the important policies, the ones that when you follow the purpose line and how LRH did this, and how he developed the organization to surround the technology and protect it and expand it. These are the important ones, you can see them yourselves very clearly. Just like the one I mentioned before: "No case on post", because not everyone is totally trained and processed at the beginning. And "Any auditing is better than no auditing", because if you want to stop all auditing, then you don t clear.


But, of course, the best auditing is standard. And we have all the standard auditing processes.


And now we are putting in the correction of all the auditors and PCs that have been messed up in the past. So essentially, what we are doing here in Frankfurt is, we are putting in Qual. There are many people auditing, there are many little tech areas around, but we are putting in a qual action, which is to actually select out the exact policies and correct the exact outnesses that will permit the expansion steadily of the tech areas again. And that is the whole purpose of this lecture, so that you see that viewpoint.


I have seen people in the past go through policy volumes for many hours to try and find a policy, that says "You can t do that". But those people were only interested in stopping. They weren't interested in making it go, in making it expand. Now, of course, this is not a license to violate policy. It is an invitation to use policy analytically, which of course is another failure of the old organization.  I can give you one great example of it right now: concentration on statistics, without ensuring there were products behind those statistics.


I mean, if you wish to make a false stat, you could say, "We have 4 billion Clears, the whole planet is clear, it s finished". But where are the products? That is why LRH eventually after writing all the volumes O to 7, wrote the Management Series where it tells you in there the data series and the organization series and production organization actions -and what is important. That s why that volume, the management series is very important. It tells you what the important things are.


The whole purpose of this lecture then is to reinstill in people who might have been disappointed in policy and ethics in the past, and sort of rehabilitate their failed purpose in the use of policy and ethics by bringing them to a point where they can see it as an analytical tool that Ron had to use to handle all these little dots on planet Earth without getting so involved in the spaghetti.


A little bonus on the end of this: You may also have seen in this a reflection of dynamics. The first auditing by an auditor in the field usually involves only the first and second dynamics. The auditor is handling the person and his family associates and maybe audits the wife and the husband and children, and maybe there is some things to do with that, and he can usually handle that pretty well because most auditors, who are in good shape, can confront family problems, they confronted their own, and so they handle family problems and people pretty well.


But when it moves to the area of third and fourth dynamic it s a bit harder to confront. There are many third dynamics on this planet, that are very, shall we say, have a lot of MEST power. When you move into the area of policy, however, you are in to third dynamic technology. Because what you are doing is, you are organizing a group around a common purpose. And the goal and the purpose are always at the top of the admin scale. That s another very important thing, by the way, because policy, although we know you shouldn't be off policy, no policy should be off purpose. And the purposes shouldn't be off or away from the goal. This is, what is called aligning the admin scale. Alright, that's in the Management Series.


You are seeing here a third dynamic technology, and as soon as you start applying that in planet Earth you run into those who are attempting to control all the third dynamics and enforce control on the whole fourth dynamic.


So there is another level of dynamic confront, that is needed by the group. Because the purpose and the goal can not go forward if there is a very powerful 4th dynamic conspiracy to suppress it. So you use Scientology and its tech and its policy to handle that also.


Now we can expand this even further. Because there are many kinds of 4th dynamics on this planet, mankind is only one of them, supposed we had all of certain 4th dynamics of insects, that were against mankind, and we had to fight those also, or supposed we had 4th dynamics of bacteria and virusses and so on that were against mankind and we had to fight those, or certain kinds of animals, you see we are another 5th dynamic.


Well, in actual fact, as you go through the 4th dynamic level of confront, you find there are such things. What are these strange diseases that inflict many of mankind? You know, these virusses and cancers and things like that, and we can show you books also where it is shown that the, shall we say, enslavement purpose people, the people who have the purpose of enslavement, are utilizing research and science in these virus and bacterial areas to further enslave people, so they actually use the 5th dynamic against mankind.


And in the 6th dynamic we find the same thing. Certain electromagnetic radiations and certain chemicals of matter, energy, space and time such as drugs are being used against mankind as well,


And we also can peek into the 7th dynamic. And we find out, there are several classes of thetans, that are being used against mankind. Spiritual things. We can also take a look into the 8th dynamic and say, "What are the gods, that these evil ones are saying, are their gods?" A lot of them worship a                   thing called Lucifer, which is, we all know, the devil.


If you are a good Scientologist, you note that it is probably just an implanted item from the track. But it is very effective in controlling humanity through secret societies of black magic and things like that. Mystery.


And we look into the 9th Dynamic, and we see some anti aesthetics, a sort of off - purpose aesthetics. They go on, they try to make people sort of not think, and just sort of going around in a daze most of the time. They are actually showing you what are the dynamics of the evil ones or the Marcabian side.


Some of the music, some of the art, is totally insane. It is only art, because there are enough insane people to appreciate it. It is a communication line to them.


I went into the Pompidou - Museum in Paris, and I saw a demonstration of modern art. An entire floor of the museum given away to that. It actually smelled bad. A big board with old shoes and dirty socks and pieces of shit and paint all over, posted up as an example of modern art. And this kind of stuff and twisted shapes and all kinds of distorted bank-type pictures and people going through there, going "Oh yes". The whole floor given over to this, a real Marcabian art show.


Let s take a look at their ethics, dynamic 10. Lets look at the ethics dynamic on the planet, that we have to handle as well. Ethics in the current world consists of two things. Actually 3. They are in fact the same thing. They club people who resist with money, with legal, and with force.


These are the gradients of ethics in the wog-world. They try to fine you or take your money, if you won t have that, court cases and legal actions, and if you won t have that, then it is the mafioso actions, and they throw you in the jail or send some guys to blow up your house, or whatever.  Why do you think all these people, who did a little resistance got assassinated in the last 50 years? I refer you to an excellent book that was published by VAP Wiesbaden, which is by Des Griffin, called "Descent into Slavery". He explains this very well. Here I am not talking about the normal justice of the city or the state, the normal things that you see in the rules that go well. I'm talking about the justice of the enslavers where someone is going against their actual plan. They try those 3 actions.


That s if you can escape the first light gradient which is just black PR. Now, that is why you see such things such as models and scenarios being performed on the world leaders and / opinion leaders and inventors and people who go away from that side and try and free people and try to give them new inventions and try to make their life better, you find them being attacked with those methods.


I can give you examples of Scientologists, who have invented fantastic new things. And first of all they were told, "It didn't work". Black PR. Next they proved it worked. So next they would be tried to be bought off with money or restricted with money so that they couldn't get any to develop. And next legal actions were put against them, and next threats of force. And finally force itself.


They might have even used things from the fifth dynamic, like some of those virusses and so on that we were talking about. There are several stories of this, people that have invented things, not only in Scientology, but in the regular world, that have tried to free people.


This is not a dramatization. The people, who are doing that know exactly what they are doing. It is a deliberate restimulation. It is intended to frighten everyone by example not to do the same thing.  Having those dynamics of the other side- (and you know what your own dynamics are towards freedom and so on, and a new civilization and a renaissance of arts and aesthetics, and a generally high ARC,high KRC planet)- and when you see the difference you see what the job is you have to do with policy and with all of the data series and handling all the rest of the dynamics. You can also analyze from this little talk exactly who is in the camp or is on the side of the people who would destroy freedom. There are people who use the purposes and policy of the enemy.


So you can even analyze the old church by that criteria and you can see exactly whose policy and purpose they must have.


I hope, that has been helpful and instructive to you, and I also want to tell you, that the great mass of humanity still lies in the spaghetti, but they also have their own abilities, and they are deliberately being restimulated to keep them from realizing those abilities.


The main technology method of the Marcabian side is concentrating their intention on keeping people at fear and below on the Tone Scale. 1.0 all the way down to apathy. Because then they can control all the planet with their 1.1-actions. That is why they would then be the highest toned people on the planet. 1.1 .


They really can not confront Scientologists at all, because my goodness, they are most all above 2.0 on the scale. And all those Marcabians have retained certain OT-abilities themselves, because they are relatively new to the planet, the ones who are here recently. You can handle 99% of them by TRs. A good TR1, "Get out of here", and they will.


So they are not very effective, except the cases, where the people have so much spaghetti around them that they are restimulated by their intensity and their flow. And the thing they fear most, of course, is exposure of themselves: 1. as being aliens to the planet, 2. as being the masterminds behind trying to suppress all the people of earth, 3. as being the people who are stealing you all blind of all your gold and real currencies, now owning more than 60% of the wealth of the world and 4. of having their basic false data exposed such as man only lives once.


You see, if man only lives once, then you can really scare the hell out of him with death. They are also being afraid of the money being found out to be worthless they are issuing. And they are also afraid of the wrath of humanity, once all  the other four things are found out. They are very afraid of mob action against them. That s why they protect all their premises and so on with very heavy security operations. What other explanation do you have? They are running the terrorists. They are running the communists. They are running most of the politicians. So they can tell them, "Don t do anything to our area."


No, they are afraid of people, that aren't under their control. And there are lots of people that are not under their control. There are lots of people that are in apathy and don t know what to do.


So that shows you that they don t have a control over the planet yet, and in fact, a very accurate analysis, they only have a great deal of control in the western world. They are only using 1.1 tactics with the rest of the world. And it is only at the top levels, they have the control. They don't have the control through the middle and the bottom areas and the ordinary people in the street.


They don t have that control. They try to enforce it with the 5th and 6th dynamic procedures I mentioned before -the drugs and electronics and radiation, and blabla stories on TV, and so on. So that gives you a pretty good picture of the world as it exists today.


For more Information you can refer to the Sector Ops Bulletins 18, 19, 20 and 21 to see what more of the game is being played on the 4th and the 7th dynamic and other areas of games.


Do you see the importance of policy and ethics in use to protect the technology in such an environment as this planet, which is constantly being restimulated at all times by intention of people who try and control?


Anyway, we must acknowledge here that Ron did have the answers. He gave them all to us in his policy and tech volumes and his tapes, and we are here on that purpose line, and therefore we have all the materials we need to carry on and do it.


And whatever civilization comes out of this, because remember the definition of a civilization "an economic engine, fueled by ideas", all the moving parts are exchanges. And the fuel which keeps this engine running, is ideas. If people don t have the ideas there can t be any exchange. Because ideas result in products whether it s an art product or a physical product you can buy. All those things you see in this room are ideas somebody had, and now they can be exchanged. And that is what makes a civilization. Of course it has to be based on something- such as a planet, and that's Earth. So the new civilization can exist. Once the economics is freed up of suppression, exchange can occur freely.


This is not capitalism, by the way, it's a free exchange society. People try to confuse them and say they are the same thing. They are not. Free exchange society postulates a stable currency. A stable medium of exchange which can be used, or barter, so that a person can produce and actually exchange without having to borrow, by applying, of course, the condition formulas of ethics, and work himself into a higher condition and then cope and organize. In that way you can expand.


Capitalism is the making of money by use of money. It has nothing to do with production and exchange. Communism is just a slave state. The ideal scene of the Marcabians, -where it is just a little group at the top that runs it. And all ideas and all exchanges are totally suppressed and controlled.


The ideas in the New Civilization are those ideas which promote the survival of the dynamics. This does not include biological, chemical and atomic warfare, but it should include things like use of the same scientists to create food for the entire planet. And energy sources so that everyone is freed of the necessity of having to purchase large amounts of inefficient energy. So you start to see, by reading "The New Civilization Game", exactly what could be achieved. This is a game to expand into when we clear people. You have to give them a game. You can t just free them into nothing.


This is covered in the policy "Mistakes of Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz", which is the famous Bolivar-Policy, written by LRH. It is an ethics policy. You see it is all very important what LRH wrote down there in green on white.


And to finish off, I just want to say, anyone, who has a logical and analytical viewpoint of all this can look through all the written works of man, all the written books, and they will never find anyone who has put it so clearly, and so fully there on how the dynamics can survive.


The only people who would criticize such a person or such a being, must then be those people who do not want those dynamics to survive and expand. Anyone can trace back to the sources these criticisms and do a proper ethics action on them. I guarantee you, the tracing of these criticisms will go back originally and will come from the original attacks against LRH and Scientology. The people, who were doing that attack, they are all on the side of enslavement.

What people should be doing is looking at how LRH set up a situation so that we could enjoy and play a game of freeing people and analyze all the activities and reports and data in the light of these two purpose lines. One of freeing people into a New Civilization or enslaving them in an old and apathetic civilization. And any logical person, who has no case on post, will come to the correct answer.


And I think, by doing that, his purposes in Scientology and on the planet would be rehabilitated.


So we must thank Ron for even the way to rehabilitate those purposes once they have been sidetracked or confused. He truly has stated in the tech, in the red on white, that we can handle all cases. Anyone who will sit down to be audited we can handle.  So, as the nucleus of the New Civilization, all we have to do here is make sure that the tech continues and that policy continues and the proper ethics continues and it all expands and we inform more and more people.  


In that way I think we will very quickly achieve what we want, which of course is, again, clearing of the spaghetti all over here and giving the little points here, which all now become little thetans, a purpose and a game that will help them and the planet to survive and eventually will enable them to be welcomed again into the community of other civilizations in the galaxy.


And that is simply, what we are doing. There are no secrets about it. And anyone who tries to find hidden meanings in that will not find it. That is what Ron and the people who volunteered to help him or who willingly joined him realized or saw or agreed to when they did so, I think, that if they realized that, they might have a purpose like that too, they may have had the same purpose themselves many many years before that, and they merely aligned their purpose.


In all of these cases we have people who can and will make a New Civilization and clear the planet. And therefore we can acknowledge again, what LRH has given us, which is worthwhile, and which is fun. And there are no secrets about that as long as we are all promoting that there is red on white, there is green on white, and all of his works if it is applied correctly. And let us do so.


And to end off, once again I will end off with this statement, because I have heard so many strange statements by people who now say that they don t even call themselves Scientologists.


How on Earth or in the universe could such a thing as Scientology or these policies or books be an implant? I have audited many people on implants, and I have audited myself on many implants, and I will guarantee you, in all the reading I have done in my life and other lifetimes, I have never never anywhere found those implants written up and given freely to everyone so that they realize that they were implants and handle them. Implants by their very nature must be kept secret so they will be effective on the person. He doesn't know they are there. He just operates reactively.


No, the true measure of implantation is, they never tell you, they are implanting you, and give you a textbook to tell you what they are doing. Never has it happened. When you can really know and understand things and hear and apply it, that s analytical stuff, that's not reactive. Implants are reactive. Truth and knowledge and application and results are analytical. In conclusion then I will again say: "Thank you, Ron, for all of the technology!"


And I ask again, are there any questions here about anything I've said? Otherwise I will end off the tech briefing at this point.


Question: Don't you want to announce the attestations?


Oh yes, I wanted to mention a little success, that we have had our first Clear in the Frankfurt Network. (We call it Rons Organization and Network for Standard tech. That abbreviates to RON'S). It was attested last Sunday so we are already started people up the bridge and the people are moving up at a very good rate. We are also in communication right now with 5 other of our network people all over in the various countries of Europe, and they have also given us their support, and are willing to exchange with us and help develop there, and we help them and they help us, so there is starting to be some sort of the network part of Ron s going on in Europe. 


Thank you very much.


Technical Briefing Number 3


November 9th, 1984, Frankfurt


Capt. Bill Robertson



This is one of the centers of the Free Zone in Europe.


In the first talk we gave you a bit of the plan for opening up a bridge in Frankfurt for making OTs.


In the 2nd talk I covered why Organizations and Ethics are necessary to help produce those products.


In this lecture I want to go over briefly, exactly what a product is and how that applies to what we are doing here.


First I want to define a product from the Flag Executive Briefing Course tapes by LRH.


"A product is a high quality service or article in the hands of the being or group it serves in exchange for a valuable."


In the Admin Dictionary that definition is stated in slightly different words, but I think that one is in there too. That is from the tape.


Now let s take up the various parts of that definition and see how it applies here in Frankfurt.


"A high quality service or article:"


We know, that first we are delivering a service when we are auditing or training. And we are delivering an article or a thing when we are selling a book or a course pack or some other physical man-made articles. An E-Meter is an article. Now I think you will immediately appreciate, that the word high quality has to be there because low quality products people will not purchase. And if the quality is even below zero and turns into an overt-product, people actually run away from it.


You can find many examples of poor quality or overt quality products in the world. You can find them in the area of tech. I have seen some of the write-ups and folders of people who actually had overts committed on them by the church. They were left in the middle of something and didn't get through it, they were put on cycle after cycle leaving all incomplete or they were invalidated after they had a win and tried to complete something. And all the time the interest was not so much in the product as it was in them paying for it.


So all these are examples in the tech area of poor quality or no quality or overt quality products.


In Frankfurt we want people to go up the bridge, so every level or every grade or every review that gets them back on the bridge is a little product and it must be of high quality. It must be according to the actual grade chart and the bulletins in the reality and the understanding level of the PC that we are working with. We do not mechanically just give a person all the commands and then say he is finished and have him falsely attest, because a person can also accept himself an overt or poor quality product and fool himself. And in this case, a lot of times it has been done before for status reasons or to try and save money or for other reasons best known only to those PCs who have done it, and possibly students as well.


But in the long future ahead of you as a thetan this does not compute because the things you learn in Scientology training and the things you realize in your auditing are forever. You're receiving the training and auditing as thetans and a thetan does not die, he carries on.


So, when you get your product from a high quality source you can use it throughout your whole future. And that is the way you should approach your training and auditing.


Scientology is the science of knowing how to know and it gives the basics of life. So when the thetan really duplicates it, then he uses this in his life right into his future.

When he has a no product or an overt product or a poor quality product, then you can state with certainty that his future will be of that same quality, because that is the knowledge he is using. I think you understand, why it has to be high quality, especially in the technology and science of Scientology.


The next part of the definition states that


"It must be in the hands of the being or group it serves".


A pile of books, that are not sold, or not in the hands of anybody that is reading them, is not a product. It may be a product of the book publisher, because he sold them to you all printed, but you must get them to the individuals to use them.


And that is the same when a person is trained. He becomes the product of the people who trained him, but he really is a useful product when he can deliver the knowledge he has of auditing to others. So he has to be "in the hands of the being or group he serves".


That means that he should be delivering that auditing to preclears because he is trained to do it. Now when we have a solo auditor trained he is in the hands of the being he services -himself - and he has the responsibility to carry himself through to OT.


The product must be transferred over to the hands of the people that it is used by or it serves.


So the third part of the definition is:


"In exchange for a valuable".


The people who make the products will not be able to make them very long even if they are doing high quality products if they do not get exchange for it. This is very obvious.


The people who like to give away their services for nothing don't have any support, so the exchange must be in. Of course if they try to get too much out of reality and charge too much also they don't get support. In the middle somewhere is a good place to exchange.


Now the valuable does not have to be money because money is only an idea, a consideration of value, something you can trade for the necessities you need to survive. It s based on confidence that people will accept it and give you something for it. If somebody comes and says, (Capt. Bill shows a sheet of paper) "that piece of paper here is money, and you should give me a pound of coffee or a kilo of coffee for that", they laugh at you. No confidence. But since this (the piece of paper) is an OCA, scoring things for a personality test, somebody who is starting up and needs one of these, he may consider it valuable enough to give you a pound of coffee for it, because you share the same confidence that this is valuable.


And that is the same thing with paper-money. Everybody has this agreement that it is worth something. The valuable could be anything however, it could be gold, silver, paper money, it could be lodging, food, it could be something that the person needs in exchange for his product.


LRH once mentioned that when the confidence goes out of the money, the world will revert to a barter system or a trade system such as that. I don't have to tell you very much about the problems with paper money here, because I know you have all read about the Weimar Republic, where the money was inflating so fast that you used to have to take big thousands and thousands of Marks to buy bread and they only were printed on one side because they had to issue so much of it.


But that was not a situation that only happened in Germany. The same situation with money has happened in France, America, England, and other countries throughout history. However, they do not much put it in history books, because it is upsetting and it might start people thinking about it -"Why do I think that paper is valuable today?"


So, not to get too far away from the concept of product, but the idea is: Make sure that when you are producing, you are also making a viable exchange. Viable means, you are able to live with it. You are able to have confidence in it, that you will survive with it.


So your exchange should be able to help you make more products, correct? Part of it. Part of it should be able to help you survive in the future. And part of it should be for your daily survival. In other words, how you eat and have to pay your rent and the telephone and everything every day ?


By the way, that is all covered in Financial Planning Policy of how you make reserves for your future and how you handle you daily necessities and how you invest in service facilities for your production.


So we have come around full circle again to why you also need to know Policy while you are delivering tech. And you also need to know Ethics so you do not accept an overt product and you don't give overt products. And you have to know the basics of Scientology so that you can help all the dynamics to survive. And when you know the basics that will give you the confidence to live throughout the future.


This sort of summarizes what I said in the last lecture that you cannot just deliver tech forever without also including Policy and Ethics.


I assume that you understand what a product is, and why it is important.


Now I will like to give you to end off this tape just one example of a very overt product and what methods have to be done to make people accept it. And that is a product, which we call commonly in Scientology an implant. Or to make more understandable in today s language, an attempt to control your mind, or an attempt to influence your thinking and your decisions.

Many, many years all the way back the track, some people, mostly suppressives, have tried to do this. That is one reason that'scientology is so popular amongst the people that really understand it. It is a very worthwhile product, because it also keeps them from falling into that trap.


Now, if you realize that an implant or mind-control operation is a product that nobody wants and nobody needs then you realize that the person who is delivering that product must do it under false pretenses or do it secretly or do it covertly and give you a false reason why you should accept it.


This is what has happened in the past on the track and is happening in present time. These overt products have been used to control people and especially try to control those people and groups who would resist that product, I should add who resist violently this type of product. In other words, people like us.


Because many people will just accept it and go along and reduce their awareness and just play a game at a lower level. And thus you find people who are just interested in their first dynamic or their second dynamic. They haven t any others. They have all been not-ised, suppressed, with the agreement of that person. They cannot confront it because there is force there.


So, when people start taxing you heavily, over 50% going up to 60%, there is a gradient there, you know, a product you don't like. You see, they don't just come in and say,"there is no taxes today, and then tomorrow there is going to be a 100% tax". They don't do it that way. Everybody will go "NO!".


First they say, "we have this very good reason,"(false reason) "that we must take a little bit of your income for your old age. And we must take a little bit more for the people that are not working. And we must take a little bit more to handle the bad guys over there and to make weapons to keep them out. All for your safety, you understand. And we must take a little bit more to run all the administration and everything, all the people and posts and all these people who control this money". (And make sure that you don't know where it s gone).


You realize that if all the tax money of any country or even half of it was in vested in Scientology for each person in the country, they wouldn't need all these things. And very shortly in the future they wouldn't even need to tax anyone, because the people would all be making products and getting exchange.


And they wouldn't have any reason to fight other Scientologists in other countries. And they wouldn't worry about growing old, because they d know, they would take another body. And they wouldn't worry about getting sick too much, because they could handle auditing and handle most of it right there in their auditing. And they wouldn't have to worry all these insurance problems and worry about whether they have an accident or not, because the people who are PTS would have been handled and they wouldn't have accidents.


It would be a quite different world. There may be some normal understandable taxes such as for instance a little tax on the roads or the gasoline, little ones, just to keep all the roads going. Or a small tax on the properties to make sure that they have the gas, electricity and everything. But that is a service or a product or an article that you understand. And you can understand it and you can pay it, if it is reasonable.


But how can you understand a government taking over 50% of your working wage in addition to those. They don't tell you what they do with all the money. And the insurance companies don't tell you what they do with all the money they collect.


You figure it out some time by the number of people in the country employed or driving a car multiplied by the amount you have to pay in one year for your insurance and your taxes and figure out, just how much money that is, going through the government or through the insurance companies and then divide it by the number of people in the country and see if you get that much exchange back. You find you don't.


So, where does it go? Well, a lot of that money is going into methods of controlling you so that you won t ask those kind of questions. A lot of it is going in the public scenario so that you will realize "I m glad they have all these weapons and somebody is taking care of it over there."


So to keep people under control when they are able to think, they must get very clever. They must take any group that'starts to protest and make sure it is not listened to. They must make sure that any individual who writes a book or something like that does not get it into the bookstores. They must make sure that anyone who comes up with a much better way of living is actually made a terrible person with all the press and reports that they can find.


And they must keep telling you lies. Such as "You only live once." "You are an animal." "You are going to get sick and you are going to die sometime in you life." "You need Protection from all the bad people in the other countries."


These kinds of lies. Another thing is, "You shouldn't think about the mind. It s dangerous. That's best left in the hands of those qualified to do so." (Who have the marvelous technologies of taking out a lightbulb and inserting somebody s hand into an electric shock, or putting the electrodes on the head. And all done with great scientific precision.) And anyone who believes that %his bullshit works I would love to see them hold two bare wires from a light socket in their hands for a while to get better. Anyone could test it in their house. You don't need a psychiatrist at a very high fee to find out that it is a very overt product. But look how it is promoted! You see what I mean.


The whole world, the western world especially, is sitting in a made-up series of lies. I give you another one. What about astrology? Anyone, who examines astrology will find out that it could have only one purpose: and that purpose is to keep you on this planet. Because it s nowhere else where you could get star-charts from and your planetary movements except from this planet. In actual fact astrology is an implant that was given to thetans long ago on the track and it was said to predict what your life is going to be like in a body, and you better follow or you are getting a lot of trouble. And to follow it you have to stay on the earth and keep watching the stars and the planets. So it makes a wonderful way to keep people on the planet not wanting to go elsewhere. A great trap.


And they make you afraid, for instance, to go to some other countries outside of Europe for instance, because it s so much trouble out there, it s so much crime, it s so much terrible people. You see it in the newspapers every day.


All this is created. It s a game to keep everyone's attention firmly fixed and firmly afraid of doing anything except what they hear and what they are told. In actual fact, when you go around the world to different countries -I have in Africa, South America, Central America, and of course all the countries in Europe- you find, that people, if you treat them as a thetan plus a body normally, (unless they are very keyed in or aberrated), they are very much the same all around. They all like the same things. They are trying to survive. And they are trying to make a better life for themselves and they are very friendly. They are not enemies.


Man is basically good, LRH said. He said also a very interesting thing on an OT briefing tape in 1952. I don't know if I quote it exactly, but you will get the meaning. He said that if someone wanted to control you, they would have to lie to you. And then he said, "If someone is lying to you, or more, anyone who is lying to you, is trying to control you." That's a very deep statement.


Anyone who is lying to you is trying to control you. So when a person says, "he, this newspaper story, I know, that's not true, it s only a little bit, some is true, but the rest is totally false." then, who ever wrote that'story or their senior or their boss is trying to control you. That's how that goes.


And you have used it in your daily life, I bet. Somebody is upset. You go over to him and say, "Oh, that's alright, it s going to be alright. You are OK." You know that it is not OK. The truth is that it is not OK. That the person has an ARC-break or something that has to be handled. But using all that "OK, relax" and "all will be alright", what do you think you are trying to do? You are trying to control it to stop that dramatization. You are trying to control it.

That's why Scientology is so valuable. Because a Scientologist will look at it, and say "tell me more about it", and he can talk about it and get rid of the charge. Or, if he is an auditor he can get in session and say, "Do you have an ARC-Break, present time problem," and get the data from that person, because that person has the truth.


And that is the difference between a control operation and a freeing operation. In the control operation they will lie to you and they will evaluate for you, and they will tell you, what is true for you. "Oh, you are getting old, take it easy... you must go to a doctor two times a year for a check-up." I haven t been to the doctor in 20 years. What for?


So the thing is, in a freeing operation, they will tell you the truth. But more importantly, they will ask you what your truth is. Moreover, the communication is free, is open. And you learned that in auditing to tell the difference between what is a person s own communication and which communication they are repeating, that comes from somebody else.


There is an interesting policy about this called "The Third Party Law", where LRH even says that this is one of the major policies that in ancient civilizations has been out. No one understood the third party law. And that is one reason they failed, because they did not spot who was doing it.


Here in Frankfurt, what we are doing is making OTs. And an OT is a being who is at cause over matter, energy, space, time, thought and life. Or you could also look at it as a person who is cause over his dynamics. Because all these things are in the dynamics as well.

And it s a gradient, because you can be more at cause, more at cause, more at cause. And you can even get at cause over other dynamics as well, especially when you start creating products.


So, what we want to do is create that operation that leads towards freedom. And not one that leads you into being at effect or being controlled.


It is unnecessary to control people when they have their own sense of ethics. And as they go up the bridge they will develop their own sense of ethics and apply it to all dynamics.


This is why you see different grades of OTs and phenomena on the bridge. You have probably known OTs that don't seem very causative. For instance, they may can keep their body pretty healthy but they are still having situations on the second dynamic or third dynamic. And they never even moved onto the forth or the seventh dynamic. It s a gradient. And you find others that can do more things on some other dynamics. Well, as you go up the levels on the grade chart then you will find that you become more cause on all of those dynamics and all of those areas. And the main thing you want to see is more people doing it.

Because you always like to have a good game and good communication, and if you don't have anybody to communicate with it s very lonely. You have to restrict all of your areas of information and knowledge and so on and only speak about those things which other people can have.


So there are actually two solutions: You can Q and A and go back downscale and become just a human being who believes he is a body. Or you can try to get other people up to where you can have friends across all the dynamics.


Now with these data you can start looking around you in life, and I advise you to read more of

LRH s books, especially "Creation of Human Ability", the Axioms, and other of his books, your dictionaries, Tech- and Admin Dictionaries, and really get an idea what this is all about. It is something that I have been waiting for, and I know a lot of you have been waiting for, for a long long time in this universe.


And I believe that we should not Q and A and start reducing our cause level just because there are still some suppressives around and implanters who want to control your mind and your body and your thoughts because that is the way down into succumb.


So this is what you look at when you are going up the OT levels. You look at this very carefully and it all becomes fun. It becomes a game. Realize that you can be, or do, or play at any level. You can go into a place, where people believe they are bodies and play like you are a body. You don't have to agree to it. You can just play it. But you can always be creating a better world and a better set of dynamics for yourself and others.


And if you look at yourself at the top of the freeing movement, then you realize, that it is our job to make sure the others don't Q and A. The people who are believing in control, let them make Q and A. Because they are all thetans as well. They just became so used to it over the centuries and years and years of the track they can t see any bigger. It s like people who are totally in astrology. They will tell you how wonderful it is. And they also won t have any idea or hope or any purpose of leaving the planet.


The implanters who are putting these overt products on the thetans for so many years and so on, added to the own overts of everyone on the track of knocking out other people s dynamics just brought the whole game down to a rather dull level.


LRH states in Volume 2 of the Red Volumes in an HCOB on randomity, he says "the randomity level of Earth is somewhat like a snail crawling across a lawn on a hot summer day." He also stated on a Briefing Course tape, that "you haven t done anything in this life that could aberrate you". You may have restimulated something that you did get aberrated by in the past, but you haven t done anything in this life that is really aberrative.


Because your cause level back the track was a lot higher than it is now. And the things you did that brought you from OT all the way down to where you just became a PC some time in this life were much more powerful than the things you have done in this life. Realize, your state of ability before was without all the knowledge and the data we now have.


So when you move back up toward OT it is not only the abilities you gain back, but you have the technical data, the basics, the axoims and the knowledge o use it correctly. And use it for the betterment of the games and improvement of dynamics, and to get more people able to play. So that's what it is all about, that is what we are doing here. And that is, what LRH intended to do when he started writing his books and to audit.


He never has changed that purpose. The people, who are lying to you about him, about LRH, they are lying in the newspapers, in the RTC, and so on... are trying to control you. The people who are writing the stories about him in the papers are trying to control you. If you want to find out, what LRH really intended for this planet read his books. If he had any other purpose he wouldn't have written those books. He wouldn't have given you 2000 tapes about how to get free. In other words, he was trying to free you. It is only people that are lying to you that are trying to control you.


So this, I hope, gets spread out widely through the free zone, and people take another look at all these rumors and stories and everything they hear and go back to source and read what LRH wrote and what he said on the tapes.


You have also heard, "if it isn't written, it isn't true". But the opposite isn't necessarily true either. If it is written it does not always mean it is true. There have been many lies written.


That was only stated in policy as the first point to consider to avoid rumor lines. It was first to get in writing, and then check it our. See if it was true, if it really came from LRH or not. And you can always tell wether something came from LRH or not, because if it did come from LRH it would be in line with his basic purposes and goals given in his books and tapes.


So, I hope that I have been able to tell you, one, what a product is, two, what making a product called an OT is all about, and three, what the overt product makers and the control operations are all about as well.


I think I have made it pretty clear there and always, when I come to those points I realize that I couldn't have been standing here talking unless I had absorbed and duplicated a lot of this knowledge during this lifetime. That is the certainty of it, from having used this and applied this and seen it work, knowing it is a high quality product.


The knowledge applies, it works. And again, we have to acknowledge that LRH has put it there for us to learn and to use and play a better game.


So on that note I would like to end this Tech Briefing No. 3 and encourage anyone or any auditing group that is around the planet, if they want to connect up with the Frankfurt group -which we are calling Ron's Organization and Network for Standard Technology, which abbreviates to RON S- if they want to be part of that network which believes, or let s say knows or has confidence in these very some things (because believe is a little bit lower on the scale than knowingness). If you really apply that and you really apply that and you really see it works, then you know it works. Then those people will join in that agreement and that understanding and that confidence and I believe we can create in the coming year a very strong new civilization based on the truth and based on the creative abilities of the thetans and OTs we are making. And improving their abilities to where they can have a New Civilization.


And with the full confidence and other people supporting these postulates in the coming year we can create a very strong New Civilization which is based on freedom and people moving up this gradient to OT. And we will all be able to play a better game and have a lot of fun.



Technical Briefing Number 5


Captain Bill Robertson


14th September 1985





This is the 14th of September 1985 and is just a little organizational and technical briefing here. The data here we have is, that people involved here, are wanting to make a technical team, all right? That's what you are here to do, make a technical team to handle not only the point of getting guys up the bridge and out of the soup. The exit-point type of action here, where we really handle people and beings of all types, but also you want to eventually have the skill to handle the Implanter guys, all right?


To do that, you have to confront a few things. That's a very good purpose by the way, because I haven't found many people that have enough courage to even want to do it, or even admit that they still may be around; but of course they are, because we are still around, and it's silly to think, that just because we are around, the other guys aren't around; that's not the way to think.


If you look at it logically, you look at all of why we are doing Scientology here in the first place on this planet, and you find out, that we're doing it here because this is a real aberrated area of the universe. And why is it so aberrated, and why did Elron Elray - or Ron - want to make this the testing place for the tech, is because a lot - well, all the people here have received one or more - I would say in most cases more - Implantings on the track, right?


And they have been very confusing and very degrading to the Thetan, and make the Thetan very confused about who he is, what he is doing, why does he think, he is a meat body, why does he have to live on this planet, why can't he exteriorize, and all of that stuff; in other words, they FORGET, that they are spiritual beings, all right?


Now, that you all know from Scientology basics - but the rest of it you can read in HISTORY OF MAN and basic books like SCIENTOLOGY 8008, THE AXIOMS, those are the things that tell you what happened to a Thetan, and what he should be like, when he's cleaned up, all right?


But here we are just dealing with a special thing and that is logically, when you look at it - now take the viewpoint of the Implanter for a minute, this is the only way to see it ethically, and when you are in Ethics you have to be able to confront evil, right? You have to confront evil, to handle Ethics, I mean you can't just sit there and think "everybody is great ..."


Ok, so to do that, you have to look at: What is the game of an Implanter, what do they want to achieve, right? Well, it's pretty obvious that they want to achieve an enslavement or a control over all Thetans, for their own reasons, all right? So, they want to stay at the top and make all the other people stay down here. That's the basic suppressive mechanism. So, it's a game.


All life is a game. This is a very serious one, of course, on that level it's very serious, when you first contact it, it's here is the Implanters and they are trying to put all Thetans down here, so they can control everything. Have all the wealth, all the Planets, all the control-lines. Now, if you're an Implanter and you're doing that, what would be the most dangerous thing to your game? That's where you must set this, you see?


Well, first would be a person, that understands what an Implant is and what a Thetan is. That would be very dangerous. Because Implanting by it's very nature has to keep you in mystery - it has to - keep the person confused, and keep them: "what happened, what happened ....?", you see? It has to be secrecy, it has to be 1.1, somebody around understood what a Thetan really was and what an Implant really was.


And of course LRH understood both of those. So, of course they had to attack LRH and his family and Scientology. So you know, those were really after LRH, I mean knocking off Quentin, throwing his wife in jail, law-suits against him, several attempted assassinations, that were prevented in the Sea Org, a lot of things, right? This is - would happen to anyone that tried to say: "you know what Thetans are and I know what Implanters are." Right?


You have to be a little careful. 'Course you don't want to stop doing what you're doing, but just be ready to watch for these guys trying to come along the line and stop you from doing that, you see? Ok. Now that's  the ONE thing they would be afraid of, it's an individual, that knows about Thetans and Implants, all right?


Now, what's even more dangerous for them? You see, 'cause they're organized... Implanters are organized - they have Implants like you have cassette records or books in here on your shelves. All right? I mean, if they want to say: "Ah, we're going to handle the population of England. Ok. What's the Implant we have here that would be very useful to restimulate in England? Ah, here're some good ones about the coalmines, ah, here's the 'Coalmine Implant' for instance, you know. So, let's put all that on television. A lot of these pictures on television. Key everybody in. HAHA, blowing up coalmines, people dying from gas in the coalmines, that's good" - good for them, you see?


They might even send out a terrorrist team to blow up a coalmine, just so they get the pictures on television. I mean, that's the way they operate, you see? They actually think like that, you see? "Oh, these are getting unruly, you know, they're not paying their taxes and stuff, ah, get some coalmine implants and let's key them in."


Or if it's rain, you know, rain, they say: "Oh, we got any good rainpictures, rainpictures of Implants here let's key them in on rain, yeah, here's some where they get sick, when it rains. Ok, let's put this on television."


Somebody writes a story, here's a guy who wrote a story about rain making people die from pneumonia, and all that and the 40 days of rain in the Bible - "Let's put a lot of that on television and key everybody in." They do that! Implanters think like that, right? "Let's get the files." They know what pictures people have already - of course you are Clear, you don't have pictures - but the composite case has pictures, and the bodies might be having pictures sticking to them - ok.


Well, what's MORE dangerous than one person - that knows about Implants and knows about Thetans - is a GROUP. Hmm? 'Cause they're organized and they know they can't be really hurt by anything, except an organized group, all right? And they know also that if it's just on the bodydynamics, if it's just a group that's out for money, if it's a group that's out for control of the land, if it's an army, if it's, you know, business, trying to take over their businesses, they can handle that, 'cause they can restimulate those Thetans that were doing that, because those guys are operating on the BODYdynamic and they're operating on a Thetandynamic, so they can handle them by keying in their Thetan, and that's it.


So, they don't worry about that too much, and even print it in the newspapers: "This guy tried to take over IBM and he failed and we'll put him in jail" - and stuff, discourages people from trying to do something against the Implanters.


Anyway, what they are really afraid of is a group, that is on the 7th Dynamic. In other words - Thetans that understand this, and are organized and trying to handle it, all right? They're afraid of that. So the first thing they try to is to make it seem that there is not such things happening, and nobody should believe them and they're all crazy and they're all hallucinating. That's what they're trying to do - also all "Science Fiction", that's it. Try to do that with Scientology, and so on, you know, all the stories: "Oh, Scientology is just Science Fiction" - you see? Ok.


But the group - when you look at it in present time, and right now today - when they see a group in present time - they're also afraid  of another thing: that that group might have existed before, ' cause they know THEY existed before, so it might be the same group coming after them, that came after them before, and often got them, and often won, breaking up their Implants or arresting their topguys in it, or whatever... 


Like LRH did in "Revolt in the Stars", he ended up arresting and capturing the guys, who were doing the Implants, and the destruction of the populations - he arrested and brought them to court, to trial. Ok. So, they are afraid of that.


Now do you think in the long history of the universe, which is gone on a long time, that anything that's happening now on this planet is the first time things happened? Or the first instance of that? It's not! Because the group, which is getting together to fight Implanters on this particular planet NOW, probably was the same group, one of the same groups, that did it before, see? You understand...? Now, some of the times they won, and some of the times they lost. Any game - you win some and you lose some, right?


Now we got a real good Tech, see? We can win all the time, I guarantee you, we can win all the time now, if we just get the Tech done.


Ok, but sometimes you did lose. Now, what happens when you lose, what is an Implanter going to do, if you're the one that get's captured and you're one of the dangerous groupmembers, right? They're going to give you a special treatment, right? A special treatment is going to be to prevent those too dangerous from coming up, they're going to give you a special treatment, let's call it PDH or Implant: Pain, Drug, Hypnosis, Implant - all the same area - but they're going to make you believe, first of all that you're not a Thetan. That you're a body or a - you know - just something, but not a Thetan.


Second thing they're going to make you do - trying to make you believe - is that you're very suspicious of anybody that talks to you about Implants or anything like that, and you don't believe them - in other words: they try to keep the group from getting back together. They're trying to make you totally stay by yourself, hm? They try to keep the group split apart, they might even install false Overts & Withhold Mechanism between the group, you see, putting a guy here and somebody over here, that he believes is a member of his group, and then saying: "Now you just did this to this person, and that person did that to you..." - and Overts and Motivators and all that - "you're going to be punished for it now..." - and then - zapp, zapp, zapp - with the big eletricity shocks, so that the persons then go: "Ha, ooh! I must have done something bad, I got a really bad shock" - you see? And the next time they meet that person in another lifetime, or on down the track, you know, and then they go: "Huuuh, I want to have nothing to with that person" - you understand? That's the seond thing they're going to try to do: keep the group from getting back together.


First thing is going to try to make them think they're not Thetans. Now, I know that all of us - at one point  we didn't really have the idea what a Thetan is. I didn't - early in this life I was going along: "Yeah, but there is something more, something more." I didn't know what to call it exactly. You know - "ME, I feel more than just a body..." - but I didn't know exactly what it was.


But everbody got to the State of Clear right here, so they do understand that they're beings, right, thanks to LRH. So we got out of that first trap. We now realized again that we are Thetans. Second thing is, we realized that there are other members of the team that we want to handle things with. You know, to handle the Implanters.


Then we get into the third thing they will do - that's simply distraction. A distraction, you know what I mean? To take your attention away from doing this, and put it over here. Ja? Q & A, make you Q & A, that's what it is. They say: "Well, IF they realize they're Thetans" - 'course the Implanters are thinking of - "IF they ever realized they're Thetans, and IF they ever get back together as a group, and IF they run out this stuff about they have conflicts between them themselves, well, let's get them something else to worry about, you know, let's give them some distractions, all right?" PTPs, ARC Breaks, Problems, Missed Withholds, you know everything... 


Now one of the easiest things to give people, to distract them, is of course anything to do with the body, ja? If they figure they're going to have you in a body, or you're going to be operating from a body after they knock you with the Implant, then any distractions with the bodies: "So let's give them a whole thing of programming them to get sick. Let's give them a whole thing of programming to have 2D troubles. Let's give them a whole thing to have them programmed - to have troubles with eating, you know, - can't eat certain foods, and ah, must eat-can't eat, ah, food, ah, I'm worried, disease, I don't know whether I should eat..." you know? "Let's give them a lot of problems: food, sex, bodies, sickness - yeah - illness, that's good. What else? How about air? Let's give them some trouble with air. Breathing - yeah - all right, pollution - yeah - that's a good thing." Worry, worry, worry.


They try to restimulate with all this stuff, that's all. So if you give a person a body, enough to worry about, you know, and you can do it many ways, by sickness or illness, good food or bad food, good air or bad air, 2D problems, you know - should it be this person, I'm jealous, Missed Withhold - all this kind of stuff, you know, sexflows, all of that.


And they can give also things to do with "bodies killing each other", you see, so keep showing a lot of pictures of wars, bodies killing each other, and movies and stuff like that,  and that gets people worried about they might die, you see, that distracts them.


So they have to buy lifeinsurance, and then you get down to the BIG distraction, which is they have to have money to do all this: to go see the doctor, to go to buy the food, to have 2Ds, to have good air around, to keep from getting in wars, you gotta have to defend yourself, you've got to have a house to protect yourself, you've got to have locks on the doors - all of this. So you make an economic trap, to hold all this together, you see? A nice economic trap and then people are totally distracted, they have to keep getting the money to handle these problems all the time.


And if they are doing that, they can't realize - they hope, they hope - that they can't realize that they are Thetans, they should be working together as a group, and they should be organizing to knock out the Implanters, you see?


Now, all this goes on all the time on planet Earth. It's going on continually, it has been going on. When you're at the effect of it, you don't even notice it as a plan. When you come above the level realizing that you're a Thetan - a Clear starts looking around and you all say: "Hey, this is crazy". And they only do what they have to do - to do basic survival, and so on - and then always keeping some attention going on the purpose.  And then as you get more and more ability - like as you guys all get trained as auditors - then you can be more fulltime on the purpose, you see, you get stronger and stronger, klar? Alles klar?


You see, training auditors is another thing that Implanters would not like, you see? 'Course people can't get out of those traps by just reading a book, they have to be audited - they can maybe get part of the way out - but they can't get all the way out without some good soloauditing, all right? So, if you have the purpose to get trained and so on like that, and realize all these other distractions - or what is meant to keep you from doing that - is the Q & A mechanisms, you know.


So, if you want to get trained, get together, have your common purposes and so on and just take the other stuff and laugh at it and say: "Well, that's probably some shit the Implanters laid on us, man, let's just go ahead and get trained. Or let's just go ahead and enjoy life, you know, enjoy really."


First give an example of what is life to be a Clear, to be more or less knowing what the game is, so that other people can see, that you're not affected by it, you see? So, you have a duty as an auditor, and as an OT or Clear, to give an example to people, say: "Hey, you don't have to Qing & Aing and restimulated by all that stuff."


Yeah, as you really get up there you know that: "Hey, man, the attacks are getting really heavy on the 7th Dynamic!" Take it as a win! You weren't getting attacked ten years ago by the 7th Dynamic. They held you totally under control, all the way pushed down to think you were a body and you were probably going back and forth between the hospital and the job and the foodstore and the television, you know. Now, you're becoming an auditor, oh boy!"Hey, look man, I must be winning, the Implanters are attacking me, that's great!" you know.


And then you pop through that, you finally just pop right through, and as you will do the Solo Course, you do the Clearing Course, you do the OT Levels, you come through that, and you're just looking and: "These guys are crazy. They're just crazy, aberrated Thetans, that are doing this game on Earth, to just keep people keyed in and so on."


That's it, it's all it is. Then you can pick out, what is the good part of the civilisation, and what is not the good part of the civilisation, and what is the not so good parts are the ones controlled by the Implanters, but they don't control everything, 'cause there's too much Theta around. There is too much Theta, because people do survive. And they survive because of their Theta, not because of the Implanters...


So, there are some good Thetans around, you have good ARC, good friendship, good group, good culture, good environments, there are good places around, good things, good people.


So, you can recognize that and sort of: "call them over to your side" so to speak - and the auditor that will be getting PCs, ja, getting people on Comm Courses, and things like that, you just say: "Hey, come on, you know, we can help you." - but you want to always remember that you are the prime subjects of the game on the Implanter's side, right?


The Implanters are looking for people popping up above the level of confusion to become: "HEY!" - you know - "Haha, Implanters over there, look what they're doing" - you know - "Haha...". Do you see they will see them - "Oh, oh, there come some people, that could knock us out" - 'cause they're easy to knock out.


All their power is obtained by restimulation of their earlier stuff they've done with Thetans. That's all the power they have. Everybody would laugh at them, if there wasn't their ability to key in people, you know, it's true you get to the point on the OT Levels, where anything they can throw at you, you just laugh at it. It's so, so silly, you know.


Even if it's horrible flows, and beams, and horrible pictures, and so on, you know. I mean they try to key people in with horrormovies and stuff like that. Some people can sit there and look at a horrormovie and say: "Yeah! Ok. Great! That's a good... I see how they did that in Hollywood!" you know, it doesn't bother him. Other people go: "Aaaaagh..." - like that. Well, they're more effect of the restim.


So anyway, when the Implanters see you coming up above the level of the Humans, and you're now up here as a Thetan and you're organized, then they say: "Oh, oh, those guys are playing against us."


So, you're on a game level now: 7th Dynamic - it's like a chess game, you know - 7th Dynamic: here's the Implanters, here's the guys trying to free people, see? So, then you just have to realize that once you get there, and once you realize you are there, the best thing to do is to get more able than the Implanters.


And you can do that very quickly. A soloauditor that goes on through OT III and onto SuperNOTs, is more able than an Implanter. He knows more about it - I mean, just knowing LRH's data, you know more about the mind and the Thetan, than the Implanters do. 'Cause we can undo them, we can get people out of them, all right?


But remember, you should be now, as a team, above the level of getting restimulated by these Implants and things like that, right? And don't fall for the silly games.


Now the other thing I want to mention is: don't try to get somebody to Itsa about things that are above the case level or should be handled in session. You understand? In other words: there are some things that can only be handled in session, right? And those are things - well, as Franz can tell you - they have to do with the case data, and the ability of a soloauditor to handle, and the level he's on.


So, I can talk about Implants, 'cause all of you have seen them in your folder, and you know what LRH says about them and so on, right? But then, to go in and try to figure out very little things that happened in that Implant, right? - let me tell you, some of them are very, very tricky. If you got a thing F/Ning, and it's not bothering you anymore, leave it, it'll come up later, you handle it on a higher level. But they have - but it's not bothering you anymore, ok, it'll still be there - if you have attention on it - it will still be there later to handle.


You don't have to - you know, somebody comes in and says: "You know, oh God, I've got this pain here, I think it's, you know, from an old thing they drilled into my head or something..."


"Yeah, well, tell me about it."


And the guy says: "Yeah, well, you know, feels like a drill in my head, you know, oh, maybe it was an Implant, you know, they implanted me, put me on a pole, and drilled that thing through the body. It was...a doll body, that's what it was, and they drilled this thing through, but something,eh..."


But you don't have to go and find out, you DON'T HAVE TO find out ALL the details of the Implant, because that will come up later, you'll find it, you'll be more experienced on Implanting, than anybody in the world, when you run through OT III and SuperNOTs, you understand Implanting better than anybody.


But you don't have to find out how they did this whole thing, all you have to do is: date it and locate it - and it will key out. Or a little even if some of the charge may erase and blow. So, all the guys has to really know is: "Oh, it isn't now, it happened back here on the track, oh yeah, over there..."  - POOM - "Ahh..." - and it relieves.


Because what they're doing is: trying to restimulate the earlier one in present time by doing different beams, radiations, television programs, news stories, etc. like that, they try to keep that restimulated.


You can also at the lower levels key it out, not even by D/L, but just finding when it keyed in: "Oh, when did you start feeling that?"


"Oh, yesterday about 3 o'clock."


"Ok, yesterday, 3 o'clock. Where were you yesterday 3 o'clock?"


"Well, I was at my house and was watchiong television."


"Oh, ja, ja, what did you see on television?"


"Oh, ja, ja, I saw how people get shot in their head. Oh ja, that's what it was. Haha..."


So, at a lower level, he can get it just by getting the lock of the restimulation off. For a person that's Clear, they can D/L the Implant itself and that blows it even further away. It didn't - not likely to even restim him again, you see? So, a lower level guy gets it off as a lock, and a Clear gets it off - as a sort of  - like a date/located engram, and then on SuperNOTs and OT III you actually can find out EXACTLY everything that happened, right? And you erase it and anything connected with it.


And it's not advised for a lower level, 'cause you have to be a soloauditor, you have to be trained, and you have to be able to handle the stuff very fast and understand what it's about, right? So, the best thing you can do when you get together as a group, is to get yourself up the bridge to that point, right?


Now, I don't want you to think, that the whole of OT Levels is "negative gain", which means only things being done to you that go away, right? You also get a lot of abilities back, and you find out WHY you don't - weren't able to hold those abilities and they come back to you as "positive gain" as well.


So, those are the two sides of it: You find out - yes - what has been done; but you also find out what you DID and also your abilities come back as these things, which were blocking your abilities, leave or get as-ised,  right? So, there you come out of it having a lot more ability.


You have all experienced telepathy and different things turning on as you go up the bridge. You get more telepathic, more control, you get more knowledge of your wholetrack, you get more certainty of your beingness and your identity, you don't particularly fear for your body anymore, you may even find you have a "preferred name" as a Thetan, rather than as a body, you know, so all this shows that you're coming along up the bridge.


But I just want to caution you, don't get too diggy into the details of these things, because they ARE very complicated, they HAVE to be complicated otherwise any guy walking on the street could certainly read a funny-book about it or something, or an LRH book and totally get out of it. But he doesn't. Why not? Because it does need auditing and it does need training and it does need a special handling of the whole complexity of it, all right? THAT - then you can get through. I guarantee you, right? So, as a group you can operate very well, just keep in comm, but don't try to dig in on it, just date/locate - psst - blown - out.


Or: "When did you first notice that?"


"Ah, this day", and you can do it by the lock, when the lock keyed in, which restimulated the earlier one.


Or in session you can do a D/L - as you know. The date-to-blow-locate-to-blow-thing erases all. Doesn't mean it's totally gone - something is gone though - it does relieve it, and erase the parts that were sticking to you.


You will find out on OT III and SuperNOTs that there may be more to it, and then it'll be totally gone when you handle it there, it will be totally gone, can never affect you again. You'll never be restimulated by the Implanters again either - that's the interesting thing on those levels. Once you handle it on those leveles, IT CAN NEVER BE RESTIMULATED AGAIN. 'Cause it isn't there anymore. You understand?


And that's why they're afraid, and that's why thay had to take over the Church very quickly after they started getting the NOTs tech, you see? Because if the people got through - a lot of people came through and got onto NOTs - they wouldn't be able to restimulate them anymore, you see? They would loose very badly, they couldn't CONTROL THESE PEOPLE ANYMORE.


So, when you look at it from the viewpoint of an Implanter: they want to have happen exactly what the non-optimum or the problems or distractions you're having - they like that. They think that's great. You know, if you were poor and don't have any money - they like that. If we have problems with 2D or bodyproblems or physical injuries - they like that - that's wonderful for THEM. All right?


So, remember in a game - look at it : what would be good for an Implanter? "Hey, let's don't validate that around here." - if it's a key-in, just say: "Well, that's good for the Implanters, but now, what is the date that this keyed in? When did it key in? Yesterday, the day before?" Get the thing - blow it out or put him in session and do a D/L on the actual doingness, the incident. That's a simple way to handle it until you get up there.


I don't recommed this for everybody, but a Tech-team should be knowing this, because they have to keep a total auditor attitude toward the public, toward new people, toward the PCs, etc., etc. Ok? You have to be totally able to do that, otherwise you can't hold your position very well as an auditor, you know, if you can't even communicate to the people you're doing the business with, that are auditing with you, or the PCs that are on your lines or whatever, you know.


You have to look at each of them as a person coming up there to realizing they're Thetans, realizing they're a member of a group with a purpose - or at least they certainly want to get free - and then helping them get there. And that's all you're doing in auditing, and you're doing a lot more of it on the OT Levels than you're doing at the lower levels. That's why we want you to get there.


I think that's the game LRH laid out very well and it is as he says on one of his tapes on the Class VIII Course, it has "booby-traps" at the upper levels. You should know that, that noone is going to get out of the upper levels, unless they do it the right way, they can't get through. All these guys that are still in the Church or on OT Levels having a long time and not getting through, and so on like that, they're not going to get through - they can't get through.You know why? Look at it from the viewpoint of the Implanters: they can't get through because they are not  EVEN IN THE RIGHT GAME! You see? These OTs come along and say: "Yeah, I'm OT, I've just finished my NOTs."


"Well, ah, what are you doing to help handle the 4th Dynamic and the condition of the Planet?"


"Oh, I don't have to do anything about that, I'm totally   f  r  e  e...!"


He's still walking around in a body, he's still on Earth, you see? No responsibility for handling the things, he should have found out about, no responsibility for handling the situation for other beings, that are also in the same trap.


He's still in the trap himself, 'cause he's not even confronting what an Implanter's game would be, you see? - or they tell you: "Oh! The Implanters! Oh, no! That's all - haha - that's Science Fiction, LRH..., yes, it was there at the track, but it's NOT anymore, it's...(mumble)'s COOL in PT, man, look at the Prime Minister, he's such a nice guy. And IBM, that's a great place, man, we have waterfountains and airconditionings, it's FANTASTIC! Yeah, I know we're the biggest computer company in the world, I mean, we've taken over everybody... ah, I mean, ah... yeah, well... yes, well, I have my SUCCESS, I mean, my STATUS, I... yeah."


If to you a guy is talking like this, that says that he's finished, he finished NOTHING. He got to a release point on the 1st Dynamic and he said: "That's it! Ah... I feel  g  o  o  d ...I wanna stay that way. I'm not gonna confront anything else, because if I do, it might be d a n g e r o u  s...!!"


That's all you got, he's a guy that has a little more 1st Dynamic Ability to - sort of - make his own survival. But he's not going to help anybody else. So, he hasn't really found out, what the game is yet, but he is still effect of it. Ok?


So, don't worry about it, we're making the real OT guys HERE in Frankfurt. And the guys associate and wants us, because... you know, why? If the other areas were making OTs, they would have come here and said: "We wanna carry on and help!" because the Sector 9 Book has been around about a year, and everybody knows about it in Australia, even New Zealand, America, Canada, England...


I haven't seen anybody coming over here saying: "HEY, I've seen what you wrote in "Sector 9", man, we wonna help handle these guys!" You know why they haven't? Because none of them had made it. None of them have got it. I only think maybe they got through OT III, but I know, none of them got through NOTs, for their first things they would have realized is: "God, we better go and help Captain Bill, he's the only fucking guy on the Planet, that's trying to get us out of this fucking mess!"


Because you can't handle those levels without running INTO that game. You can't finish the levels without running into that game, and handling that game, and it's effects on you all the way back the track. You can't DO IT! Now, all you can get is a sort of a guy, like I said, sliding out, and then being sort of 1st Dynamic - "Hehe..." - but you can't finish the levels without CONFRONTING THAT GAME! So, noone has finished those levels, because if they had finished those levels, they would have confronted the game and realized, that by the writings and data I'd been putting around, that we're the guys that are handling that game over here. And nobody has come around, except the ones you very know, you know, like the guys in Spain, and a few in Vienna, Harry Mason, a few other guys around - ja, there is a few.


But nobody from David Mayo's lines, nobody from the lines of the other independent groups over there, nobody from the Australian groups - oh, there is some good guys down there, that might be playing a game, there is a few, and they're getting more and more keeping in comm and so on, are really appreciating what we're doing.


But the big groups, independents, that I don't see them on that game level yet, but they will HAVE to be or they're not gonna make it, you see? The Implanters would just say: "Haha, get them!"


How can they handle? Only if they're not effect of them anymore, only way they can do that, is complete the levels, that's it. Once you've finished our bridge of OT III up through SuperNOTs, you won't  be effect of any Implanter game at all. You'll be able to make a game to handle the Implanters. You'll be able to find what they're doing, just by knowing what they're doing, wherever they are on the Planet. They can't even hide, there's no way they can hide, you know, telepathically you can just spot them, and then you can even audit them if you want, or even put Ethics in on them, if you want, you know? It's very simple, ok?


So, that's what I'm saying - it's not ok to dig in at the lower levels, until you have the tools to do it, that you get at OT III and SuperNOTs - to handle the whole effects of the Implanting, right?


It is ok to find when it keyed in - key it out - it is ok to date/locate it, right, and a little Itsa, that's ok. But NOT to dig in, because you're getting into something that you can only handle with processes of OT III and above, and if you don't have them, if you're not sitting there trained as a soloauditor and able to do it, then it makes a lot of trouble for the auditor, right? Ok?


And I appreciate everybody's eagerness and so on, and I know that, it's just like: take your attention off of it, and put it on something else, pick up study, or do something, or listen to music - good New Civilizations Music - and so on, or read a book, or something. Get some HATTING on things you may need to get hatted on, you see? That's another thing that's interesting. There's a LOT of data being collected - Maria is helping me to collect, we're reading all the stuff all the time, about all the different scenarios that are going on on the Planet. All the ones they're building with the Outer-Space-People, and Secret Societies, and the Masons, and these Secret Mystery Groups, and Black Magic, and weird Medical Practices, and Hypnotism, and weird Mind Control Practices, there's a lot of stuff going on.


We're collecting a lot of data that shows just how corny the old civilization is, but you get interested in that - then you start to see that: "Hey, you don't have to get back to your earlier incidents and find out how complicated that is, just look at how they're trying to restimulate on this Planet" - and you will see: "Hey man, that's all they're doing!" You can spot all the points of restimulation on the Planet today. And it also helps you to get released on this side. Knowing how it's being kept in restim today, ok? End of lecture.


Thank you.


Technical Briefing Number 6



" 3 rd & 4 th DYNAMIC GAMES "





Well, hello again. I hope everybody had a very good dinner downstairs or wherever. And it's still the Free Zone here, we've had no problems with that as your gentleman from Halmstad here has made very emphatically: "That you're here to stay and it is going to be free and remain free". However. I'd like to bring up a few points, now that we have established that there is to be a 3rd Dynamic of Scientologists, free, in communication, around the planet.


We have to look also at another hat. And that hat is on the 4th Dynamic. Yes. As you remember, when we were all inside of the church structure, we were told repeatedly that it was "all under control", "everything is being handled", "on the 4th Dynamic you don't need to worry about nothing", "you just go ahead and do your services and your delivery". And that was fine, except now we know that it wasn't all under control. And it wasn't all being handled. And that is one of the reasons why we now have to do it all again. Yes. Really for for the first time, yes.


It is very much like the story of the airplane they're testing out. The new Automatic Pilot in the airplane. It's a total automatically computer .controlled flight from Stockholm to San Francisco. And the plane is over the North Pole and the automatic speaker comes on - there are no pilots. on board or anything, you see, it s all automatic now, the people are sitting there, they're been automatically  served their food they're automatically shown a movie, they're automatically relaxing, they have their tranquilizer - and the voice comes on and says: "You're now 30,000 feet above the North Pole the temperature outside is minus 217 degrees, and there is a storm blowing around the North Pole as you can see below you, in which  - if someone was outside in that, as you' re dressed in this airplane - they would not survive for 5 minutes. But this flight is totally automatically computer controlled, and nothing can go wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .."


OK. So much for automaticities. Again we are called upon - as products of Scientology - to take a viewpoint of causativeness. The planet, in the situation it  is in, cannot be handled by automaticity. It cannot be handled by more lowering of people's awareness, so that they will not be aware of the problem. It can't be handle by more drugs, and more tranquilizers, and more TV, telling them that "everything is ok", and more telling you in the newspapers: "Let us handle it, it' s all cool, nothing will happen.". More bank accounts, more number accounts, it cannot be handled that way. It has to be handled by live beings - Thetans - that understand the principles of Scientology and the rights and duties of an individual and Thetans in the society.


Now that means essentially, that the people who can speak out about the 4th Dynamic, would be those who have some processing and some ethical consideration.


We cannot  expect a person, who is going around and selling drugs for instance, and trying to make children into idiots by teaching them lies or rewritten history, we cannot expect those people to make decisions for the 4th Dynamic, they already have out ethics. But Scientologists do have codes of ethics and it basically comes down to the principle: The greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics.


Now, if you have a 4th Dynamic, you have to look at the entire planet and people upon it. Because they're all involved in it. Bow, you know, Sweden has a wonderful history of research and study about the problems of what is happening in the world, and they've had many solutions to these things - and many solutions to these things - but not all of them have been adapted, and some of them are not really good solutions - as you well know.


But, right now, the major line of attack on the planet, I would say, LINE OF ATTACK, LINE OF DEVELOPMENT on the planet is toward a thing called - "Mental Control".


Now, that means, that the people who are in power on the planet believe that if they could control what you think, then you are totally under control. And in actual fact that's right, nothing wrong with that, to believe it, it IS true. If you can control what people think, you CAN control them. The only thing wrong with it is: "Wit what INTENTION are you controlling?". "What is the PURPOSE of controlling?" "Are you going to allow them to get more and more able, more and more spiritually free, or do you want them to act more and more like a white rat in a little cage?" You know, he has his little cage there, but you give him a little thing to run around in and makes him think he's free, because he keeps running all day long and he never gets to the end of it.


So, they also know, that if they can give you enough problems with your bank account and your tax man and your job and your salary and your food and your health and all of these things, then you're not free, you just think you have a lot of problems, and you have to get through these and then somewhere on the other side you will expand, yes?


But then you realize that this is not entirely the case, not entirely right. Somebody is setting this up for you, is setting it up in different countries of Europe and in different countries around the world, especially in the European and American Civilization.


I had been researching into this, because I was forced into the research, following a data trail. The data trail was: "How was the Church of Scientology suppressed and who did it?" That was the data trail. And I found out HOW it got suppressed and WHO did it. But I also found out, that the guys who did it, or the beings who did it, were not only interested in suppressing Scientology and keeping all the knowledge for themselves, and using the power of mental control on the civilization - because you see, Scientologists are the one people , who are very difficult to put mental control on, it's very difficult to mentally control a Scientologist - takes a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of lawyers, hey?


So, anyway, I've found out they're not only interested in Scientology but other religions as well, political parties, educational institutions, financial institutions - in other words: there was an entire - shall we say - plan, to take control of the planet - economically, financially, spiritually and individually - on EVERYONE.


Now, this is not such a good idea if they don't have any plan for rehabilitating anyone, if they don't have any plan for getting anyone more aware. And they don't. What they have a plan for doing is: reducing your space and awareness down to about this big, and putting you in a box about that big, so that you think you'r free. If your awareness is only this big and you're in a box that big, you haven't found your limits of awareness yet, so, as far as you are concerned - you're free.


The only thing wrong is: this goes totally against the purpose of Scientology, which is to get your awareness expanded out as far as you can expand it. And if ;you do that, you find yourself rapidly running into the walls of these boxes. And I don't know in Sweden how much of a box it is they are putting around people here, but in other countries, they put quite small boxes around them, and if you are anything above Grade Zero, you run right into them! Hahaha!

And in some places you run into them on Dianetics as well, but let's say Grade Zero. You start to put out your comm-lines, you see, and you put out these comm-lines and you say: "Hey, well, Scientology, yes, that's a very good idea! Man, I'll put out my comm-lines. I'm gonna make a new product here. New industry. New things. I'm going to get in comm with these people over here that are working on health food and clean atmosphere and so on like this. I'm going to work with these people and - aah ... yeah, we're collecting a lot of money here and we gather this up - and then all of a sudden you find out that somebody is against you.


And the next thing you know, you've been investigated by the tax people. And the next thing you know they're holding your bank accounts and you can not move anymore, you can not travel, you can not use any money, they're investigating you because of these people you were talking to as apparently he was on the wrong side of the political fence, or he might be a bad guy, he might be a KGB-agent or something.


But this is all "Bull", you know? "Hey, that's not true! I want to expand!". "So I will go somewhere here to a lawyer and try to get this handled." And the lawyer tells you": "No, that's not worth it. Don't fight it. That's the city hall. You can't fight city hall. What you better do is get out of that group and go back to your business."


And the business you're in, it says: "Well, now, we don't want you. We've heard about the scandal you were having in the paper over there and ..., you with that crazy people that want a clean environment and that's against industry, and industry, you know, if they don't have industry, they don't have jobs. Then they are all out of work, so it's not good to have a clean environment, even if it is killing us, I mean, ... somehow it's logical, I don't know."


But anyway, all of that is: Gradually, you get all these losses and you get pushed down in that little box, and you sit there and watch the television hoping: "Well, I hope somebody does something about it some day."


That's only what you run into on Grade Zero! And then Grade One: "Solve! We solve all the problems of the civilization! Ah, I got an idea. I don't like all this banking stuff. I must set up a new way, where people can have a real stable exchange medium and currency, and they're going to be able to do free trade and all that kind of stuff!" - and then it goes - Boom ...! - and you're in court, halt your life and you're wondering: "What happened here?" - you know? And the banks are all denying you any credit, and you can't work with them, and all that stuff. You went against the plan. Now you're in the box. So,


Needless to say as you go up the gradechart: ARC, Service Facsimiles....O/W's of course in there, and you go up through to Clear and you go up on the OT-Levels, and you find it increasingly difficult to stay in your box. All right. You know? You realize, I mean, you may even find it hard to keep your cat in the box, but imagine, these guys are trying to work or weave a whole web of mental control around YOU, so that YOU stay in your box. Then you have the idea.


Now, there are certain plans that they're put in Europe to put people in their boxes. One of them is - we have found out - working this thing through the - what's it called - the European Parliament. I understand that Sweden is not in this "common market" thing and so on like that, but it doesn't matter. This is not a "common market". The "common market" is only the first stage. You have to think of: "What would constitute a government? What would constitute a world government?" Eh? It would be the same like a state government, right?, or a country government. But, you would expect them to come out and say: "Hey, we wanna create a world government." "Anybody for it? "against it?" "How about the constitution and all that?" You would expect that. But that isn't the way they're doing it.


They failed two times like that. Once with the League of Nations, and once with the United Nations. So now they are doing it a different way: They are doing the government UPSIDE DOWN. Upside down. Backwards. Backwards! The last things first and the first things last. This is so nobody notices.


So, the first thing that they put in was the European Common Market, because that's the regulatory body, which regulates trade and exchange between the Nations. Believe me, they REALLY REGULATE it! There are a lot of people mad at what they're doing. But one thing they're doing is making agreements with every other nation on Earth, and every other trade group on Earth, so they have a covert connected network of trade. By the statistics in these books, they now control 40% of the world's trade. It is controlled by the common market, or it passes through it's hands in some fashion or another. They're also linked up to the world bankers, who control 40% of the world's money.


Now, you know yourself, if somebody controls 40% of the WORLD'S money and the WORLD'S trade, then they are somebody that most people HAVE to deal with, most countries HAVE to deal with them. Now that is just what they are promoting. That's what they promote in here. They may control a LOT more. May be well over 50% by now.


Now, once you know these facts, you want to look at: "What are they going to do next?" Well, what they gonna do next, now that they have the actual bureaucracy and administration and the government regulation part in, they are going to put the government on TOP of it. And the government on top of it is composed of these European Parliament people. They meet in this building in Strasbourg, France, right? And there's one member for every 500,000 Europeans. And they intend also to expand "Europe" to be 21 different countries with a total of 400 million people.


That INCLUDES Sweden, I think, as well as all the way round to Yugoslavia. All the eastern Communist Block countries. Includes Spain and Portugal. All of those. They already have it all planned out.


Now, what they are doing is: putting in this lower assembly or your parliament or your House of Representatives, a lower house of the government. Over on the side of this, they will also have a thing called the European Council, which is your Head of state of the European Nations, meeting together. Like a senate, or a House of Lords, or a senior house of the Parliament.


However, that's not all. Once they get that done, they now will force a little bit more on the top and they will put ... by election from these people in the Parliament here ... they will elect - first, they will have a President of the Parliament for one year rotating and then they will have a President at the Council over here, like that President of the senate or the Head Chairman of the House of Representatives. They will be here. Then they will put in a Prime Minister, a Prime Minister and a Cabinet. All right?


Now, I can read you exactly the statement that says they are gonna do that. I mean, I'm not just "making this up", right? It says: "The Prime Minister of the Union, " - that's the European Union - " is to be elected by the Parliament of the Union acting on a proposal from the Council of the Union, for the period of the future electoral term, which is 5 years. He is to propose Ministers of the Union for his Cabinet ..." (And so on. Defence, trade, atomic energy, all that stuff.) ".. to the President of the Union for appointment." Now, the President of the Union of course is this one year post over here - that I told you about. It's the President of the Parliament. And the government of the Union is dependent on the confidence of the Parliament of the Union. It may pass a constructive vote of "no confidence" in the Prime Minister of the Union. Votes of "no confidence" may also be passed on individual Ministers.


Now, this means the Prime Minister will represent 400 million people, 21 Nations, and all of Europe. That will be the largest power of the world. Larger than the Soviet Union, larger than America, larger than the Third World. It is the biggest, it will be the biggest, that's the way they plan it.


They will be forcing the other "smaller powers" like America and Russia and so on into agreements, because you see, they have the power. If they sided with Russia then they can defeat the United States, if they side with the United States, they can defeat Russia. It's very simple. So, they can force them into agreement, to come under control, as they wish.


And they will also set up a banking system, where you don't have Swedish Kroner anymore. You have a provision of: "Creating a note-issuing bank, which is quite independent of the States of the Union" - which means, your countries - "or the institutions of the Union", - which means nobody has control over this bank. And this bank will be the one who controls all the currency. Just as they do in the United States through the Federal Reserve Bank. In other words, the government does not control the money in the United States. They set up an arbitrary independent thing, and if you really don't know what that means, it's like an independent network, like a G.O. or something, you don't have control over it from the Org anymore. So they set up this in the United States, and they will do it in Europe, and no one will control the money either.


Now, why am I telling you all this? Well, this is where the trail led. To this plan. Hey? Getting rid of Scientology - and by the way - the influence of other religions on the planet. Oh, they don't want religions. You understand, this is a competitive group. The Catholics number something like 800 million. Catholics on the planet. The Buddhists number something like over a billion Buddhists on the planet. Scientologists didn't number too much, but they have a very powerful technology. They can find out things.


Anyway, those guys are all getting attacked. The Mohammedans, the Buddhists, the Catholics, everybody was getting attacked. So, why am I telling you this? Because there's nothing wrong with a One-World-Government. I've been on lots of planets - lots of planets in the universe have only ONE government for the planet. So you also experience the same, when you travel, on the time track or whatever, and in fact, that's more usual - that they just have ONE government for a planet. Much more usual. In fact you might even find several planets in a confederation of ONE government. But here you have 160 or 170 governments on the planet. We know why that is. It's explained in the Sector Operation Bulletins, and it's explained in "Revolt in the Stars". You have here the representatives of maybe 160 different planets or races or different cultures or governments on this planet. The Thetans came from those particular areas. Because this was a dumping ground. IT was the place where some catastrophic events happened quite a long time ago.


However, to get this all back together is an admirable idea, there is nothing wrong with it - AS LONG AS THE INTENTION IS GOOD. As long as the intention is ethical, for survival. As long as the intention is for the INCREASE OF AWARENESS, SPIRITUAL ABILITY.


If the intention is to ENSLAVE, if the intention is to DEPRESS AWARENESS, if the intention is to PUT PEOPLE INTO THESE LITTLE BOXES ... then it is NOT a good idea. As you well know, if you studied Psychology or behaviouristic Psychology or any of the "modern" techniques, they all work with rats and mice, all right? And you can understand, that they run experiments with rats and mice, you know, and they put them all in cages and they do things with them and so on like that.


Now, if we were all rats and mice right now, right? And OUR 4th Dynamic was rats and mice, and the humans were on OUR 5th Dynamic we wouldn't like that at all, you see?


So, I do not intend to be a human being, or a Thetan, that is taking part in somebody's "One-World-Experiment" treating other human beings like rats and mice, or ants, or any small animal - that they can experiment with mentally, physically, and through all these various methods. I don't like that at all!


In fact, LRH didn't like it either. And one of the things that has come about from this - finding - (we found it - this is the trace of a line that came from: "Who suppressed Scientology?") it went right back to this One-World-Group that's working through this principal Party here, the European People's Party - just seems to be a big Political Party - they're just the front guys of the conspiracy. But, when you come to this, you say: "Hey, wait a minute!". And you look around to see if anybody is doing anything about it, you know, find out if any - if a few people even are protesting it. There's a few people saying: "Yeah, yeah, I don't like that, I'm not gonna vote for it." But there is NOBODY PROPOSING ANOTHER GAME. And what did LRH say? "When you end off an old game, you must give them a new game to play or the game will be getting you."


Okay, well, we got a new game on the 3rd Dynamic. Everybody being the source-point for Scientology in it's area and following Tech and Policy. Well, now we have a new game on the 4th Dynamic. We don't like the G.O. or anybody pretending to be able to handle it - because they can't. We know that. They didn't even grasp the hugeness, the immensity of the plan that I've uncovered here, and that you can come and read about, if you want.


No, they didn't even come close - well they did get close to it, it's true. They did get close to it in Germany and Austria. Several of the agents of the Guardians Office got close to this plan and they were immediately excommunicated from the Church by infiltrated MI6, FBI Agent Alan Hubbert. That was in 1978.


I did not find them until just last year and they told me: "Hey you found out the same thing we were working on." So, they did start to find it, but the guys got shot. They couldn't get the data - they tried the same thing - get the data up to LRH. Get the data to Mary Sue. Well, they didn't get it there. Well, we have it all. There is nothing we don't know about their plan to take over and put in a total One-World-Dominated-Slave-Government. Believe me, it is Mental Slavement. They don't want you to think you're anything but an ANIMAL. All of your thoughts will be monitored from childhood and controlled by the idea that you're an animal. Yep, that's what they wanna do.


And they want, to further insure, that they have an ELECTRONIC control over your thoughts, by putting in radiation and beams and control your actual thinking. To say nothing of the experiments going on in the United States, where they are talking about implanting a small chip - very small chips - to size of a pinhead in a person's head area, or in his chest at birth, so they can monitor them for the rest of their life.


This is already being proposed to the United States Government and they're doing a whole project on experiments with this. I'm sorry to say that spiritual advancement and psychic development - you know - "development" of theta-abilities has become a STATE-SECRET in the United States, has become a STATE-SECRET in Russia, has become a STAT-SECRET in the most "advanced" countries - so-called "advanced" - they're NOT REALLY advanced. But why is it a secret?


Because it's a weapon. Just like the atomic bomb was put behind the "Shades of Night" into the government arena, and nobody could know about atomic bombs in the 50s, nobody can know about psychic development now. It's the top secret stuff going on behind the scenes, and that isn't only theta abilities, that I'm talking about. I'm talking about mind control, intention beams, waves to control your thoughts, small electrode implantation in the person, or in the TV or in the automobile, or various ways to keep you all on the national computer scheme.


Ok, Now, those are coming things they're using for weapons of war. It a way it reminds us all, of course, of the often - often we run into them on the track, I'm sure you've run into these guys called the "Thought Police". You know, they said they had a Thought Police and they're controlling your thoughts, and you better not do anything against the government, or they will implant you or something. And you'll always find out sooner or later, that the "Thought Police" really were guys with no particular ability, except they had some very clever micro circuitry that they either implanted on you, on your telephone, on you car, on your friend or whatever, and they heard everything that you were saying, or they had a whole network of spies around, and they heard what you were saying. So they pretended to know your thoughts all the time.


The thing is: To know everybody's thoughts, you'd have to have an auditor for every citizen on the planet in session with him 8 hours a day, right? And if they did that, hell, we could clear the planet very quickly. So they can't do it that way.


In other words, don't worry about people knowing your thoughts, because, you know, they would have to have auditors and an incredible computer to take all this session data in every day, and then they'd have to know rudiments to clean up the guy for the next day and they would have do do something with him sooner or later of the guy would ARC-break and blow session. So they might have to just put in the bridge, you see, so they won't do it that way. They don't really know your thoughts. They don't really want to know them. All they want to know is that you're doing what they say, and that your actions are controlled.


Ok, sorry to make it so blunt, but that's what's happening in the world, and it's going on very quietly behind the scenes. I found out that the secret studies of the psychic events and psychic war affairs, and all that, is a phenomenon that is receiving increasing notoriety in the newspapers and so on. You get little bits and pieces of it, but never very much.


They're way far ahead of anything you see put out in the papers. We know for instance, that the Russians are using telepathic control on their spy lines right now. They are funning agents over hundreds of miles distance by telepathic control. In other words, they're sending their messages back and forth telepathically, and nobody can intercept them, except another telepath


How do I know that? Because when I was over in Germany, I picked up a few of them going by. I said: "Hey, what's that?" You know, you're used to having Ron talk to you or maybe another Scientologist says: "Hey man, I'm coming over." You know? "Ok man, I go down and open the door.", and he's there, you know? That happens all the time with Scientologists.


But I had this weird feeling, you know, just getting up in the morning; and: "Agent Cherenkoy report to Mogador and go to Section B2. Agent Cherenko, repeat: "Go to ...". It's coming through, it's a thought! What was that? Picked up as a line coming out of East Germany and going to Africa. Right? Was a Russian though message.


So, anyway, believe it or not. When you go over to Germany you can try and pick up a few yourself. But we have it from another source. I did not - I told that to a few people, they said: "Yeah, maybe so." - however, I'd been, before I told anybody about that, in England, where we had a friend in the intelligence service - and he said - (the guy was interested a bit in Scientology, because of the stuff we're working on) - and he said that his friend told him the other day, that the Russians are already using telepaths in their spy work! And then this guy came: "Hey, did you know the Russians are using already telepathy in their spy work!?" I said: "Well, as a matter of fact, yes, I did. I picked up some of their stuff, they were practicing with over there in Germany." "Oh." Well, anyway, he thought he was gonna give big news to me - you see - but I did happen to be on the line. But anyway, the funny thing about this is, the funniest thing about all of this is: Do you see how valuable Scientologists are gonna be in the New Civilization? They're gonna be the only people that know what's happening. You'll be the only people on the planet that really understand what's happening. Because, YOU can pick up the telepathic comms. You can understand when the government is lying to you, and when they are telling you the truth. You know the Overt-Motivator-Sequence, the appearance of people trying to withhold, all of that sort of thing.


And, as you audit many many hours you will realize that it's very easy to pick up what people are really thinking, if you want to. And you can also pick up emotions and various things. Well, from Dianetics you can learn that very easily. And you can pick up the whole thing mental image pictures and anything like that and the next thing you know, if you put your attention on it, you'll find out whatever you want.


If you put your attention on your own file for instance, your own file in the government files in Stockholm, or whatever country you're from it will come to you where that file is, and not only this, you start to get a feeling of what's in it, and not only that, very soon, you will be able to see exactly what's in it. And not only that, but you will find out who the agents are that take care of your file. And not only that, but you find out, what's happening with your friends who are also filed next to you.


Do you understand what I'm saying? It's OT-abilities. OT-abilities. And what it is, the governments of the world are AFRAID of us, you see. Why do you think they're spending so much money trying to wipe out the "Squirrels"?


The "Squirrels" AREN'T UNDER CONTROL! The "Squirrels" can find out anything! I know I wouldn't - if we were doing something here and one of you guys started playing around, you know, like running yoga into your sessions or something like that, or drug therapy or something like that, into your auditing sessions, we wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and private detectives and all that stuff.


We would just quit sending people to you. Doesn't take much. Just: "Ok - see, you won't play that game? Go away." Just - maybe put a little article in the magazines - you know. "Don't go tho the guy, he squirrels". We know it won't work. And why are these guys spending millions - and believe me, they do spend millions - to wipe out the squirrels around the world?


Because the government is behind them, and not only the government, but the One-World-Guys behind them are AFRAID of us. Don't even believe anything else, they are AFRAID of us! Right. That's where it's at.


Now that's your 4th Dynamic Game Level. WE are the people that are responsible for the rest of humanity. To one: get them on the bridge. Two: to sort of hat them on what the mental war is all about. And three: to give them another game to play. And the other game is called the New Civilization Game.


And that's - I think it's printed up in Swedish - but it has several purposes, to which everyone can agree, and are good for survival. And those purposes are things like: well, let's clean up the planet. It's our house, you know. Let's clean it up a little bit, knock out the pollution, get the food good and the water pure and let's have a stable medium of exchange. Let's not have rates of money going up and down. Let's have a stable currency here. Let's get a stable medium of exchange.


We've already got one by the way, it's called the "Galactic Credit", and it's gonna be based on metal of value, like gold, silver, platinum - that kind of thing, but it's also gonna be underwritten by the auditing intensive. The Standard Auditing Intensive.


Therefore it WILL be standard, because wherever you get a standard auditing intensive, this thing will be good. And it can always be turned in for that amount and it will be roughly what they are charging for a standard auditing intensive in the Free Zone.


I didn't bring it with me, but I have colored pictures of these things. We'll first issue them out printed as a Credit Note on one side, and what it's all about it on the back. We'll have the conditions and where you can turn it in, what Free Zone Place you can get your various payment and so on. It will be - first of all - it'll be a bond type issue - in other words: you're buying an investment in some OT-projects or something, and you can always get auditing for it or within a year or so you can get gold or silver or whatever we have at that time. So, this will be - we'll start them out as investment issues. But they will eventually become currency on the planet, because they are so stable. They won't hardly vary. They won't vary with inflation or depression. They'll be the same. The value can be gotten from these things. But that's another thing we need on the planet.


Another thing we need is an appreciation more of  culture and artistic type endeavors, right? People, there are so many artists and so many musicians given bum education on that, they don't even know the definition of art. They're patronized by people that want them to produce "bank-art" - you know - it's all just stuff from the bank. You know, we went to an exposition in Paris recently. I went in there - who is it? - the Pompidou Museum or something like that. And, I mean, you had to hold your nose around some of the art. Not because it, you know, was figuratively bad, but because it PHYSICALLY stank! Right, they wee making the sculptures out of old tennis shoes and socks, and trash, and things pulled out of the backyard, they just pasted it all on a board, you know, it's all mess, junky stuff you know, and they put some paint on it like that. Ketchup bottles, and old food and old banana skins. Yes, you had to hold your nose as you went through that. That was modern art, right?


I would say it's just BANK. It's just people's trash. You know, it's real trash. Here it was displayed in that fantastic building you know. "Ah!" Wouldn't it be nicer to have some real OT art in there? You know, some people having a fantastic viewpoint from exterior or an outer space scene or something? Even beauties of the planet. Something more aesthetic and more Theta than that, my god! So, anyway, that's another thing that's needed.


Another thing that's needed is communication and coordination between people. And we're working on this project in the 4th Dynamic to try to get more and more of the Free Zone people connected up. With like computer links, and all that.


We're also working on inventions that will improve the lot of mankind. Which means, things that can power your computer without depending on electricity, so you can power from sunlight, so you'r not dependent on any electrical system by the government that can turn you off. You many still maintain your comm line bounced off a satellite, whatever. We want to put up our own satellites, for instance.


We have a company that's in a way involved with something like that. And if they come up with some money, well we can put up our own. We have several ideas, and some of them I admit, come off of the track. And many other Scientologists REMEMBER things. They come up. That's one of the plus-points of auditing. You may remember something that's a very valuable invention or something and run out to get a patent on it on this planet and go with it.


And there are many other things that are needed to make a New Civilization here, right? And there are things to be AVOIDED. In other words: things that you shouldn't agree with, should NOT agree with that will lead to the little white mouse in the cage things. You understand? Like voting for things that will allow babies to be implanted with a little electrode at birth or - you know - the free use of drugs on everybody and so on like that.


That's like you HAVE TO KNOW THE GAME. You have to KNOW what the alternative is. You have to KNOW, to be able to make a choice. And then we come to the final thing: to be able to make a choice, people have to have the DATA OF COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE.


You can't make a choice between a One-World mind-control government and nothing. Although they're TRYING to make you decide between that or atomic war. You see? Because they're putting a horror of atomic war over you. If you don't do this, you gonna have atomic way. No, they won't. It's false. They are trying to make you decide between atomic war and a One-World-Government. That is NOT the decision.


The decision IS between the One-World-Government that keeps you like mice or a New Civilization where everybody is freely communicating and coordinating, just like we do on the 3rd Dynamic. And you can still be in your country. You can still be in your city. You can still be in your own group. You don't have to have everybody under the same control, to prevent war. War is an ABERRATION. It's NUTS. All right?


Just like you don't have to have all Scientologists under control to keep ethics in. You don't have to put them all into a cage to have ethics in because most people ARE ethical. All except about 2%. That's the figures and we know these data.


So, who's gonna be there to make the decision between a New Civilization and a mind controlled Civilization? WE have to be there. WE have to instruct people. WE have to let them know there is an alternative. WE have to let them know they have a choice, not only on this planet for their own survival and their own expansion, but very soon they're gonna be linked up to Intergalactic Civilization.


And that is another thing, which I know you all have been waiting for. And you may have some back pay - do you? - in some organization out there. you may have an old home or an old hunting ground you would like to go and see. But it is true. Very soon there WILL be a link up again with the old Galactic Civilizations.


Now it's not just because I say so. Because we found out that these guys are ALSO planning a link up. They are planning a link up on the basis that it would be better if everybody join this ONE PARTICULAR group operating in nearby space. If they would join this one particular group because they are in the SAME agreement. They like implanting and they like to keep people under control.


So, if Earth comes to the awareness in a few years that there IS another Civilization out there, and: "Hey, look at that! Wow! It's the only one we know about." AGAIN they'll be faced with the choice for which they have no comparable magnitude datum. They have no datum to compare.


So they say: "Oh, look at that! Hey, these guys out there, they have airplanes! Wow! They wear clothes just like they do in New York City! Wow! Look at that! They have spaceships and .. wow .. they say they'll help us, and .. wow .. we gonna trade with them and .. aah .. that'll be very good, they want to actually get in a big agreement with us and have out world government join up with theirs! Oh, fantastic! You know! That'll be really great, ... haha ...".


The funny thing is, you know, the guys are not - when you really look at them - they're not very friendly, they look a bit - thetanwise - they look a bit "dark". But who's gonna notice that if there aren't any Scientologists around to say: "Hey, look! That's a Marcabian. Those fuckers are implanters!" You don't want to mess around with them!"


So, unless they hear from us: "Look! There's at least, I mean just in the NEAR space here, you know, there's at least a hundred different systems and races around. I mean if you don't believe so, look at the planet here. Look at the planet here. How many races and so on are around? So, there's also the same duplication of it out there because that's where they usually came from in the beginning, you see?


And we know for instance: The Japanese have been working for centuries now, and especially since World War II to be able to get back to their own Home Civilization. Well, as you might expect, they have a civilization very similar to modern day Japan, and very similar to the beliefs and the customs of working together as an enormous 3rd Dynamic, you know, production and industry and all that.


They want to go back there. They're just waiting to get the Ok to do space travel. And then they are going to take off. We know that. We have a verification from them as well. They're totally interested in the New Civilization. So there is another one right there. I mean - to tell you the truth - I mean, instead of having a nice implant put in your head or something when you're born, I think I would much rather have my back walked on by a geisha girl, you know?


So, if we've got a choice, I mean just between those two, I already know what I would choose. And I don't even know any Japanese very well, you know? But I already know that's better. I mean - even though maybe we would have to - you know - slant our eyes a little bit and put the hair down and say: "Ah - so" - but, so what? That's better than running around with an electrode in your brain and every time you think: "Whing!", you know? And not being able to expand, and if you have an idea you get it cut and suppressed. Oh no, no way! Those guys ARE expanding so that's okay.


But that's just another one. Well, there's a lot more than that. And of course there is the BEST idea, just like we do it in the Free Zone, sometimes called the Independent Scientology Movement. Why don't we just REMAIN independent. That'll be a FREE ZONE PLANET. Hey, now that's the BEST idea! See? Then we can make trade arrangements with whoever we wish. From the 4th Dynamic here to the 4th Dynamic wherever. And if people want to visit their homes, their old homes, and see their homes and so on, they can do that. When you're a citizen of this planet, you're on a Free Zone Planet. And then, you know what happens to free trade zones, don't you? You know what happens with places like Gibraltar and Las Palmas and places that are free trade parts, right? A LOT OF BUSINESS! Lots of business. Lots of buying, selling, industry, prosperity and so on like that. Lots of tourists, all kinds of them.


So, I kind of like that idea, because Earth has been out of comm with these guys for a long time, because of it's problem. You know - aberration. This is a very aberrated place. But it's gonna be back in comm with them soon, so we might even make it a kind of a festive, joyful occasion and celebrate it like: "Hey, you know, this is a Free Zone Planet! You guys who come here to visit: bring your money, bring your gold and, you know, valuable things from other planets and trade them here. We'll give you something like maybe a 25 hour Intensive! You know, hand-made special art from the planet, you know, and so on .." But we can set up a really good deal here and next thing you know, we would be all running around in spaceships. We have our own spaceyachts, because these guys want to trade. They WANT something.


Now, what they want is of course a good technology. Because this had to be the proving ground for the technology, right here on planet Earth. This was the worst aberrated area, and it had to be here as you well know. I mean, look at the place.


I mean just the fact it has 190 governments on it. And I mean you have wars going on every day. I mean, you know, it's a VERY aberrated place. The Thetans ARE basically good. Well, if they're basically good, we must have all the bad ones here. Any slightest chance, any little chance, of them being bad, we must have most of them here.


No, it's not that. It's just that they've been implanted. They've been aberrated. They've been - you know - had a little more knocking around than other Thetans. But they can all come right. They can all come right, if we do the 3rd Dynamic game together with the 4th Dynamic game.


So let people know: "Hey, look, it's gonna be a choice. When you come up to decide, decide between Mental Slavery and a Free Zone Planet." There is no atomic war there. That's off the schedule. Nobody is gonna be allowed to do that anyway. So, this is totally outlawed in this Sector. Don't have to worry about it. Somebody might try it, but they're not going to get any agreement, and you're not going to get any wholesale atomic war or biological or chemical war. But what there WILL be - is a gradual enslavement of people's thoughts and mental control, where they're forced to decide to join up with these guys here, called Marcabians.


And if we don't get in there and say: "Hey, look, this isn't gonna be the only alternative you have. There are plenty of other people you can join up with! The Japanese, you know, or the Moslems. Or you can join up with these guys the Buddhists go back to. Or you can join up with these guys that the Polynesians go back to. Because there is a big Sea Planet up there. Because they like a lot of water and so on like that. Take the canoes for a long time, you know, eat off of the trees. That's right, there's a whole planet for that."


You can join up with any of these guys, but my god, let's just not join up with guys who just want to crunch you down further. Because you have the 1-2 punch that will handle this planet in the future, and that 1-2 is of course: the 3rd Dynamic with the Scientology Tech and your 4th Dynamic with the New Civilization.


And once you know all that, you know everything that is necessary to know for your survival in the coming next 10-20 years. I mean, that's what we've been able to uncover by using the Data Series and using the Investigator Tech of HCO, applied to the situation of: "Who's attacking the Church and why?" You understand?


And when we came out of it, that's what the data showed us. That's what it was. It's evaluated. It's been verified now by 5 different sources - by 5 different people. They were also trained in the Data Series and didn't believe my evaluations. Then they did it and they can't get to another conclusion, because that's where the data leads them.


So, anyway, we're going along that line and we give you the data free. And the idea is - because we need resources to handle. And we need Scientologists: people who are free, thinking clearly, understanding Policy and Tech, who can be able to advise the 4th Dynamic, who can be able to see where it's going and say to you: "Hey, wait a minute. No, you don't wanna vote for that law about that little chip. No, no. I know, it's confusing and all, and it sounds like a very good thing. But don't vote for the law that says about the little chip. You .. no .. you didn't get it .. no, no, no .. it says .. it .. no, no, no .. it didn't say what you thought it said. You thought it said it was going to help you to get better food at the supermarket, but it didn't say that. It said: "Intracostal Biological Implantation". Yeah, but you didn't understand that, did you? No, no! What they mean by that is they're going to put an electrode in your chest - right here, above your heart, right? And if you get out of line, they put a pain signal through it, and you have a heart attack!"


"Oh, really! I thought it meant that they were gonna irradiate the milk, so that my baby would be healthier."


"Hoho, No, no, no, no, no. They were going to put the electrode in there, right there, you see? And if that law passes ... Bye-bye!"


"Oh, no! Now I understand it. Ok!"


You see, people have so many misunderstoods today, right? Very many misunderstoods. They don't even understand what a Thetan is.


And that is the first one. They don't really or don't even understand that they ARE a Thetan! Well, that's this planet! We need more PE courses around here. Personal Efficiency Courses and Basic Courses. Well, that will come. That will come. But now we know how to handle it.


Anyway, it wasn't handled before. We now know what the game is. Spread the news as far, as fast, as you want. Write it up. Copy what I've written. I don't care. Just get it out there and let's have a future for this planet that makes it into a Free Zone Planet where it determines it's OWN destiny. Not a destiny that's determined for it by a bunch of suppressive individuals that just want to totally control it. And, I think, that all of you are for that purpose which I just stated on the New Civilization and for keeping it a Free Zone Planet because you're HERE, because you're SCIENTOLOGISTS, and you've gotten to be Scientologists because you are who you are.


Why aren't a lot of other people here? Because YOU are here. And you are the people that got into it, all right? And I am too. I am like that too. I got into it because I felt responsible and I felt responsible for more than I could say at the moment. I couldn't get anybody to listen. I finally had to get a lot of auditing and I realized what I was being responsible for.


And that's not only me, not only different Dynamics, but also the future, the FUTURE of this planet. Do you realize that? If you don't take responsibility for the future of the planet, we won't have any planet in the future to which we can come back to safely. Which you can pick up another body in, on which your children can live safely ...


YOU put the future there! YOU have to put it there! There's not many people doing it - I can guarantee you - the only ones that are are Scientology people and a few little power groups that are trying to take over control. And the reason they are trying to put it there is so that they can control YOU and all the rest. And the reason they are putting it there the way they are, and the reason you can spot when they're doing this - these guys at the top of these guys - not the political guys - but up at the top - the world bank level, Basel, the thirteen, the three secret guys in a little group which a lot of people had heard about in different ways, they think it's a secret society, they think it's this - it's none of these things - it's just a group of a few Marcabian individuals, Thetans, that know, THEY ABSOLUTELY KNOW that they're Thetans, and they know that they are picking up bodies down the time track and they're pushing their scenarios to get everything under control. And they know this, and they keep it a SECRET from everyone else - expect us.


So really, when it comes right down to it, there are only two groups on the planet. There's the Free Zoners, the Scientologists, and there's the Marcabian One-Worlders. That's really it. You can just break it down this way into these two categories. And then in that you look for allies, and you look for people who are not enemies, but they are "on the other side". And you USE the allies and you say: "Ok, you guys are against the same thing we're against. This is the alternative. A New Civilization."


"Hey! I like that! Let's do it!" Right. The OTHER GUYS, you say to them: "Hey, you guys, you've been fooled!" - because they all ARE by the way, there are so many secrets on the other side that they fooled everyone down below a certain level. "And you can guarantee, if you go on in there, you'll be being BETRAYED. At the end of this you're to end up being taken over, you're going to end up being implanted, you're going to end up all of this stuff." They will go: "Wait a minute, maybe you're right." Or there are also the people that are trying to take over FROM those guys and THEY WILL BE BETRAYED TOO. Because they're letting them, they're allowing them, to come along with their power groups and so on until the top. And then, they snip off the top and they have the group.


It's all politics, but these guys are good at playing it, because the Marcabians are playing it from the Theta Game Level. And the only people on the planet capable to play it back that way are Scientologists. So that more or less explains what the game is, why they are interested in taking Scientology over and why they are so interested in spending millions of dollars to wipe out the Free Zone.


In other words: WE ARE THE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET. Just because we have the knowledge and we have the Tech and we have the Policy. The more people that take their responsibility, the easier it's going to be. And I don't know about you, but I decided to take it when I joined Scientology. But especially after all the troubles that happened in the Church.


And I said: "Well - to tell you the truth - you can have a 1st Dynamic reason for taking it too, taking responsibility, and I told you before - in the other lecture - not ALL of the auditing you do is done in the auditing room. Some of the auditing you do is right outside here in the 3rd and 4th Dynamics.


Well, you can also have if for no other reason you can do it for CASE GAIN. Because you will get case gain from doing it. I can't tell you in the last two years how much case gain I've had from doing this particular auditing process on the 3rd and 4th Dynamics. Things that were fearsome things that were horrible things that I go: "Aaah, Uuuh, Hell, I need a million dollars to handle that!" Things that I thought I couldn't handle. I went and just confronted them with the intention of handling on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic and it just went: "Pffffsst ...".


THERE WASN'T ANYTHING THERE. All there was were the things that I had NOT confronted on my way down the spiral. And I just went back and confronted them all the way up and now it's very easy, VERY easy. All right?


None of the mental control devices they have developed on the planet can affect anyone of Scientology that understands the game on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic and has good TRs. If you do NOT believe the game of what is going on, well, then you are not looking at the truth. I'm sorry, then you CAN be affected by these things. Because if you don't believe they're there - and they ARE there - and they are pushing in on your case or your bank or your theta-beingness or your body, they can affect it. Believe me, they are just as much THERE as a car running down the street. If you walk across the street, even if you don't see the car, and it hits you - YOU'LL KNOW IT. The same way with these beams and telepathic devices they have invented and amplifiers and all this stuff you read about in the bulletins, right?


They ARE there. We have some of our own scientists researching on ways to counter them and jam them and shut them off and so on. And we've been very successful at that. But in the meantime, if you understand they are there and you have good TRs, they won't affect you. Because you can SPOT what it is coming in. And you say: "Ah, that's not from me, that's from over there!" Zipp! - finished. Send it back to Basel. Stick it in the tower. Whatever you want to do.


Anyway, it's a game that we CAN play because that's a 7th Dynamic game, you see? That's not 4th. That's 7th. What is it? 7th! Eh? 7th! All right! That's a 7TH DYNAMIC GAME. Handling telepathic things, mental rays, mental beams and so on like that.


Who can play a 7th Dynamic game on this planet? Scientologists? Yes. Buddhists? A few, yes. A few other spiritual people that have managed to get up there without doing their Grades, keyed out for a little while. But not many others, I'm sorry to say. Just the Marcabians and mostly Scientologists.


So, we have ANOTHER responsibility: to get this across to people on the planet AESTHETICALLY as well. Because I can talk to you like this - but you can't go out in the street and talk to people like that because first of all their reality is not high enough. I hope I'm not exceeding YOUR reality, but I always feel an emergency like that: If you'r drifting along in a ship toward the rocks, then you ought to yell up to the crew: "Hey, we're drifting into the rocks! I don't care if this breaks your reality, but get the hell out here NOW and let's handle it!" Right?


And that's the kind of situation it is on the 4th Dynamic. Because these elections for these guys right now is on the 17th of June and they'll be sticking in this prime minister guy and all their political scenarios in the next few months. They have a 7 year plan, which is laid out in Sector Operation Bulletin No. 19, if you haven't read it.


That plan is going along TOTALLY as predicted. It was predicted in, or as we found out, predicted little parts of it, and we put it in the bulletin in February and all the intelligence data we were getting from everywhere in the world, from different sources, from different lines - and they're totally from everything - from friends, radio, newspapers, intelligence agents, Scientologists, people who work in the place, other people, just strangers on the street - it's going along EXACTLY ON THE SCHEDULE. 100% exactly. In fact, they're even RUSHING to make sure that they don't go behind on that schedule.


Now, I bet you that somebody is going to be coming around and say: "You know, the reason they're doing it - that's because you put it out in the Sector Operation Bulletins. They took that scenario and they're running it!" (Laugh) No, they were already running it a long time. They have been running a LONG time. And we just predicted this one because we had to uncover the one they did on the Church. So bu uncovering the one on th Church, we learned all about how they do them, it's very simple.


Now on the aesthetic level we want to get agreement. A good way to get agreement is buy aesthetics: art, music, and so on. And I've written a Symphony, a New Civilization Symphony in B-Flat, and it's music - you understand? I want to get that played by a symphony orchestra and put across a message to the population.


I just want to read you one thing here. I have a little description of every movement, and to end off I just want to read one thing here. This is from - first of all, it covers - it covers - I will tell you what it covers first - it covers the "Old civilization", "The Alternative" - which I told you about, the New Civilization Game, - "East meets West" - because we must have a bringing together of the Eastern spiritual ideas and the Western technological ideas - I mean, WE know there ARE spiritual matters. WE know there ARE technological matters. But the meeting has occurred in Scientology, right? Many of you were probably Buddhists before, but the meeting of East and West HAS occurred in Scientology. LRH MADE it happen with the E-Meter connected with auditing. Theta stuff connected with physical electronics. He did it. he brought it together. But it hasn't been done in the 4th Dynamic yet. We're hoping to do that between Japan and some Buddhists and some guys over from this side.


Ok, so that's "East meets West". And then another one is called "The Awakening" - where people cognite: "Hey wait, I'm more than MEST, more than a body". You know? And the other guy cognites: "Hey, the reason why we haven't got so far in 2000 or 3000 years is, we haven't been using any Tech, some technological things!" So BOTH sides can cognite, and they can cognite there's a purpose for the planet.


And then the next one is "International City", which is of course LRH's Plan for World Peace, written in 1963 I believe, and he has a part in there called "International City", where it's a whole plan for the governments of Earth to meet in a certain place, and a city built in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Well, not in the MIDDLE. Toward the coast which is the site of the old Capital City of this planet. Great plan. You should read it. We have it on our computer. Maybe we can get that out if we can get some money to publish it.


That's one thing. Then the next is "Attainment", which means: "people when they get ON PURPOSE can attain what they want, and they WILL attain their purposes AND their goals on all their Dynamics.


The next is "Peace and Prosperity", because when people ARE attaining, their exchange and everything is IN, and they WILL get peace and they WILL get prosperity.


And the last one is called "Ad Astra", which means of course - "to the stars" - and this is the one - I'll just read you this - a little bit to end off. It says: "Ad Astra" - to the stars - "the harnessed, aligned and channeled energy of Earth's New Civilization is put to use to expand starward. New Civilization ideas and inventions have been encouraged and the barriers of space travel have been overcome."


"This movement tells of the journey to the stars, with the firm hope and confidence of all mankind supporting it. You are invited along musically as the great ship lifts off into free space and makes it's course corrections. The voyagers first experience wonderment at the vast beauty of space, coupled with nostalgic memories of their beloved home planet."


"Then comes the awaited discovery and communication with another civilization far from the Solar System and the joy of finding it to be of similar purpose and aims as the New Civilization of Earth."


On landing the power is shut down, and then in the finale, the two civilizations unite to express their friendship, and to align their future to the greatest good of both.


So - we have a 4th Dynamic game: It's called "New Civilization". And we have a 3rd Dynamic game: It's called "Free Zone Scientology".


And again I want to thank Ron for this, because without him I wouldn't be able to play the game myself. I would probably have been killed by a motorcycle accident 30 years ago. So, I'm sure you all have similar reasons for being here, and not being somewhere else at this time.


Thanks to all of this, we can start doing our auditing our there - not just in the auditing room. We can come out of the auditing room, we can come into the society, we can come into the groups, we can come to the 3rd and 4th Dynamic, and even to the 7th Dynamic, mind you, and 8th and 9th and 10th! We come out and do our auditing OUT THERE.


Think of what an effect that will create! Yeah, and think back what it says in the Factors: "The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect." So, all I can say is, if you are going to create an effect on this part of the spiral, make sure it's an ethical effect, because then you keep on going UP! All right?


And if you create an UNETHICAL effect you go down. But believe me, I think a lot of you will support me in this opinion - now this is totally an opinion -


But in MY auditing and looking at track, I think - now correct me if I'm wrong - I think MOST of the unethical effects that COULD have been created - WERE ALREADY CREATED! Most of the UNETHICAL and OUTETHICAL things - I've seen them, I have run into it. Now it's time to say: "Hey, you wanna create a BIG EFFECT on everybody? The big effect you CAN CREATE is an ETHICAL EFFECT. One that guarantees MORE SURVIVAL. Oh, that's BIG! All right?


So, you want to create and effect? Let's put a New Civilization here! Let's put a Free Zone Planet here!


Are you with it?


Ah, yes!




Thank you!





* * * * * *







A CIVILIZATION is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are:


Survival of its dynamic components and expansion of its knowledge, responsibilily and control; its affinity, reality and communication; its matter, energy, space and time; its ethics, technology and administration.


When ideas or its economics are suppressed it goes negative, contracts, and wastes or destroys it's dynamic components, i.e. people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environment, energy sources, spaces and time, ideas, spiritual values, beings and religions, aesthetics and art, and it's codes of behavior and ethics.


The rescue of a dying civilization is accomplished by: locating and identifying the suppressive influence, supplying a positive alternative, disseminating it as a vector of comparable magnitude, stably financing it, keeping it's positive production and exchange free and unregulated, reviewing and correcting as needed to increase it's power, distributing it's values and aesthetics broadly, and responsibly evaluating, planning and co-ordinating the survival and expansion of it's components.


The senior managerial organization on a planet should insure that its civilization (as per above definition) continues to flourish and prosper while guaranteeing maximum freedom for the individual, as the individual

the basic component of a civilization. Understanding this concept broadly will enhance the survival and increase the rate of expansion of the civilization. Suppressive influences can not exist viably under these operating conditions, and soon disappear or are quickly handled.





A GAME consists of freedoms, harriers, and purpose. (LRH 1952)



The New Civilization is a game where everyone wins. Its freedoms are for each individual so that all survival and expansion purposes may be obtained. There is freedom of ideas, economics and participation in all the components of a Civilization.


Barriers include the "old" Civilization which is suppressing individuals by giving them what they do not need and do not want, i.e. unemployment, taxes; wars; atomic, biological and chemical weapons; unstable currency; criminality; mind destroying drugs; environmental pollution; destruction of the balances of nature; suppression of economics resulting in bankruptcies; suppression of ideas for survival and expansion and health; suppression of freedoms of speech, press and religion; and police-state control operations with psycho-political and computer control of every individual.


- o -


The New Civilization Game gives Planet Earth several new purposes. The first is for SURVIVAL. It is based on the observable fact that the Earth is actually a large spaceship with its living space on the outside and containing all the raw material for survival of a large Civilization. It is home for its individuals living on it. Thus the first purpose is:


"To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the survival of the New Civilization, and preventing, restraining, and/or ceasing to co-operate with those who would destroy our home."


- o o -


The second purpose is for EXPANSION. It is based on the observable fact that there are other worlds in space besides Earth and the New Civilization will expand to these frontiers. Therefore, the second purpose is:


"To viably develop the technology and equipment for free-enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military, destructive, or other suppressive intentions."


- o o o -

The third purpose is for PRODUCTION and EXCHANGE. It is based on the observable fact that Earth does not have enough production to care for its own people fully, much less any exchangeable production for export to any other planets or systems. The third purpose is then:


"To make available technology, products, goods and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying and refusing to co-operate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, under-fed and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."


- o o o o -


The fourth purpose is for ECONOMICS. It is based on the observable fact that "Old Civilization" Bankers, Governments, and Politicians have no STABLE medium of exchange of which one can be absolutely confident of equivalent value anywhere on Planet Earth. The fourth purpose is:


"To develop, standardize and get in use a stable medium(s) of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations and depressions. And to educate people in basic economics so that they NEVER fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."


- o o o o o -


The fifth purpose is for FREEDOM. It is based on the observable fact that the existing "old" Civilization gradually and often suddenly suppresses freedoms of all kinds - spiritual, economic, travel, speech, writing, and aesthetic freedoms - resulting in a more and more mind-controlled, apathetic and irresponsible society in which the fun and enjoyment of life and creative endeavor is gone. The fifth purpose is:


"To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavor and pro-survival and pro-expansion activities, cherishing ones' own freedom as the key to achievement of all the New Civilization's purposes and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate one's freedom or rights in the New Civilization Game."


- o o o o o o -

The sixth purpose is for PLEASURE. It is based on the observable fact that much of the "fun" is gone from life in the "old civilization" and a game should be interesting, fun, and rewarded with pleasure moments. The sixth purpose is:


"To encourage, assist and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic and social events; sports; hobbies, reading, writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavors as these best express the values, purposes and dreams and vitality of a civilization and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."


- o o o o o o o -


The seventh purpose is for COORDINATION. It is based on the observable fact that the "old civilization" is a mess of contradictions, conflicts, and useless expensive actions coupled with useless expensive delays. (Wars; political conflicts; border disputes; your tax money spent on stocks of weapons that could destroy the Earth hundreds of times and kill all life on it; slow justice procedures; delays in payment for sold goods and services; delays in transport, mail and paperwork, and an overall sense of impending doom and non-survival.) Thus the seventh purpose is:


"To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition so that its thrust and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."


- o o o o o o o o -


NB: The New Civilization is not limited to the above purposes. There will be more as expansion occurs. However, no new purpose will contradict or eliminate these purposes or the definition of a civilization. These are yours forever.







Notes on Use of the New Civilization Organizational Plan:


1)      This plan applies to all echelons of life on the planet - personal, family, groups, nation, race, governments and all organizations.


2)      It has the complete necessities for survival and expansion - given worthwhile purposes to set it in motion.


3)      Used by an individual or group it helps them survive and expand faster.


4)      Used by a Civilization, it helps it to prosper and achieve its purposes faster.


5)      It is used to gain agreement on matters needing coordination and increase speed of decision.






- WHY? -



Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge.


One who has all Power but little or no Knowledge will lose Power as he uses it.


One who has all Knowledge but no Power will gain and win

Power as he uses it.


- o O o -


Power is an ability of using energy and force to Create and/or Destroy.


Used with little, false or no knowledge of the true nature of things and being ignorant of purposes and plans of organization inherent in all life, one without knowledge who uses power will surely create destruction and/or destroy creation. This is observable in the highest echelons of pIanetary government in the "Old Civilization".


Balancing and far outweighing the small percentage (2% or 3%) of people who have the "power without knowledge" insanity, are the millions of people of Earth who have knowledge of life, the truth of what it takes to survive, the duty and loyalty of their family and friends, and the trust that others will exchange, work and play in a fair and honest, friendly fashion as they themselves. These millions, (some 97% of the population of Earth) are the source of all good things and survival components of the civilization. Then why is the "old civilization" in such poor condition? Because the Power that the insane 2 or 3 percent are using is continually being given to them by the 97 percent. It is given in the form of financial energy - (taxes), controlling force - (by obeying those who suppress or destroy freedom and initiative), and confidence - (by electing those who take the fun out of life's games to get and keep more power for themselves).


And this power is given and the insane actions not halted by the 97% because they:


1)      Believed there was no alternative, and


2)      Were not organized, so


3)      Thus, did not recognize that they were the largest Power source on the Planet, and


4)      They were the Source of ALL the suppressive power being used against them, and


5)      They could take the Power away from the 2 or 3 percent at any time by just not giving it to them.


Note: It is an observable fact that also part of the power given to the 2 or 3 percent was used to carefully mis-educate the 97 percent into not having the knowledge of 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5) above. (For example, controlled media repeatedly being used to voice the "belief" that there is no alternative.)












The New Civilization knows:


1) You have the power


2) You have the freedom.


3) You have the purposes.


4) You have the knowledge of how to play the game.


5) You have the right to your own sanity and will not agree to insane uses of power.


6) You have the right to leave any game you don't like, take your power, knowledge, and purposes with you and join another, start another, or just not play.


7) You WILL enjoy the New Civilization Game, if you decide to play.


8) That if you do decide to play, you - and ALL of us on this planet - will win.







The New Civilization




A Lecture by Capt. W.B. Robertson

on 5 Nov 88  at the Park Hotel Atlantis



Well, here I am, your Hauptchef for the New Civilization Restaurant Game.


Now, I have the Sector 9 Book here and in it is a New Civilization Game. Now the reason I'm giving this lecture is first of all because it's the New Civilization Convention '88. And the second reason is because so many people have read this book but very few have ever originated to me anything about the New Civilization Game purposes and they are the most important thing in there and hardly anybody recognizes their importance.


Now the reason those purposes are there is because it is part of a process on a Policy-Letter LRH wrote called "OT-Organizations". And in that Policy-Letter there is a statement that if you find and rehabilitate - I'm not giving the exact quote - but if you find and rehabilitate a failed purpose or any purpose that is a real purpose you can instantly generate new life in an area, an organization or a person. And as you all know from doing auditing as a PC or Pre-OT you are rehabilitating your purposes in the game and as you do so you feel more life and more alive. And this is a process used on the 4th Dynamic that doesn't need much of an E-Meter, it only needs an exact observation and evaluation to find the purpose of the area and rehabilitate it. That's all you have to do.


Most of our OT-Projects and Missions - at least in the last stages, because you may need several missions to establish all this - but in the last stages it is to do that "OT-Orgs" Process.                   Therefore, as most of you know from doing the Bridge, every player in this game has agreed to play the game for a certain purpose. We are talking here just about the Physical Universe Games, this Games Universe Model, nothing more. And just talking about the 4th Dynamic

not higher things that you may know about - but just the people out there sitting in U3, the MEST-Universe. So, if you know what the purposes were that they got into the game for, into this Physical Universe, and you rehabilitate those purposes they will start... first, life will suddenly appear and then action and they will flow right through to the end of the game!


If you heard the lecture by Niels Kjellerup from Denmark you know that he is using that type of Technology to make millions and millions of Kroner. Now I will go over these purposes. There are only seven here, but I will say one thing first. In auditing, this whole series of games including the MEST-Universe has as a purpose to improve the quality of life or Theta. And many auditors are using this, or finding this, in their sessions... that that was what most of the Thetans had as an original purpose. And when they find that, it starts spreading like wildfire on every Thetan that is encountered in auditing. And now within a few - well, about a year and a half of that being found - we now find that that purpose is being quoted back to us by newspapers, television, companies and advertising. They are saying all their products are to "improve the quality of life". Now they didn't really understand it, as Niels said in his lecture, and they don't really apply it to the right thing in advertising - they think if you have their latest model television that improves the quality of your life. But, they're all saying it. And it is penetrating into every level of the society. New that could be looked at as sort of an overall purpose which everyone will agree with in the whole universe.


Now down on this planet we have the New Civilization Game purposes which are applied specifically through the Seven-Division Org-Board of the New Civilization to Earth. So these are more exactly evaluated for this planet, by division:


No. 1: "To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the survival of the New Civilization ..."


 All sounds good, doesn't it?                  


And many organizations out there say things just like that, don't they? But - they don't say the second half! And the second half is what missions and projects are all about, just like what Arnold was saying. And here is the second half:


" ...  and preventing, restraining and/or ceasing to co-operate with those who would destroy our Home."


No earthman is capable of doing that. He can not confront it. Only OTs can do that half. Do you begin to understand? You can't even get people in America to turn off their television sets as a protest, even when they are getting all kinds of garbage and trash and lies in the news and everything. They won't turn off their televisions. I know. I tried to get a few Scientologists and OTs to start that, and they wouldn't even do it!


Don't you know the advertisers would leave that station immediately if they found out people were turning it off? And the whole program would be off the air. And that was about the 5th or 6th gradient I had cut down to try and find out where the American cause-level was in 1980. So I've "had it" with them. If they couldn't even turn off their television set to help out an OT-Project I better come to Europe. Also, as it says in the book (Sector 9) - it's from LRH's original evaluation - that "if Scientology ever got taken over or suppressed in the United States that Europe was the answer". That was an evaluation he did in 1966! And it had to be applied in 1980! He was 14 years before 1980 looking up there at the alternative plans for the future!


OK. No. 2: Second purpose: "To viably develop the technology and equipment for free enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization..."


The second part of this purpose - you may even find a few people doing this - but not for the same reason: "... and to protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military , destructive or other suppressive intentions. 


Like implanting or something... ok?                  


So, the first 2 purposes have to do with the establishment of your Home Planet and your communication lines for expansion and exchange. Now you've got to have products and services on those lines and that's the 3rd purpose:


"To make available technology, products, goods and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying (denouncing) and refusing to co-operate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, underfed and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own . "


Now you see what we are doing here. We are drawing the line. We are saying - "Here is the New Civilization over here, and here is a big barrier and all you guys that are doing this - out!" And that's putting in the Ethics while you're putting in the Tech. You are rehabilitating a purpose and putting in Ethics at the same time and pointing out who are the real enemies of the people playing this game. You see the power of these purposes? That's why we want to spread them around. OK.


Here is the next one: "To develop, standardize and get in use a stable medium<s) of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations and depressions."


OK, here is the ethics and education part. Remember, that misunderstoods are underlying the overts:


"And to educate people in basic econimics so that they NEVER fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."


I tell you this: That if I ever hear of an OT again who is saying "Yeah, I support the New Civilization but my cheque won't clear for 3 weeks." I am telling him to "Read the second half of that purpose, baby, and find yourself another bank. Don't you know that every day they are delaying your cheque, man, they are making money on yours and 5000 other guys? They can claim that as an asset in the bank and loan it out. Every day, you are getting fucked!"                  


Ok, next one: "To recognize, validate and support all types of creative endeavors and pro-survival and pro-expansion activities, cherishing one's own freedom as the key to achievement of ALL the New Civilization's purposes."


And here is the second half - which is right down the track of OT-Projects and Missions:


"... and ACTIVELY resisting and DEFEATING any attempt to limit or regulate ones freedom or rights in the New Civilization Game."


Do you know something? As OTs and Missionaires, you only have to do the second half of each of these purposes and give the first half to everybody else on the planet and the whole planet will boom. You see? Everybody else on the planet can't confront those big "reads" they get on the second half. You see? But OT-Missionaires and so on, they love that. That means somebody is "in session" - and needs a "case-handling"!


The next one: "To encourage, assist and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic and social events; sports, hobbies, reading, writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavors as these best express the values, purposes and dreams and vitality of a civilization - and help in distributing the message - (that's the message of the New Civilization) - to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."


Now, notice that you don't see a negative intention in there. And you notice that even Marcabians have their own art and music, you know? It's called "modern expressionism" and things like that. Even Implanters have their own "aesthetics", you know? "Boom, boom - zzzit!" - like that, you know? And: "The machines are working good tonight, we got a lot of thetans in there, ja?" And actually those give us a good indicator of exactly what the tone-level of the society is.                   


And you don't handle that by opposing those artists. You only handle that by auditing those artists that are doing that kind of stuff. Because they are following the art-formula. They are communicating what their reality is at the moment. They are saying: "Help! I'm stuck in an implant", or they are saying: "The Marcabians are suppressing the shit out of me, and nobody else will pay me for this shit." Well, you don't try to restrain those artists, you just audit them. That will bring them upstairs and their art will come upstairs too. (And - maybe they need a Drug-Rundown too!)


OK, last one: This is the executive thing: "To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition.." (and that's the definition of a civilization being "an economic engine, fueled by ideas") ".. so that its thrust and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."


OK. Now, where is the negative side to that one? mean, where is the ethics side to that one?


That comes on the next page (Sector 9 Book) where it says: "The New Civilization - Why?" And it tells about (as you probably have read) to people are giving their power to the guys who suppress them!


And that's what is known in an evaluation as "the individual why for each person - something he can do something about." And you notice how I evaluated the cause-level of most people on this planet? I did not evaluate that they would do anything. But I could count on them to stop doing something. Anyone knows that people under suppression a long time take on the valence of the SP and the SP specializes in stopping. So they are going to be hatted to stop things. So, you ask them to stop supporting the SPs!


And the next page is giving the guy sort of an "ethics rehabilitation." So if he does some of this or actually agrees to it then you give him back what the SP has taken away from him. That is sort of like a "PTS-Rundown". You make him un-PTS by saying:


"You have the power, you have the freedom, you have the purposes. You have the knowledge about how to play the game.  You have the right to your own sanity and will not agree to insane uses of power. You have the right to leave any game you don't like, take your power, knowledge and purposes with you and join another, start another, or just not play."


These are the Rights of a Thetan coming in there. You give him those and then say: "You will enjoy the New Civilization Game if you decide to play. And if you decide to play you and all of us on this planet will win."


See? That will make him un-PTS. I'm just giving you as an auditor and C/S here the whole processing line here in this New Civilization Game. The "auditing" of it



Now, as planetary coordinator and Senior-C/S I hope have just checked you out on the C/Sing on the 4 Dynamic and the processes to run on them.


Does anybody recognize now what they didn't before about the importance of the New Civilization Game?


Did anyone recognize the value of it as a 4th Dynamic process?


And do you understand that the only people who can actually confront and handle those ethics purposes in there are you - each of you?


If you don't have any misunderstoods on that please raise your hands on the whole thing which I've been saying. Everybody in agreement? Everyone think they understand it? You understand it? I'm just checking for understanding here - sehr gut, sehr gut.......







----- o o o -----



The New Civilization

OT Convention 88


Lecture by Capt. W.B. Robertson

5 Nov. 1988, Atlantis Parkhotel


Logical Planning for 1992



This is your next four years.


We are very lucky to know approximately what to expect in the next four years on this planet. I will not go into the case data and the reasons we know this from earlier games that Thetans have played and so on and current scenarios they are playing, but I will just give you what to expect in the next four years so you can be ready for it and we will survive very well. I'm mapping that time and it would be '88 on this side, '92 on that side, '90 in the middle and we see '89 and '91. Just four years. OK? (See Chart #1)


Now, first let's look at the fact of one scenario that is finished. That was the one that was activated in the 60s and 70s to re-introduce the fear of the atomic catastrophe of 75 million years ago. I draw an atomic blast there and that is ended. That was the one LRH was concerned about and he wrote about it in many Policy Letters. He was afraid that the planet might start dramatizing it and actually do an atomic war again. As you can see now from the news stories and in life that is becoming an ever decreasing possibility. So I don't have to advise you to build a fallout shelter.


Now it is just "fallout" from pollution.


But, that scenario was just to throw everyone into fear - plus all these terrorist scenarios and economic scenarios - to prepare the world for the One-World-Government plan which was to annex Earth to Marcab as their 8th planet. And that was going on behind the atomic scenario and was to occur in 1992. So we have a high possibility here of the One-World plan to be finished. That was their One-World plan as originally planned. I drew up here on the chart the One-World plan of Marcab plus the Implanters that was supposed to be greater than the rest of the game. And that was supposed to be finished in 1992.


However in 1986 and 1987 we did a lot of Excalibur work and we managed to create with the help of the Galactic Patrol and others from off-planet a political "split" as you will find in the Sector 9 book "Latest News from Sector 9". And that made the Marcabians and Implanters basically go apart in their plan.


Now instead of one planetary take-over group there are at least two - maybe more. The main ones are the two branches of this - the Marcabians who are now loyal to Marcab and are abiding by or following the Non-Interference-Decree and the Free Zone-Decree and just trying to do an administrative control and an economic control, which is permissible.


It's not including atomic-biological-chemical warfare so that is not permissible and they are working it not on the whole planet (because they are not all together now), only on Europe including Russia and the satellite countries of Russia and extending that throughout the world. So we have the One-Europe plan now - in exchange for the One-World plan - the One-Europe plan for 1992. And that is going on right now on this continent. I drew up there (on the chart) an arrow to 1992 showing One-Europe plus Russia and Comecon. And you can now see - we saw this two years ago but now the people of the world are being informed of it in the newspapers - seeing all this close cooperation between Russia and Gorbachev and Bonn and England and everybody, trading agreements, training agreements, aiding agreements, drugs coming back and forth, trade relations are better and all that atomic weapons being taken away. All happening just like we saw it was going to happen in 1986 and when we said it then everybody said: "It will never happen", "We might have a war any day". Now they see. So that is one thing to prepare for definitely. We are going to have that in it.


The next vector is what happened to this group - the Implanters. They are mostly controlling the "behind the scenes" government of America and they have some operatives in other countries such as France and Canada and they have operatives in the Far East countries. All of them. Japan is mostly aligned with this although you have to watch them because they are playing their own game. It's another thing. Japan is playing in between these tho. They have one foot in each camp right now, sort of like England is trying to do.


So they are all following - what plan are they following? Hey, guess what? - they are following the original plan which was laid out by Xenu as Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century. And they are also trying - they are trying for the One-World-Economic-Blackmail-Implanting-Mindcontrol-Plan with the help of every technology the Implanters know to get control of the world that way. So we have another vector here from the Implanters and we don't know exactly their target day, but they are trying to do it to keep these guys, the Marcabians, from coming before them to that point. So, let;s say, their target day is also 1992, at least for the part of their plan involving Europe. Put their "One-World-Plan USA plus it's dependencies" (see chart) because they are trying to make their relations dependent on them for oil and various banking scenarios and so on, but that's not the overall planetary scenario - OK?


Now we've isolated another vector in this and the other vector - surprisingly enough or not surprisingly enough - is the Third World. When this split happened the control over the Third World became less. And the Third World now has a sort of a vector of it's own and they are somewhere in between these two plans. And also the Free Zone are here so we put the Third World also going along here in a sort of a wavy line because they are not right now sure what they are going to do because they are not really having an off-planetary scenario but as the Third World they do go PTS to the forces. And this includes the bigger and smaller countries of the Third World that are in debt to these guys or pressured by these guys with atomic weapons and all that and are just sick and tired with the whole thing. It's a wavering line.


Now, to see that you aren't getting overwhelmed - alright - we also have a vector in this. And our vector is essentially to bring the New Civilization awareness to the planet and to present to them the rules of the Free-Zone Decree which means that everyone must be brought up to the point where they can decide for themselves on which way the planet goes. Free Zone Decree and the New Civilization Idea with it are both in that flow. Because the Free Zone Decree applies to all of these. The Free Zone Decree applies to all. IF you read it in Sector 9 you see it does apply to the whole planet. But, the idea we are implementing it with is the idea of a New Civilization, because the old one didn't work very well.


Now there are things you can be certain of, totally absolutely 100%! One, two, three, four. (Pointing to the chart) Already you are in possession of more certainty than anyone else on the whole planet for the next four years. Now, the question now, is how you apply your certainty about these things and that will depend on where you live on the planet. That's No 2 (of chart # 3). Alright, I've written up there your handling and it depends on where you are located on the planet. I wrote 'your location' because if you are in Europe the stable data over here that will work may not be the same as if you live in America. Because a different group is trying to "take over" over there, you understand? It will depend - now we are looking at, again, the economic side of it - it will depend also on your business, your profession, your "Geschaft", ok? So it will depend on what you are - shall we say - doing for exchange. What product, what service are you making? I wrote "your product, your service, your job". IT depends on that quite a bit, because if you are in the wrong business that whole business may go "pfffft", bankrupt, out of sight, you know? For instance, if you're producing hypnotic sleep tapes in Europe you might go out of business within the next two years. (No 2 of chart # 3). But, if you're producing them in California you may become a millionaire! And, if you are producing them in the Third World you may be killed. They think you are the CIA! Understand - this is all very well evaluated - very true.


No 3 (of chart # 3). It depends on your - ok - viability. Your viability, all right? I'll explain that. The viability is the ability to live or to continue living. To a player it's the ability to continue playing a game and having fun. Having fun, Ok? Continue to live, living, of surviving, of fun, of play - viable, all right? So where you are located, your product, service. Now the other one is because you have a product and where your are located and so on - your viability will depend to a great deal on your communication lines and your exchange factors. In other words, how can you sell your product? How can you get exchange for it? So we could separate out the comm lines and exchange. (No 4 of chart # 3). All right, so let's look at it like that. And the other thing is of course the stability of value in that area. In other words what is valuable in that area? I just call it the value units or the stability of value in the area, it could be money, it could be gold, anything. Or antiques, anything, stamps, coins, whatever. This is so you can get an exchange, you have that "something valuable" and that is so you can then go and buy food with it or pay the rent. (No 5 of chart # 3).


Now, I can't tell all of you what to do about this because you have to evaluate it yourself. But I gave some examples on locations and of course for your product or service or job you better look at something that will still be valuable in 1992. I can make a plug here for the Tech that will still be valuable in 1992, even more valuable probably than yesterday. Ok, but outside of that, what would be valuable? We know that people all over the world need to eat, they need to have shelter, they need transportation, they need exchange, they need all these things of a New Civilization, so any New Civilization Project that improves the quality and viability of life, especially on the 5th and 6th Dynamics - meaning Lambda and Phi, meaning life forms and matter, energy, space and time - any product that improves that quality will become more valuable. That's another evaluation from data, from case data, but it's true. All right? So one group of products, or products and services, that will be valuable are Tech - spiritual Tech - and 5th and 6th Dynamic products. And that includes services like even gardening. You can still be a gardener in 1992, there will be a place for you. Have you noticed the environmental concern that's coming up even more and more amongst all political parties and even in the press.


That is the 5th and 6th Dynamic unhandled case problem that is coming up to the fore, mainly because we are "waking up" a lot of life that has been formerly suppressed and we are bringing it to demand a handling from the rest of the players in the game. And that - 5th and 6th Dynamic - are going to help you. And they are going to demand a handling from all the other players, because you are the ones that are helping them, and you are waking them up, and you are bringing them to life. The other people are going to be forced into compliance with that by their own bodies, by their own environment. That's coming from the Free Zone vector up there. Now the viability LRH defines - we are looking at a minimum viability - is to be in possession of enough reserves, value or energy or goods or whatever you need as a reserve, to survive for a minimum of two years without any further income or inflow. That's viability, Ok?


Now, at this point - I realized that I was going to have to say this to be truthful with you and you probably will say "Well, why didn't you call this convention last year so we could get ready, because we don't have two years worth of reserves sitting there now and we are on the start of confusion? Well, how much longer do we have before it starts?"


It starts this month, for sure. If will start November/December this year. Those four things will become very big. They are only "behind the surface" now bur they are pretty, pretty, much in the news, but nothing to what they are are going to be in the next two months. The confusion, the instability, and all that. Instability, confusion and conflicting data. So excuse me. I know I had to give it to you before it started, but I also gave you a terrific steep gradient of: "Say, you know, how I am going to do it in the next two weeks - get two years of reserves piled up?" Well, the good news is that it doesn't have to be in money. Ok? It isn't only money. In fact, some of the currency is going to fluctuate rather rapidly in the next months and years. You have to look at it simply. If you want a non-fluctuating currency just look at this: "Is the country that issues that currency - are they basically what you call and "exporting over importing" nation? In other words, do they have a balance of payments positive or negative? If they have a positive balance of payments the currency will probably be good. That means they can pay their debts, and they are not going bankrupt. Also if the currency is based on gold it would be good, but there are not many like that, I think the Swiss currency is based on it. And Germany does have a positive balance of payments, and so does Japan, and so does Saudi-Arabia, and so do a few other places like that. Ok?


Now, how valuable will gold be? Because gold is an old ancient method of exchange, gold will remain as an old method of exchange and, as in ancient days all they way up to present time, 1 ounce of gold will buy you one cow. It has never changed in 2000 years. No matter what they say about the price and everything like that, all that they are telling you is "the price of a cow is going up or down" in whoever's currency they are giving you the price of gold! The gold ounce. I think it's 2 gold ounces for a camel or whatever. It was that and has been stable for 2000 years. 1 gold ounce for a cow, 2 gold ounces for a camel. And you can do that anywhere in the world. So that is for your reserves. It is good to have a part of it in gold, because - you know - even if your currency fails and even if your country gets to were there are no more jobs there and all - if you have a few pieces of gold you can go to any country in the world and they will accept them, even in India they would accept that gold right now, you bet! So it is good to have a bit of your reserves in gold - just as a stable datum. Because remember: "a stable datum aligns confusion".


But the currency you choose on your product exchange should also be the one to have in your "reserves for these two years" to build up over these next four years - you build up the two year reserve in your four years. We're hoping you can do that by that time. If you can all do that you will be the only really surviving people on the planet. The other people will waste all their money and think, "I buy it now before the inflation eats all my money up and all that", or "I'll use my credit card until they throw me in jail" - and they will.


Ok, but I just say it's not only a bit of gold, a bit of currency, but you also need a profession that will survive and you can always get value with that profession for the next four years. As I said, training is one, and whatever area you live in you can evaluate what is going to be valuable there. And 5th and 6th Dynamic products, you know? Maybe you can sell simple machines that prevent people from being implanted, maybe you can sell accounting machines that help people figure out how the Marcabians are cheating them - I mean - like, you know the trick: How much money does the bank make when they delay your check for two weeks? And how many people's checks are delayed for two weeks and how much does that make them?


Ok. The last point I want to make is: I wanted to give you this data because stable data will align a confusion. You can survive and you could be very viable by the end of four years.


Your comm lines and exchange will also be best with other groups and people you know are going to survive the next four years. So I wrote there, "groups and people that will survive the next four years". (Adds to No 4 of chart # 3) Your comm lines and exchange. You know, what your public whoever you are doing business with - like the people in this room would be very good, of the best probably, public you could have for the next four years. And probably all the other people that are connected with Ron's Org and so on, these people will survive, no doubt about that. The next groups you have to look at are: Which groups are pushing a vector that will survive or have positive purposes, all right? If that group - if they are pushing a positive vector - then you probably could exchange with them and invest in them and help them and they will survive.


If you know the data in the Sector 9 Book and you know this data about who is fighting for control of the planet, and you know the location on which sides these guys are on, then you can pick it up very easily what to do with your investments or your time or your services or your products.


Does that answer the question of what and how to plan for the next four years? You do the rest. These are just the basics of what to evaluate with. If we do it right, all of our vectors and all the vectors of all the beings we are auditing will push the surviving vector of the Free Zone further and further and further ahead and whoever is supporting that vector will survive and be more viable, and more viable, and more viable as the four years go on and we will reach 1992 and be in much better position than anyone else on he whole planet - case wise, financial wise, viability wise and having fun at the same time!



Ok, that's the end of this lecture



* * * * * * *









1) There will be lots of CONFUSION!


2) Economics will be UNSTABLE!









Your Handling:


1) Where are you located on planet - LOCATION.



     Your RESERVES or JOB.

     TECH + 5th and 6ty Dynamic Products.


3) VIABILITY - CONTINUED life, survival, fun, play.



     GROUPS + PEOPLE who work on

     POSITIVE vector towards survival.


5) STABILITY of VALUE ($, Gold, DM, SF etc.)




Administration Briefing Number 1


By Capt. W. B. Robertson





We have a group of people here from all kinds of different countries and of different levels of the Bridge, and the purpose of this little talk is not that I talk, but that we present the Bridge-chart here, which you have in front of you, and give you a little description and some success-stories of people having gone up there and doing some of those levels. And also answer any questions that somebody or anyone may have, that can be answered without exposing confidential materials or restimulative materials, but actually answering in terms of the basics of Scientology. Why that part of the Bridge is there, or whatever they want to know about why it's there, how it's there, or what does it do. So we will be answering questions on that. But first I'd like to welcome everybody here. We have at least seven or eight countries represented here from all over the world and so "Welcome everybody to Administration Briefing No.1!"


Ok. First thing I want to do is point out that we have a Bridge here, which is going from a person who starts auditing on Assists even, or special cases, Resistive Case Handlings, Dianetics, Scientology Grades per C/S program and goes up to Clear. Then we have the normal OT-levels I to III and those are exactly as Ron laid them out. And they work just fine. There are some - shall we say - benefits of Advanced Organization experience, experience that is applied on these levels, which is not generally known in the field today. Especially on OT III and in the handlings of making SURE, that a person gets through OT III and ready for Excalibur. And those things are covered on OT IV, V, VI and VII. These are things that may help a particular person increase his intention, right? Or handle certain problematic body

areas, or handle the effects of drugs that may still be persisting, medicines or alcohols on the body or on him, and handle any valence problems that may be there. And those - after doing  all that - you arrive at... ready for OT 8, which is called by various names : Excalibur, Super VII, used to be called Super NOTs, but it doesn't really have much to do with that.It is OT 8 - we call it EXCALIBUR. Now it goes along with the thing called OT Life Repair, because right  after Excalibur you do OT Life Repair to pick up any things, that may not have been handled so far on the Bridge. And at the end of that, the person arrives at the state of self-determinism - freedom from other-determinism. So he has actually now CLEARED ALL OF HIS DYNAMICS of other-determinism and he become 1ST DYNAMIC OT level, 1st Dynamic on the OT levels. From that point on up he goes OT on various Dynamics and he handles the self-detemined case or the self-determined charge, what things HE got into and so on. It's not case that was PUT on him by another or by an implanter or something, it's stuff HE did and got messed up in and he has to now get himself out of it. And that goes up through 9, 10 and 11 - which is called the PHOENIX - and the description on there is: "Opens the door to the OT's own Dynamics and what he did, and didn't do, on them." "Now with the Tech he can end cycle, so that everyone wins including himself".


And OT 12 - Pre-Static Life Repair, OT 13 - Pre-Static Prior Assessment and the Clone Cycle Rundown - that's the next part of the Bridge - "is a Power Package that handles why an OT did not REMAIN an OT". I might say at this point, that the Bridge IS exactly as LRH has always written in his works. That a thetan WAS more powerful in the past, he was MUCH more powerful in the past and he came down in power, down the spiral. We are just recovering those abilities and recovering that state and it is an error to suppose, that the person was never that big, because it is obvious, that he IS and can retain or regain that size of awareness. So people that are thinking, that a person just has to "evolve" or "get bigger" and he "never was bigger", are WRONG. I'm sorry to say, they're just incorrect and they are buying false data from whatever source, that false data comes from. The fact is the thetan WAS big, he came down the spiral and now we're getting him back up. And that's what Ron put in Scientology. It's one of the main differences of Scientology from any other philosophy, religion or science. It assumes that the thetan has always been at a higher state and now he's down at a lower state and we're trying to REGAIN that ability he once had. OK.


After that is the Commanding Officer Cycle Rundown - before OT 14 - and that handles the - "gets the person more in control of his body and then helps make it operational". It does a lot more than that, but that's what we can definitely say it does. And OT 14, 15 and 16 "reveal incredible data about the games thetans get stuck into and couldn't get out of - until now". That's what we can say about that, because you can look back to the basics of LRH's work and he says:"Life is basically a game". Well, I would only add one thing to that - it's basically a SERIES of games - and so you may find him stuck in more than one game. The "caselessness" occurs after the Super Static Rundown, which is at the end of OT 16. And after that, a person has no case and he KNOWS he has no case, he absolutely KNOWS that for sure and he doesn't need anymore auditing, he doesn't need any vias through the MEST-universe, he doesn't need a via of a meter or a body and so on. He doesn't need anymore auditing himself. He can certainly DO auditing very well though, he can handle any other person's universe and do auditing in that person's universe very effectively, very effectively. So that brings us to OT 17 to 33 which are the "Administrative" levels and they arise actually, naturally, on the pan-determined basis. Because you've handled other-deteminism, self-determinism, now you move into pan-determinism. Now what is that? Well, that is taking full responsibility on all Dynamics and handling situations on those which are keeping people trapped in the games, and to finally end the game for all your friends and all the players that are in it. Now that is in progress at the moment, and this briefing is actually a step on that, on those levels, because it is giving people now the R-factor or the Reality-factor, that there is a Bridge and a way to get OUT of these games. You see? So it's a first little R-factor on that.


Now, funnily enough, I discovered that, or re-realized, or re-cognited, that AFTER all this technical  business is handled on a person's case, he better study some Policy. Why? Because Policy is the Technology of handling the 3rd Dynamics and other Dynamics and when you're handling groups and so on, you have to know what are these groups, how do they work, how do you handle them, and so on.

Especially the FEBC Technology and so on, where LRH says in one of the early tapes of the FEBC, he says:"What happens when a person can get no further case gain from auditing? He can then get case gain from demonstration of competence." That's what he says in the tape - he can demonstrate his competence and get case gain from that. You see? Real OPERATING state here. So that moves on up to OT 33, and by the way there's no real mystery about these levels. I can tell you exactly what they are right now. They are HANDLING THE PEOPLE STILL STUCK IN THE BRIDGE IN THE LOWER LEVELS IN THE REVERSE SEQUENCE. See? That's the answer. In other words, you are going to find a very few thetans that are stuck in - say - a higher level part of the Bridge - say - up around 14 to 16, you are going to find some people that are stuck in the things, that are handled there. Now for a thetan to get stuck at that level means he must have been powerful enough to get up there somehow to get stuck at that level. Therefore he would be a worthwhile person to release from that and be able to play a bigger game. And then you might find people stuck in succeeding levels coming on down, until you find people who were stuck in OT III and now you want to release those, so they can continue on up the Bridge. So you keep releasing these and it gets to larger and larger numbers of thetans and they can help handle the larger and larger numbers on the smaller and smaller levels, that people are stuck, until finally you have millions of auditors across the universe, that are handling people who are stuck, only because they can't "recall something" and they need ARC-Straightwire or something. You see what I mean? But you couldn't do it in reverse. You couldn't handle everybody that needs ARC-Straightwire first. Where are you going to get the auditors from? Because that's one of the first points on the Bridge, you have 4 billion people on this planet and you only have few thousand auditors. No, you better handle the ones, who are stuck somewhere on the Bridge, make them into players and auditors on the games and then THEY can help you handle the ones on the next levels down. So there's no mystery about these levels, it's just an administrative handling, because as this grows and grows, as the levels go on up, it grows and grows and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as it gets bigger, you need more organisation, you need more comm-lines, you need more auditors, you need more C/Ses, you need more duplication of materials etc. You're into the problems of what is handled by studying your administrative Policies. So there's no mystery about 17 to 33, it's just a series of steps in reverse gradient down the Bridge and an increasing gradient of volume, until all the players can be freed from the games, that they agreed to play. These games are not implants - everyone, that's in them, agreed to play them. OK? And one way you can tell a player in the game, is that he has "a case". If he's in the game and he was a player in the original agreement of the game, he has a case. It's so obvious. The case is composed  - if you want to know what a CASE is, without giving you the details of everything - it just is - you can say it is the ACCUMULATION OF INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION THAT THETAN HAS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE GAMES HE STARTED TO PLAY. IT'S THE INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION OR THE THINGS THAT HE HAS NOT-ISED AND DOESN'T LOOK AT ANYMORE. Whatever way you want to look at it, it's something that is a "back-log" handling. It didn't get handled yet. He has to increase his awareness in both: TIME AND SPACE. In size of awareness and responsibility, and size of CONFRONT of time, and things, that happened and he did earlier than time, because there ARE or is a way to measure time earlier than time existed. And we found that to be true on the OT levels: you CAN measure time in a way of, how do you date it in a session, where you don't have time? - you see? - before the MEST-universe for instance!

Well, how DO you date something back there? You don't have the time to date it with - you CAN date it by the number of games he was in. That's all handled on the OT levels. So he has to increase his span of awareness to get back to the earliest incomplete cycles he has and then when it's all finished, it's all finished, you see? And he can choose to either play the game again, leave the games totally or make new games. That's why we have at the top here OT 34 to 40. There are six or seven little levels here, that handle the tendency, the interesting fact of a TENDENCY FOR A THETAN TO COME INTO A GAME AND CONTRACT. Now WHY does a thetan neccessarily have to contract, when he comes into a game? You see? This handles that - the Games Master Data handles that. As you know, everything in Scientology is based on EXPANSION, you know? Expansion up the grades - the Grade-Chart - expansion of awareness, expansion of space, expansion of beingness, all of that is expanding - of knowledge, responsibility, control, ARC. All that is supposed to EXPAND as you get into Scientology and go up the Bridge. And even Policy - all Policy - is BASED on expansion, and if you have studied the basic Policies, you know that. Now here is Ron putting to us a whole key important datum there, that if thetans are going to be better off and they are going to be more able and they are going to be sane and play better games, they had better EXPAND. Across the Dynamics, awareness getting bigger all the time, their actual confront of space and time increasing all the time. Ok.


So, WHY did the guy contract in the first place? You see? If you can handle that, then you can handle his future and his future games. Therefore he doesn't have to contract in future games, you understand? And that course is what does that. Because even when a guy has no case, it is possible, if you get into another game, to go back down the spiral and contract some more and get built up other incomplete cycles and more things he not-ises and so on. It is possible, unless he knows the data of what lies in back of this tendency to contract, OK? And I may say that, also, that course is a STUDY course. It's not auditing. Though there may be some things a person might cognite on, that FEEL like auditing. But the thing is, it removes the BASIS for a person actually HAVING a reactive mind in the first place or an analytical mind or a social mind in the first place. He doesn't need those things, he can handle it all by himself. Now his tendency to contract started from his denial of responsibility to himself. In other words he says: "Well, I'll sort of do it on a via or make something to do it for me..." or whatever, whatever. You see this all over in the Axioms and so on. You know - that thetans can create matter energy, space, time, thought and life. It's all true, they can do that, they HAVE done it - once more, they HAVE done it. What you're looking at, if you're in the physical universe right now listening to this tape, you're looking at the physical universe, right? Well, it's a creation of - a combined creation of - all the players in the game. How it's put together and why it's so dense and why it's so solid, you find out all about it on the OT levels. Alright? So that gives you some basic understanding from above 33. It's better to play those games from 17 to 33 with the data, that you don't need neccessarily to contract anymore. You CAN expand and therefore you should do the Games Master Course after you do OT 16 and really get that REALLY understood. And then you have the possibility also above that of playing NEW games, brand new games, that have never been thought of before, and believe me that will be - at the moment it's a bit difficult to think of any new games, because you've got to find out first how many games you HAVE played and how complicated they were. But there was a LOT of them.

I mean, you just look at this one planet and if you counted up the number of games going on, you might get into the thousands already, you see? I mean, look at them, all those games. You know, war, football, swimming, tennis, business, 2 D, livingness in a certain city, being a national citizen of X, army, navy, airforce, science, chemistry - these are all games. Thetans are playing games in those areas. You start counting them up. You can count up every profession as a hat in a game, you see? Every part of your life has a game analysis to it. "What are you doing in your spare time?" "Oh, I like to play checkers." That's a game. There is even any sort of MINUS randomity games, like: "Well, I like to lie down and sleep awhile." Or go OUT of the game, you know, a negative game "Oh, I just sit there and I watch television to relax." That's alright, you watch OTHER people play games. So there's also the possibility of just being a spectator at other games, but that in itself is a game, it's a game of being a spectator, you see? So remember there's life and it's full of games. It's BASICALLY a game.


So anyway, what we are doing here, is removing the tendency for the guy to go into a game and contract, because that's what makes a case. So you might say, that we are in the business of running ourselves out of business. If we audit everybody, until they have this understanding at OT 40, there won't be any more business for auditors. Well, that is meaning that you have to take a bigger responsibility, than just running yourself as being in the game of being an auditor. You see what I mean? You have to get out of that game as well, you see? And want a new game that's totally expanding. And I tell you something else: that Scientology ITSELF can be considered a game. The auditing part and so on. And Ron always said, on a tape or several times, he said that "in the end you will have to run out your track of Scientology auditing as well". Because it is that degree other-determined and is that degree of via through the MEST-universe. You know you had to use a meter and you had sit in a room and the guy had to give you the time to be there and all that, and thus it's a bit...- even though you WANTED to do it, and even though you came WILLINGLY to do it - it still is a bit of a via and it's a bit other-determined, you see? So you DO. There is a point in the Super Static Rundown where - it's one of those little points in there - where you run out your track of auditing. So you DO get free of that as well and this shows you another thing that - I don't think we have to mention to you, but possibly somebody hearing the tape somewhere - there have been rumour around that Scientology is an "implant", you see? Well, to people who say that stupid statement, I can only say this: "I have run a lot of implants off of cases and off my own case and have never found an implanter, who gave you all the data about how to get out of the implant. There is no such implant, where they give you the data of how to get out of it. The intention of an implanter is to keep you in it." And Ron always said: "You have to run out the track of your auditing - when you don't have - right before you end up your case." And so we do that and now the good news about all this is this whole Bridge can be done full time - if a person wants to do it full time as a Solo-auditor or whatever - can do it in a SHORT  time of perhaps two years or three years or even shorter, depending on the amount of time he can spend and so on like that. That would be sort of coming full time and doing his sessions, five sessions a week or something like that. But he could, in two years, actually finish the whole entire Bridge from no-auditing up to no case. That is possible. Some people, they have jobs and they have other responsibilities and other games to play at the same time, so it may take them a little longer, alright?


And the other thing is, that it is not that expensive to do it, because most of it is Solo. The levels from Solo-assists all the way up to III are Solo-auditing. The guy learns how to do that. He may have to have an occasional Review-session, but that's something else. Just IV, V, VI and VII they may start off as a Review-session and then turn the guy over to Solo to do it. So again, it's mostly his own responsibility to do it. On OT 8 there is a first groove-in part of auditing, to make sure the guy can do his own work on the level and then he's onto Solo. The Body-Straightwire can be done as an audited action or Solo. 9,10,11,12,13 all the way up to the rest, to the end of OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown, is Solo-auditing. Except in case a Review has to be done on the guy - he feels he's not quite good enough auditor to do it himself. Or, Review is ordered by the C/S or something. But these are not long cycles these are... - as soon as possible we want the guy to BE BACK ON SOLO and do it on his OWN DETERMINISM. OK?


So, as I say we're in the business of running ourselves out of business. But we have a lot of business because there is a hell of a lot of players in these games, that have to be handled first, before we could approach that "going out of business"-point. And I think at that point we would have a much brighter and bigger game already started up and it wouldn't be any big loss to go out of business. So we would just end that game off and - Pff...- here's the next one.


Now I have some success-stories here...That's just a description of the Bridge, you see? They say: "Wah,wah, we don't believe that,, you know, how could he find that Bridge and so on like that..." - and so on, so on, so on, so on. Well, I'm only a person that has been in the technical side and administrative side of Scientology for, you know, officially working for them, for 16 years. So I've got a lot more time in there than a lot of people and that was FULL time and I did the Class VII, Class VIII Course and also the FEBC and also the Full Captain's Hat and all the Sea Org Courses and just about every course you can imagine down below that and also worked on the Flag Ship for 6 to 8 years and did mission all over the world and so on. So you might say, I know a little bit about the subject. And the other thing is, I do know that... - I just didn't imagine any of this stuff, because I always used Standard Study Tech and doing a checksheet three times through and studying and clearing up everything, before I did something. So I'm NOT interested - as some people seem to think - in "exchanging ideas" with other people. We don't need to exchange ideas, we have a Technical Bridge here, you see. Your case is your case, there is the Bridge, and the processes, which bring it forward to your awareness and allow you to handle it. That is all that is, there's nothing..."ideas" or anything about it, it's just the next steps to go on up and result in finally NO CASE. So there's no "opinions" about this. It's not something you "exchange your ideas of the Bridge with somebody else's ideas of the Bridge" - you see what I mean? It's not that. That IS the Bridge. If "they" have the Bridge, they have the SAME ONE. If they don't have it, they won't make anyone, that doesn't have a case and so they won't finish it. OK?


Now these success-stories are quite interesting. I'll just read a couple of them, because then I want to go to the questions and find out what people want to ask. I had some from Denmark here, that I thought were very interesting, nobody has heard these yet.


Success-Story on Excalibur and the Phoenix


"I find it hard talking about my gains on Excalibur and the Phoenix without mentioning my wins as an auditor under Capt. Bill as a Senior C/S. In November, 1984, I started working with him at Ron's Org. The developing and co-auditing of Excalibur followed a few months later. Now that two years has passed, this is what has happened. I have come to be totally certain on the workability of the Tech, there are no cases which can not be handled. I've come to understand the inner logic of the Tech. It is expressed in the Factors, the Axioms, and the Class VIII materials. The Bridge is constructed on the basis of this logic. Once one has grasped it, one can think with the Tech, be it below OT III or above OT 8. There is a straight line up to OT 16 and it is a logical line, it isn't "invented", just as LRH didn't "invent" the Tech."


So that's from an intern and so on. It goes on and on but you can read this, and if you ask for copies of these, you can get them. I'm just trying to find the ones from Denmark. They're quite interesting. Ah, here is one from Soren Visti. Jaa, this is up in Denmark. Oh, he's saying he's on OT 10. He says:


"The most incredible things happen on this level. Theta-perception goes way up, the exterior view on other universes, including MEST..." He says: "...(MEST are made of all the other universes)..." MEST is made, composed, of all these other universes. " more and more stable and best of all the certainty, that we all will win and make it. And totally nothing can stop it. Standard Tech is the key - know it and use it and it will set you and I and others free. I hope to see my friends here soon." Soren.


Aha,  here are the ones - here is the one. Here's another I wanted to see. This is one from a person, who has finished OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown from Sweden.


"I now completed the Bridge up to Super Static. I've completely handled ALL from beginning up to present time. I don't have, and will never again have, a case. It's finally finished. I've been in Scientology for 17 years and worked very hard on learning how to handle all in life. I'm finally at the point. I've aimed at that point for many, many years. I finally have a completely calm universe. I am now able to handle whatever will come up in the future. Nothing exists today on which I am not certain. The road to this condition is really tough. You really have to be a tiger and not Q & A with things you 'ought to do.' Don't Q & A with that, just do the Bridge." (That's what he did.) "I have had a lot of use of all the hours of TRs I did and all of the basics. I also trained hard on it. I now know, that we have won the game against the evil. We are on the right side in the game. Now I shall see to it, that all other thetans get out of this trap. If you also work hard at it you will soon be here. It will be very wonderful to meet you. I want to thank Soren and Per for their wonderful assistance and Bill Robertson, who has made the road out Clear and of course a real THANK YOU RON! And I will say as he did: I will wait for you in the sky."


From Kurt Eck. You know him? First caseless guy in Sweden. Ok. Here's one from - oh, finished 9 to 11 - I think also from Denmark:


"After having finished level 9 to 11, it is felt like a big brush has been several times over the time track and totally cleaned away every bit of dust. It is felt like there is total calmness, happyness, love to fellow people. Like nothing can cave you in now and nothing can effect you anymore.The responsibility and control in life is at a much higher state than before. Production in life is way up. My need for sleep is not so big anymore." (How funny.) "My ability to get the postulates through is much better, plus the perceptions. Each day at breakfast goals for that day are set up and these are easily reached, no small counter intentions are now coming in. It was funny to run those levels, so hurry up let's all do it. At last, I will thank all who helped me get so far."


And here's one from Denmark as well. I'm reading these, because these are people, that didn't come from right here, so nobody can accuse me of beating them over the head to make these success-stories. They were done totally through Denmark and I didn't even know these people were on these levels or how they were doing it. I didn't even C/S them, but I trained the C/S to do them and then they sent these success-stories down here. So this is one from Ole Gerstrom. He says:


"I completed Super 7 on the 20th of December 1986. I HAD audited around 200 hours on AA 7 during one year. And half a year then on Super 7." (He's talking about Excalibur here as Super 7, but before he did 200 hours of what they call AA7, whatever that is.) "I have had a lot of wonderful sessions with high affinity, realizations and intense communication. But the last session was the most incredible one. I ran into the basic for all this charge and the last bits disappeared magically. I experienced unfolding as a thetan, so that awareness, which had been folded up and paralyzed for eons, returned. I knew then, that I completed the level. The postulate from THEN explained why I sit here today. When I, since the completion, came into situations, which used to give a banky reaction, nothing has happened - just a quiet calmness. I've also observed, that when I put attention on things in the past, then the happenings appear a lot easier and in great detail. And other abilities start appearing. I have never experienced anything like this and I'm told this is only the beginning. My thanks to Ron will stand in eternity."


Yes, nice one. And I read one more. This is one from a person named Brigit Visti. It is probably the wife of Soren:


"I will try to describe, what I have reached on 7 and 8." (Which is Excalibur and OT Life Repair I guess that's what they call it up there.) "Right now I feel I'm floating in the air. It has been an incredible experience. Everything, I've touched lately, have succeeded very easily and with big success. I also feel a lot lighter, as I know the mass, I have been carrying around, is gone. I feel like loving all the world and I wish that everyone will reach this condition and I know we will get a wonderful world for everyone and I will do, what I can, to help achieve this."


I think we covered all the levels except somebody from 12 and 13. I don't think I read one from that level. I just want to find one, if there is one...There is one, you have one. That's right. That was a funny one too. < You want it? > Yes, we can read that one. I will handle any questions, until Ulrich comes back with that one from 12 and 13, here's a good success-story from that. He just completed it recently. OK.


First of all any questions about the Bridge? You've heard the R-factor on it, you've heard some success-stories. Anybody having any questions about it?


< Can you tell a little bit more, how you discovered that Bridge? >


Now, tell me who you are first.


< Ah, my name is Ole Halvorson, and I'm from Sweden. >


OK. So you want to know a little more, how I discovered the Bridge. OK. The first thing I took - Ulrich and I worked together - we took the existing materials, that was known about, up to that point, you see? On the Bridge. And we studied them very thoroughly three times through and checked each other out for a month and a half.


< That was a couple of years ago then? >


Yes, a couple of years ago. Everything we knew, you see? Up to that point. We are both technical people. And then we started auditing that. The last stuff, that we knew was from LRH, right? And we started auditing that and applying on what we ran into - we applied also, when neccessary, more Tech or Policy or Ethics to that. And from that came the Excalibur theory and practice of how to get through that level completely. The reason being, that people had been running  that for thousand of hours - the level used to be called... NOTs, I think. And then they - people used to run it for thousands of hours and years and all this stuff and they never quite got through it. Nobody could ever say: "Well, I'm through it." But then the guy, he says :"Yes, I completed it." and then he falls down the steps and breaks his head, you know? Or he goes nutty or PTS or something. Well, he didn't really. So the thing was, we figured there was something, they didn't know about this stuff. Or there would have been a lot more completions and there wouldn't be such an endless type of thing.


So now we know why that was, it required knowledge of not only Tech, but Ethics and Admin as well, to get through the level. And you CAN get through the level. And we developed whatever was needed from LRH basics, to handle anything we encountered on the level and you arrive at the state of having handled the biggest barriers, "most secret, most ancient barriers to OT. An organized attempt on the 7th Dynamic." Organized, see? One thetan can't go up against an organization alone, you see? He has to have some very powerful Tech to be able to handle that. And that's why nobody got out and got through it before. They didn't know you, also have to add Ethics and organization to your handling and a good training program, so that you know how to do it. And after that - anybody who gets through that - will bump right  into the next level. You can't help it, you understand? You don't have to look very far, once you know you finished, that you just think: "Well, I wonder what..." - BOOM! - and there it is. You see what I mean? And if you have the technical data to analyze it, and the basic knowledge of what technical processes are needed to handle something like that, you just write them down and you try them and: "Oh, this is the best way through this!" - Boom - and you do it. Very easy! After that point things came off like - I mean, I could write up,  what was going to be on the next level. After I'd finished THIS level, I could then write up, what was going to be on the NEXT, because I KNEW, THAT HAD TO BE NEXT. I made one or two mistakes on the way and the next day I was smashed. I said: "Uh, I've skipped something, something I didn't get. What was it? What was it? Aaaah, there is another aspect to this! I see, you have to do it this way now!!" Now I ran that  - Aaaah, VGIs, FTAs - fantastic, great, great, great. And then there is this other aspect. "Oh yeah, now I can do this." Now I hit this and  - Boom - I can do it. It's very simple, you see? If you know the basics. And so you just - you can't help it - hit them. So they're right there in line - boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom - and I didn't know, where it was going to go, but I  knew THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next and it just kept going one at the time. If people do the whole internships here, they see the development of this. How it goes from one level to the next. Didn't know what the next level was, when you were doing this one, you see what I mean? But after you've finished this, you run right into it. It was EASY. Things weren't meant to be this difficult. If it wasn't for all these Implanters, they had around the games - they were trying to keep people's awareness down - a thetan could go Clear and start right in on OT 9, you see? It's only the implanting, that kept them unaware. It wasn't supposed to be so difficult. It's a lot of fun. It's just handling all these incomplete cycles in your universe, in your games, on your Dynamics. No. Very easy. So they just came one after another and then finally you get to the end and - Boom! - you have no case and you realize: "Oh, I've no case now because...haha...because...well, that was it! Haha" It's very simple. So you show me somebody that got through Excalibur, and you have there a person, who hit the next level. He will see it, there it is. It's self-determined.


I'll give you an example on a lower harmonic. Suppose you only had the Bridge up to the communication level. You're out in Africa somewhere in the jungle and somebody sends you  Dianetics and you ran that and you did ARC-Straightwire and Engrams and Secondaries and all that and then you got this thing it said "Communication-level" and you ran that and you felt: "Great! Now I can communicate to everybody!!!" You see? And you start communicating and pretty soon people are coming after you with spears and trying to shoot you up and - bang, bang, bang, bang, bang - and you say: "God damned! This can't be all there is, you know? This communication is great, but  man, look at all these problems I have right..." PROBLEMS...! It's the next level!! You see how easy it is? Well, there you are! Alright.


This is a succes-story from OT 12 and 13:


"Now, this is a hard one to put in words, without starting to look too unreal. I'd say, this level has taught me something about the fabric of this universe, or rather, universes. It has taught me, how the universe is holding one, as well how I'm holding it. And from this I have become disentangled. As well I was taught something about space, about the limitedness of the MEST-universe space. About the vastness of my own space. And as well I learned about expansion. It may sound funny, but shrinking is the wrong way to expand." < Then he says in parentheses: > "(That's a typical OT 13 joke.)"


Shrinking is the wrong way to expand. I explained before, that expansion is the big thing. OK, next question?


< Yes, is it required at any time to read the Green Volumes as a prerequisite? >


Well, I think that people, who are out there spreading rumours and wondering, what's going to come and what to do and so on, would be better advised, if they have access to a book-store to buy and read the Red and Green volumes at any time during their life. Even if they don't have the money to spend on auditing and so on, they CAN always borrow a book, even from a library or a friend, and read. And there's no barrier on that. In other words it is good - that when the guy gets caseless, he - better start learning some basic administrative doingness, because he's going to find himself - whether he likes it or not - if he's staying in the game to help others out, he's going to find people DEPENDING on him. Because he's the only one, that can be certain about what's happening, he's the only one, that doesn't have a case, so he's going to naturally become the guy, who everybody is depending on to do something. So he better know, what he is going to do. Now if he's not trained in the area of administration, or he has some former idea, that is not quite as efficient, as what he can learn from the Policy Volumes, well, then he should read them. Yes. I would say so. However, it is also possible to - shall we say - take the Volume 0 and learn the basics of Policy, and from that one he can - well, after OT 16 a person would start cogniting like mad, he could almost sit down and write the rest of the policy himself.

This is the possibility you get into. You find out on this Bridge - WHERE did LRH get the axioms from? They're not just HIS "idea", no way. YOU could sit down and write them, after you do the Bridge, you see? So we must thank him, because somehow he came into this game, into the area of this planet and he came in with the knowledge enough to be able to sit down and write those things, so you could start Scientology. And therefore he must have had a pretty caseless viewpoint about things. And I think you find that all through - he says: "An auditor should have no case. A staff member should have no case." And none of us should have any case, right? That's for sure . Because, when you really don't have a case and you've really handled all these things, YOU could sit down and write the Factors, YOU could sit down and write the Axioms. You can do it! Or you could write your own version of it, Because you would know exactly, how the guys got into this situation themselves, you know? You see? So you can - again, it says here on the side of the Bridge - there is a point of Clearness, OT-ness, Static Point and there's a Source Point up here. Well, that's what it means. After you become aware of all this and become aware of how to do the games, how to create games, how to make better ones and so on, then you can become a source of games, of new games and new ideas, right? That's all it is. OK. Any other questions?


< Yes, how would you define a Clear Planet? Just to raise another nasty question... >


That isn't a nasty question. Clear Planet - well, by the Grade Chart here - let's look at the two things: are we talking about the beings ON the planet or the planet ITSELF?


< Well, I don't know. There was always this promo piece about the "Clear Planet" and apparently that's all we were into. >


Yes, that's a good thing.


< least we were totally aware and then... >


Let's assume this...


< ...people decided it wasn't possible and all this, so maybe it wasn't defined correctly ever. >


Maybe not.  It would be a first gradient actually - is to get people up to Clear. Say there is 5 billion people walking around in bodies on the planet. I mean, there may be others that don't have a body or are waiting in line for bodies, but there's around 5 billion on the planet now. And you could effectively Clear them, but they still wouldn't be caseless, they still wouldn't be OTs. They would be much better off, but you would have to put in a program to get them all the way up the Bridge, not just Clear, you see? That isn't quite enough. Why isn't it? Because there is a control mechanism on the 7th Dynamic right here at OT 8. And that control mechanism on the 7th Dynamic influences people's actions, governments, sciences, whatever, it INFLUENCES them. So even if the whole planet WAS Clear, they still could be influenced the 7th Dynamic suppression. So it's better to get them all the way up to have NO CASE and then they won't be the effect of that anymore.


Now, so that's a program which you say: "Hey man, that's going to take a long time." Well, when you can take one person up in two years and you can train twelve people or twenty people in a few months - especially after they have finished, they can train very quickly on how to do C/Sing, how to do auditing and so on - you can now expand at an increasing rate, because once you start handling groups, you get into the awareness of what a group is and what an opinion leader is, and, for instance, let's just take islam for an example, right? If you got twenty, or let's say two, people very well trained in Islam - in Islam religious groups there they want to find out the truth - and you train these two guys very well to be auditors, C/Ses and so on, all the way up and you send them all the way up within two years - no case. Now, if you mulitiply that two, they go back there into their groups and they start training others - two, four, eight, sixteen - bam, bam, bam, bam - like that, this religious group which controls maybe 700 million people - you see, 700 MILLION people - in a very short time, they could have the whole group going up the Bridge. Now if you find another group such as Buddhists - who are also very organized and so on like that - and they look for the truth too - and you train a few Buddhist auditors - do you know how many Buddhists there are on Earth? There is about a billion, there is about a billion Buddhists in the world, you see? Most of them are in the East, but there is still a billion. Hey, with that plus Islam, you've handled nearly a third of everybody on the planet and it would only take maybe 15, 20 years. If you could get it into there. Well, the reason, we couldn't get it in there before, is because we didn't have anybody up here really operating on OT 17 to 33, except LRH and nobody else was supporting him too well, because they weren't ready to do it and people made mistakes. But now, when you understand all this, you can do it just in the right sequence, the right gradient, and it goes and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Then you can find other groups, that might want to do it. Like say the - for example - the old people. What's doing with all these old people in all these countries? They are quite bright, intelligent, they've had jobs all their life, they have experience and they are just sitting around waiting to die. Why don't we teach them Basic Scientology? And how to be auditors and they can audit each other, keep each other alive for a lot longer and be ready for the next life-time, if they want to, to carry on. Because they can get their certificates validated - any auditing they've done doesn't have to be done again or you'd overrun him - see? So they can start - and they're not doing anything! And they have the income to just sit there, or the social security. You could take old people. Now what is "old people"? There must be - well, 400 million old people all across Europe and America. See Retired. Now, see that's the cleverness, you look into what groups can you - no, you don't want to just get this guy down here and these little guys who go into the bar, that isn't going to make any effect on the planet - you have to do... think of it logically : How would you do this - creating a Clear Planet? You find the largest groups, that have organized comm-lines already as  3rd Dynamics, and transmit the data down without alter-is and you train the top guys there and they go down, then carry it on, while these are going - now those are going - bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam - and you create a large effect, you see? Right now we are getting in the people, who WANT to come. Most  of you, I know, have picked up, that you had some kind of mission on this planet, to help out in this kind of thing. Well, that is true. But we're the ones, that then have to direct the handling on how to do it and keep it going. Nobody wants to have a case. Nobody wants to have a case. It's only the implanters, that want you to have a case. And I'll tell you - the money people are paying, the sadness, the grief, the pain they're going through, dying in the hospitals, and dying from all these diseases, and all that stuff - they wouldn't  do that, if they didn't have a case. They're paying a lot of money to have a case. It's much more economical to get rid of it. OK. Any other question?


I might add, that there are great...(I was looking here, as there is a doctor in the audiences) I was going to say, I might add... to the benefit of people, who are interested in sciences and medicine, that there is the possibility of research and development and further discoveries and further methods of handling in all sciences and all medicine and all healing practices and any kind of technical work - these branches become so numerous, when you go up the OT-levels, you start seeing, let's say, the underlying basics to everything. And you are going up there, as a person, who's maybe got a job already or you're an auditor or something, you don't have time to investigate all of these various interesting phenomenon and find out, how does that apply to chemistry or physics or new inventions or whatever. You don't have the time to do it, but you know other people, who come up there, will want this and will have the time to investigate it and handle it, you see? We have plenty of things, that will be enough to ensure that there IS a New Civilization. The New Civilization can have a whole new art, a whole new music, a whole new aesthetics, just based on what you realize when you go up the Bridge. When you do, it makes the other stuff, that's existing on this planet, look very boring - very boring, very controlled, and very down-tone. Except for the occasional bright person, that's coming up with a bright idea. And THEY never seem to get too far with it, you know? But otherwise, when you see this, you say: "MAN, this planet could really be cooking, it could really be bright and brilliant, brand new aesthetics in advance of any other planet in the universe and be right at the forefront of progress and expansion." And that also would help to get people interested and going up that Bridge. If we do expand in all these other areas, there's a lot of possibilities there of life-long works. Listen, these other philosophies, that come around, they have people, that spend their WHOLE LIFE just  getting the "interpretation" of the "what the guy said", you know? And they make a whole work, a book, that interprets ONLY what ONE guy said from another part of the religion or science, you know? And they do further investigations on THAT. Then you have full volmes of this stuff clogging up the libraries. Now we have NEW BASICS to look at. Now from THAT can come all these other things: new inventions, new basics, new material, new ways to live, and ways to be healthy, and blablabla - anything, you want to look at, can be improved from the possibilities - shall I say - on the other Dynamics, that are realized on the way up the Bridge. We've already noted down several of those, but we don't have time to do them, we need other people to do this. So we don't only need auditors, we need the whole elements, all the elements, of a New Civilization. Because that is how, it is going to be handled on this planet. Other planets will be MUCH easier than this planet. They will be, because they don't have 193 governments on the planet. They only have one...and at the most two. So all you have to do, is start at the top and everybody goes up the Bridge, OK?


The people here are so aberrated and so controlled by this level here - on the Excalibur level -  that can't even...they are not ALLOWED to see the benefits of Scientology. Not allowed to. Their case will not let them look at it and their cases will order them to invalidate it too, because Scientology IS the way out. And if people are trying to keep you IN, then they won't let  you see the way out. Of course, of course, of course. If you're in a jail, right, then the jailor is NOT going to let you have the key, is he?? So you can look at it as a reverse analysis - looking  down from the top - you see? Of course! Why didn't know...why was all this effort against Scientology?...and why was all this efforting to get it applied into the world and so on?...Of course! It was the KEY to getting out. So it had to be resisted, be RESISTED  by those, who wanted to keep everybody shut IN, right? And that's what Excalibur handles, and once you pass that,  YOU CONTROL WHO HAS THE KEY. Yes. Nobody can keep you locked in and you can free others, right? Whether they want to be freed or not, that don't matter, you understand what I'm saying? These levels are not something you have to effort to do. You don't have to effort to do this, you don't need billions of dollars to do it, you see? The guys, who are keeping things going - enslavement on the planet - they think THEY need billions of dollars to keep you enslaved, they need to take all your money, so you can't use it. So they have the goal, they have the money, they have the power, they have all the big machines. Fantastic, you don't need a single bit of that. What you need to do, is to get caseless, so you can audit anyone, anywhere, and change THEIR case and handle them at any distance. That is just a matter of ethically using that, so that you don't overwhelm yourself or your organization. In other words, if we want to have 500 people walk in here tomorrow, a couple of us could sit down - that have done some of the higher levels - and we could audit 500 people, you know, the locks off of them, you might say, that are keeping them in their "jails", open their doors and they would get here, as soon as they could, in the next couple of days. But  we don't have enough auditors to handle them. So we would be guilty then of doing an out-ethical thing. We would have a demand in auditing and training and everything, but now we wouldn't be able to to deliver it, so it would be an auditing, a NO-auditing ARC-break, a no-training ARC-break. So we COULD create an ARC-break like that. So that's why, I'm encouraging people to get trained and to be ready to handle the flow, because we CAN create the flow, we don't need to do all this promo and billions of dollars of  advertisement. When you can DO OT- actions, you can DO them and you KNOW it. I mean, I've done it over the last year, that's how we are keeping filled up. And I'm concentrating ONLY on people, who are worthwhile to be trained. I'm not even asking for public. I just want people who can be trained and a steady flow keeps coming in. You might say: "Oh, that's amazing, how come a steady flow keeps coming in. You must be getting good results." Yes, we're getting good results, but remember every time you get the people who WANT to do it, then you move into the next gradient of people, who may NOT want to do it, or they're in doubt. Well, every time the flow slows down a little bit, I just pick out a few guys, who are in doubt, and I just audit something off of them and then they come in. You see? It's that simple. And this is how easy it can be to Clear a planet. We are not talking about a lot of effort and a lot of - uhh, uhh - required - you know - and a lot of: "Ah, you didn't get your Stats up this week and therefore you don't get any family-time and you got to clean out the cellar." We're not talking about THAT way of Clearing a planet.

We're talking about doing it from an OT-level or caseless level, where the guy can operate as a Static. Static State. "Instant thereness" is one way, it is described or "communication without vias" is another way, it is described. "Vialess communication" or  "vialess auditing" or whatever you want to decide. You see? Once you've finished Excalibur YOU are powerful enough to actually do, what the implanters were doing. You're powerful enough  after Excalibur to control the lives of many people through their monitoring systems, but that's still a bit of an Overt, you see? And the monitoring systems didn't work efficiently anyway, they are only about 40% efficient, only more efficient in the cities, than they are in the towns in the country, because people don't get so restimulated in the country. So the implanters always worried about: "Are these guys gonna break out or are they gonna get us...", you know. They're not 100%. They just happened to be able to influence the top guys and they even had to put...they had to put some even PHYSICAL control methods in to ENSURE that the monitoring systems would work. You know, you've read about that in "Sector 9". I mean, THAT'S the physical control systems, they put  in. But it's not efficient, that system. It only works with effort, effort, effort on every level. When you're at the state of no case and you have a Super Static idea of things, you don't need all this effort to do this. It's completely easy. It's f a s t. Totally certain. You have to know and do a good case analysis, you have to find out, what the thing is you want to handle, and then you find it and handle it and it's almost a few SECONDS only and then it's GONE and then the guy will experience: "Oh!", and then he'll move toward the Bridge if you want him to move toward the Bridge.


So I know this will be a vey scary tape to people, who are considering their own Missed Withholds and their own Overt-actions and their own implanter-type tendencies - this type of talk will be very scary to them, that they could be influenced or their mind could be read. But let me ensure them, the reason they're feeling like that, is not because I'm saying this, it's because their mind is ALREADY being read, ALREADY they are being influenced and they ALREADY have so much case there, that they are caved in by it, and those monitor systems on those kind of people, who feel afraid by this, have TOTALLY WORKED...they are one of the people, who they are measuring in the "40% efficiency". "It's totally efficient on you fellows, you ARE in it and you have been monitored and that's why you feel funny, when I talk about this, because I'm starting to as-is part of it right now!" You see what I mean? That reaction you feel, when I'm saying I can read, what you're thinking and I pick up your ideas and I know, what your case is about, "that's because you ALREADY have that case there, that monitor system there and you better go up the Bridge and do Excalibur, man, or you are never going to get free like the rest of us." So don't be afraid of people, that are going up the Bridge. They're interested in basically the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics, ethical actions and getting people out of the games, that they're stuck in and that they're losing badly. You know, the people that feel they're losing. You know...they're sick, and they're tired, and they're this, and they're that, and they don't like it, and so on - we CAN get people out of those games and they can play the ones they like and the ones they are interested in and they will do it with a lot less effort, Ok? And you have to only realize there are only really TWO intentions in anything you go into on the planet. So don't be fooled. There will be an intention TO TRAP YOU OR TO MAKE YOU SMALLER. And the good guys though, they will have a different one.


They will have the intention TO FREE YOU AND MAKE YOU BIGGER AND EXPANDING. So don't get fooled by any of these "other practices" or anything, which have become popular in these last few years. Anything, that is trying to reduce your awareness,  control you, to make you smaller, or to trap you, is operating with, or in agreement with the monitor systems, that are already installed on the 7th Dynamic. Just remember that and know also, that now on this planet, we have a Bridge and we CAN get people TOTALLY up to the point, where they don't have a case, and they can do things, which are very effective in helping OTHERS not to have a case, and clearing the planet, and OT-ing the planet, and Static-ing the planet, and getting it all up, you know? You see, one of the main games, that you didn't handle on the way down the Bridge - the way toward more aberration - one of the things, thetans didn't handle, was WHAT THEY HAD CREATED. And that became the MEST-universe. So the bits of your responsibility are laying in the MEST-universe and that's why you're in it. You have a job to do there, so you better get on up to the levels, where that's done and finally finish the cycle on that, alright? Meanwhile it will remain here as a playing field getting thinner and thinner, as people go up the Bridge and take the parts, they're responsible for, out of it. And so, if you feel the MEST-universe is getting a little thin or s l o w l y  changing or things are going unreal, or if things are getting a little bit out of hand and you don't understand why the political parties are acting differently than they were last year, or there are some w e i r d  cycles going on, on this planet, that you don't know anything about or you might hear about unidentified flying somethings around or strange effects happening in politics and so on like that - don't worry about that, don't worry about it at all. We're saying, that it WAS all under control BEFORE and you felt "secure", when you THOUGHT there was going to be a "one-world-police-state", but that isn't going to happen now. You are going to be REALLY SECURE in your freedom and your independence and your ability to choose your own games and do it self-determinatedly or pan-deteminatedly.


So there ARE changes happening, just as predicted in "Sector 9" and the "Debrief" I made a few years ago and now there ARE changes happening, that are - you can actually read about in the newspapers, if you care to - and these changes are coming about because of LRH's Tech and because of the Bridge and people going up the Bridge. The monitor systems are being taken away bit by bit and so people are coming out from that suppression and things are starting to happen more on a pan-determined and self-determined basis. So don't be surprised. It's apparently a confusion. It LOOKS confusing, because the stable datum of the "one-world-police-state" is NOT there anymore, but the stable datum of FREEDOM AND THE BRIDGE  I S  there for you. And if you come up the Bridge, you will certainly start to understand - and as you go on up the Bridge - then you will fully understand, what it was all about in the first place. Because people never were, or thetans never were, BODIES. They USE a body in the game, they use it, just as you  would use a good tool to handle something in the game. But you're not the body, so don't let people tell you: "You are the body", you see? That kind of false data is what is keeping people trapped. They don't realize they are a spirit, or a being, or a thetan. They don't realize, that they don't HAVE to be told, that they evolved from a lower form of life. No! All of that is FALSE. The real truth comes, when you go up the OT-levels. You find out, what the real truth is, and then the best indicator of that actually being the truth is: "Are you able to produce the result with it?" Damned right. There's a lot of  results happening right now. OK. So if there are no further questions...anybody thought of a question while I was extemporizing there?


< Is there somewhere on the Bridge, where you can heal people from a distance? People who basically never got any auditing and are having a lot of trouble physically? And you would like to help that person to stop that pain or something without to go to the doctor, until all is handled? >


Would you identify yourself, please, to the microphone?


< Mu name is Mohammed Bouderba...I'm from Marocco, but I'm helping people out in the moment in France. >


Very good, Mohammed. And "Inshalla".


< "Inshalla".>


It has always been a goal of people to be able to heal with a touch, and so on like this, and you've heard many stories of that in Bibles and so on. And I can tell you for true - that DID happen, that IS possible, you know? I'm not saying ALL these stories were true, but they CAN be true and it probably DID happen in lots of cases, that people could heal by putting their hands, or prayers - or not prayers too much, but hands - and touching and intending whatever it was in that area of sickness to be well again and to help...


< Right! > in a GOOD sense. So this ability IS possible and you find out how it was done and why it was done and how it can be done. On the OT-levels you do find this out . It can be done.


< Good! >


But it requires...what it requires, is somebody to be at a high state of awareness regarding LIFE. They have to understand, that everything that exists, was created by thetans and it has something to do with them and has something to do with life and so on. And you have to also be WILLING to have it audited, in a way. They wouldn't know...the healers WOULD know only that they, as a being, were powerful enough to influence THAT particular life to being, were powerful enough to influence THAT particular life to come back to a normal state. Because they WANTED it to and they got it COOPERATING with them. Now we're working on a different basis here - that the person HIMSELF will do this with his own body at this level here - the C/O Cycle Rundown. The problem is: how do we do it at a lower level?


< Right. >


You see, a person CAN do it himself by getting up to that level and do it with his own body and he could probably do it with another's body. BUT they key-point is: Does the person have any counter-intentions to being healed?

All the stories I've ever read about great healers of the past - people who could heal by intention or by laying the hand on - always when the person came to them. they always ask first: "Do you want to be healed? Do you believe?" Now if the guy did that, he was in agreement. The thetan, who was running that body, was in agreement with the guy, who was doing the healing, so they could almost do a session there, you know? They were both on the same vector, the same intention.


< No counter-intention. >


No counter-intention. Now the point is though - as the doctors will tell you - the problem is that  EVERY level of case - of course - have some points of counter-intentions, that are unknown to the person in there. And if a CASE is influencing the PROLONGATION of a disease, or the actual BEINGNESS of the disease, then you have a VERY hard time getting the person to handle the other-determinism, that's coming on to this disease. And a lot of doctors will find the patient will get better, as long as THEY are totally with the patient. And they're doing this sort of  "bypass" of the thetan, who's running the body and sort of get him - you know - in their space and they handle this and that and that and that and the guy says: "Ja, ja, it's better, it's better." Then he walks out the door away from the doctor, who - remember - is another thetan, who wants to help that person get cured, right? But now the person goes out of his space and the old oter-determinism comes in again, right? From his case, right? And so he goes out the door and he starts feeling bad again. So he has to come back to the doctor and feel good again and so on it goes like this. Now if a doctor really wants to heal someone and not just make money on the guy keeping coming back, you see - he WOULD be interested in going up the Bridge and learning how to apply this data at that level of "a person not having had auditing". Now, we haven't worked out exactly how that can be done, but there are two doctors going up the Bridge now, that will be able to do that. So I hope in the future, we will have some technique to be able to handle - both physically AND spiritually - an illness on a person, who has had no auditing.


< I will be a doctor then. >


You will be a doctor. OK. Maybe it will take two doctors, you know, maybe a Gang-Sec-Check or something (laugh). No, it CAN be done. It just needs to be worked out exactly how to do this at a lower level of the Bridge on somebody, yes? Combining the basics of Scientology and the basics of medicine...what's all these other-determinism points on the case, that could keep the thing going, you know? Alright?


< Another thing we have seen. There's a lot of money spent on this "Cancer", and they didn't get a result of the ability to heal  this kind of thing. >




< So can we help people in the future? >


Again, the doctors believe, that we CAN possibly do that, when we have all of this - both the spiritual and the physical resources necessary. It CAN be done. I mean, one thing that bears some investigation, as we know on the normal Basic Scientology, is, if you try to handle an ARC-break, that has an earlier similar, it won't resolve, until you get to the earlier similar, you see? Or a chain of Engrams will not erase, until you get to the basic on the chain. I think, with these "unsolvable" diseases, they just never got to the basic on the chain. The disease ITSELF may be OUT OF PRESENT TIME. The life-units, that are taking part in "being diseased", may be THEMSELVES out of present time. And they (doctors) just don't know how to get them into present time, so they can be cured, you see? I tell you one thing: Now you are certainly not going to get them into present time by radiating them,  you might move them to a different part of the time-track, and they appear to get better, but they are really worse. So, you know most people, that have radiation treatment, they lose their hair and everything like that. Well, it did move their body to a different part of the time-track  and now they're in a part of it, where they're losing their hair and they go anemic and other strange things happen, so they can' may have moved SOME of the cancer to that part of the time-track too, so it looks like the cancer is being handled, but they did just move it into another incident. So a lot of medicine is determined on the basis of: Which would be worse for the patient - to die from this, or this? Right? They do that. They have to find something that WON'T kill  the patient, but WILL kill the disease. So if this SEVERELY affects the patient, but KILLS the disease, they go: "Ok, we'll try that." You see? The ideal scene in medicine, is to find something, that doesn't affect the patient at all, but  handles the disease. But that's the IDEAL SCENE, it's an absolute. It's almost hardly obtainable. You have to have these things, that they call under the term "side-effects". Now the side-effects are these other - shall we say - not-optimum states, that come from the administering of the cure for this other thing, that you're trying to handle. So these side-effects in some cases, can be a lot worse than the thing, that you're trying to handle, you see? It's just a question of decision. But knowing that this happens, then they don't have the FULL handling, you see? A full handling would be to do it WITHOUT side-effects. With the addition of Tech into medicine, you may be able to find the ideal scene in all cases by analyzing it spiritually AND medically. Then you have an ideal scene combination, where you can gets handled WITHOUT side-effects, you see?


< So all the doctors should be auditors in Excalibur. All the doctors should do Excalibur. >


Well, they should do the WHOLE BRIDGE.


< The whole Bridge, yes. >


So, yes, they should do the whole thing. That would make them very able. The thing is, that just healing by spiritual means alone leaves the dependency there. The guy didn't know how he did it, so he is going to say: "Hey yeah, you must be...


< Allah!" >


...Allah!" (Laugh) or "...something holy!", you know? Wait a minute: that's just creating MORE other-determinism here!  It may be a BETTER other-determinism, but again that's a side-effect, you see? From a miracle-cure you also have a side-effect. The side-effect is: now the guy is going to go into another determinism or  another practice. So that is also a side-effect. You see, the games are much bigger and much longer and much more remote, than these small games, that they're playing on this planet.

So these side-effects are like moving the thinkingness of a person from thinking about his disease, you know, to now thinking about all the things he has to do to keep up with his cult or whatever or religion or whatever he has now joined, because that handled his disease. Now which is worse on the case? Well, you have to decide again. You know? Again and that's a "side-effect". So you exchange one part of the track for another. Is the guy more interested in his spiritual freedom or his physical feeling? The Bridge takes into account BOTH  of those all the way from Dianetics. Up the Bridge you have to take into account both sides - the physical and the spiritual. Now to combine that with medicine, we CAN do it properly, and we CAN find out, exactly how to doit without side-effects. A side-effect can only come, when the guy has a time-track or a games-track and it can only come, when he has a case. If he doesn't have a case, he ain't going to have any side-effects. But the problem, you proposed, was not that. The problem, you proposed, was, how do you handle a guy down the Bridge.


< Now we never before saw it all like that. >


Yes. That is the problem. So that is why the doctors are going up the Bridge to understand that. They've already researched in all areas of electro-psychometric medicine, naturalpathic healing, all different normal medical techniques, and all of those other things, right? And they still have a certain percentage, that will not respond properly. So we now want to get to a standard in medicine, that will also be able to handle ANY case - resistive or not.


< Is that Dr. Prinz ? >


He's one of them, yes, he's one. He's on Solo now - Solo-Excalibur. Ok? Any other questions? The tape is about to be over.


< I think it could be interesting for other people to know, how many is on the Bridge now on the upper levels. >


Oh, thank you. That's very good. Yes. There's over a hundred people on Excalibur now at this date and there must be a dozen or twenty people, that have finished Excalibur and are onto OT 9 to 11. There must be at least twenty on that and then maybe ten, that are onto 12 or 13 or above and there are at this moment, there are about three people, that have finished the whole Bridge and there are several others - about four more - that are right behind on the top-levels, right, almost finished the whole Bridge. So it's been going now for about a year, since we started off the call for people to come in and get trained on Excalibur. But I've finished for myself last June and then we really started getting cooking on it. We knew we COULD get out of the whole thing and then we got cooking on getting people trained to do it. OK?


So I thank you all for being here and taking part in this and I hope that anybody, that hears this tape, will also get the purpose, that we CAN do something about the games and the planet and any condition, that is non-optimum and have a lot more fun in the future. And so I want to thank everybody, that enabled this to happen, including LRH.

And of course, as a thetan, we call him Elron Elray, because that is the name he prefers - and I thank him and I thank all the people, that helped all around here and supported us going up the Bridge: the people, the auditors, the C/Ses, the public, that came in and did it, and the translators, and the people, who did projects and everything, and from all the countries of Europe and from other countries too: New Zealand, America, and so on, and other planets. Yes, don't forget that. And other Sectors - we have a few guys here from other Sectors. So, if there's no other questions?...


That's the end of Administration Briefing No. 1


25th January 1987, Teegeeack Time.


at Ron's Org


Thank You Very Much


Administration Briefing Number 2


by Capt. W.B. Robertson


RON'S ORG,  29/30 AUGUST 1987





Admin Briefing Nr. 1 was about THE BRIDGE.

This is Admin Briefing Nr.2 and it's about FALSE BRIDGES.


The date is 29th and 30th August 1987 or AD 37. I'm making this tape for the OT Convention on September 19th and 20th.



Admin Briefing Nr.2 will be about "False Briges".


By going up the ACTUAL Bridge one can see, where all the FALSE BRIDGES lead. This briefing is to inform you of how to differentiate them from the ACTUAL BRIDGE.


This briefing is not so important to people doing the ACTUAL Bridge, as they have already chosen the correct path. It is important to those, who have chosen a FALSE Bridge or who are still undecided, about how to progress toward OT.


You  do have the right to choose for yourself and learn by your experience. The intention of this briefing is only to warn you of traps, tricks, and about a course of action ( or inaction) which could be very costly and even damaging to your health and survival as well as your bank account.


So let us start by giving you the "Rights of a Thetan".

They are:


1)  Right to your own sanity


2)  Right to leave a Game


3)  Right to make or chose (or not) your OWN GAME to play.


I'll state those again:


1)  Right to your own sanity

2)  Right to leave a Game

3)  Right to make or chose (or not) your OWN GAME to play


Number One, Sanity: Anything, which makes you  less  sane, will affect your self-determinism and cause you to be more other-determined. Implanters, and people, who are the effect of them, who try to 'copy' them, are dedicated to making you less sane. What is this mechanism in terms of the Bridge?


Implanters try to shrink your awareness and make you believe, you are only a 'little part of theta' or are only a 'little part of existence' such as 'a body'. Or, they say: "We are all ONE and must listen to what the ONE says - the 'Great God of Good Sense' of our shared experience and Spiritual Endowment." This is Group Think  and causes agreement on an automatic stimulus-response basis, according to what implant is being used or keyed in at that time.


Implanters also try to suppress your native abilities by invalidating them or only  'conditionally' validating them as: "Well, you may experience that - if you take drugs", or "Our Drugs". (And pay a lot for them of course).  And then they continue on with other methods - including taking over religions or philosophies and twisting them into clever traps. Whatever their action is : TO SHRINK OR REDUCE  YOUR AWARENESS AND CONTROL IT, AND MAKE YOU CONFORM TO WHAT THEY (as 'STATUS AUTHORITIES' of course) SAY YOU SHOULD THINK OR BELIEVE OR DO.

 I'll give you that again:




Now, Rights of a Thetan Nr.2: The Right to leave a Game. This is very important as a Thetan's Right, because Implanters and their copy-cats WANT TO TRAP YOU so YOU NEVER LEAVE THE GAME or even find out what it is. This is why, over the eons and other games, there have been FALSE BRIDGES.


The implanters can't stop a person from improving  or wanting  to improve  himself, as this is one of the key purposes in the real   game, that the thetan agreed to. He did agree to improve himself. But they can use his desire to improve to lead him into a FALSE BRIDGE. One that promises improvement, but in the end, it's a trap. The improvement, to some small degree,  may even exist - to bait the trap - but the end result is the same - A TRAP. And it will be expensive too, as implanters know they must also reduce the energy and financial power of those who could oppose them.


Now the key to the ACTUAL Bridge is EXPANSION. Of awareness in time, space, and the expansion of the Ability to play a Game.  It will also validate you and your individuality and playing ability.


The ACTUAL Bridge is based on the fact that a thetan was big and powerful and wants to improve his Knowledge, Responsibility and Control to regain and exceed - EXCEED that original state. In fact he wants to obtain Nr. 3, The Right of a Thetan Nr. 3 - the Ability TO MAKE OR CHOOSE (OR NOT) A GAME. This is a very high ability, which very few on Earth have been succesful at. One major reason for this, is that when a thetan was powerful, he did choose a game, and has been playing it ever since - more and more unaware of it through the mechanism of implanting, not-is, invalidation and suppression.


There are three aspects to this "downspiral" in the game. One is other-determined,  another part is self-determined,  and another is the pan-determined  aspect. On the ACTUAL Bridge, other-determined  aspect of the downspiral must be handled first - then the self-determined, then the pan-determined.  This is the way out of the confusion and the uncertainty about how one did go down the spiral.


The FALSE Bridges hide  the "other-determined" aspect or invalidate  it. (Such as saying: "OT 3 was only Ron's case"). And, then they pretend  to give you 'self-determinism', when it's really more and more other-determinism, and then they pretend to give you 'pan-determinism', IF YOU CONFORM.  The highest form of  'pan-determinism' on the FALSE Bridge is to "Become One with the Universe". I say, isn't that nice? This is actually REDUCING a thetan's awareness to Tone 0, which is DEATH  on the Tone Scale and BEING MEST. (MEST is matter, energy, space and time). It's even downscale from 'Being a Body'. Well,  that's the way the FALSE Bridges go.


What is this MEST Universe anyway? Well, it's a complex composite case, made by all the players in the game. One runs his own part of it out at OT 13 on the ACTUAL Bridge. So to exteriorize a thetan INTO the MEST Universe as an Upper OT Level  is a TRAP. The REAL Bridge exteriorizes the thetan FROM the MEST Universe. He becomes BIGGER than it. Then he can handle his part of his responsibility in it.


I'll just repeat that again for anyone, that didn't get it: So, to exteriorize a thetan INTO the MEST Universe as an "Upper OT Level" is a TRAP. The REAL Bridge exteriorizes the thetan FROM the MEST Universe. He becomes BIGGER than it. Then he can handle his part of his responsibility in it.


Let's also look at Axiom Nr. 10: "The Highest Purpose in this Universe is the Creation of an Effect". Well, that's very easy for an OT to do. In fact, each OT did do it. So that's what the 2nd Highest Purpose? Of course, "To EXPERIENCE the effect" - and that's what he has been doing  ever since.


But there's more: What's the 3rd Highest Purpose? Maybe, "To PROVE the Cause of the Effect". And here you have theology, religion, philosophy, and some science theorists.


And the 4th Highest Purpose is: "To PROVE the EFFECT." Here are your run-of-the-mill scientists. Always in the lab "proving the effect" over and over and over again.


Ha! Now the implanters join in: "Let's create a FALSE effect" - as the 5th Highest Purpose - Oh! - and "EXPERIENCE THE EFFECT of the False Cause." You see? Create a False Cause as the 5th Highest Purpose and Experience the Effect of the False Cause as the 6th Highest Purpose.


Now, the FALSE Bridge of the implanters comes in and gives "PROVE The False Cause" and "PROVE The False Effect", as the 7th and 8th Purposes.


Now, as I say, you don't have to agree to all these purposes. They are purposes, that are floating around in the Games and in that order  of priority.  You can see "to PROVE The False Effect" is the last one and "PROVE the False Cause" is the 2nd to the last, and these are the ones you will find abounding  in the literature of implanter-influenced thought. Here we get psychology, psychiatry, mysticism, occult science, and other squirrel practices. You all know examples of  these in reading line-plots of different Implants. These FALSE EFFECTS come from CASE, that the implanters have carefully put in on the thetans in the games, so that they will believe these kinds of things.


Scientology starts out at Purpose Nr. 2, "Experience the Effect". Right in there! Let's experience! Let's get back to what we were doing  with thing! And they do it with processing, objectives and TR's to be able to confront it. Then the ARC Triangle starts cutting away FALSE causes, effects, and other-determined 'proofs' the person was subjected to. Then on OT levels the KRC Triangle gets at the Cause and Effect points and enables a thetan to regain his abilities.


You may have seen in "Sector 9"  the attributes of the Markabians - they love STATUS, CONFORMITY, MAINTENANCE of CONTROL. Well, this forms an 'SCM' triangle to suppress a thetan. It was developed by the implanters to replace the KRC Triangle. STATUS, CONFORMITY, MAINTENANCE of CONTROL.


Now to replace the ARC Triangle - did you know there is another one laid in there on the track? Yes! Their "ARC" Triangle is AUTOMATICITY, GROUP AGREEMENT AND ADMIRATION. It's a super-suppressive triangle, and it makes a person into a stimulus-response mechanism, actually.



So, you don't just "cog and pop out of the games", as do so many Americans tend to believe. OH YES! And they search for Bridges, that promises this.


It's an actual gradient to disentangle Other-determined, Self-Determined and Pan-Determined purposes; Own Universe, Others' Universe, Agreed-On MEST Universe, etc, etc, and, of course, the Dynamics. Of which there are twelve in the games. You all know the eight? Yes, there are eight. And 9 is Aesthetics, 10 Ethics of Games (neccessary, neccessary, very  neccessary to handle the implanters, who try to stop you from getting your Rights back), 11 - Tech of Games (of course The Bridge is the Playing Field of these Games of Completing the Current Games) and of course Nr. 12, Dynamic Twelve, Administration of Games. And above that, there is a Games Dynamic, and above that you as a Source of Games and all other components of them. Yes! You did do it  for your own play and experience.


Now the Implanters, seeing LRH heading up a movement of thetans to explore and insist on their rights as thetans and get on to these upper key Dynamics of Games, well, when they saw that,  they HAD to take over the CHURCH to prevent it from happening. They used their OFF-PLANET Mest Beings, the Markabians, as a "lower-level org" and did so. By 1980 no Old Timer or friend of  LRH was safe, not even his family. But LRH had expected this. He knew  the intention was to take it over and put a FALSE Bridge on the top of the existing one. So he left a "carrot for the donkeys". A "carrot for the donkeys". (You know, a little stick out in front of the donkey and you lead him with the carrot, so he keeps moving in that direction.) And what was this carrot?  Well, there were two of them actually, Money and Status. Oh. they fell for it TOTALLY! They're still  wrangling about it in the United States! (Wrangling means arguing, fighting, legal battles and so on). They are still  fighting about it, and that wasn't even the valuable thing he left! They also think  they have the Tech - but they do not. They have a "FALSE Bridge". Yes! LRH made sure the neccessary Tech was spread around to those, who could use it. It was all   there. Put it together. Apply it to what you find, and there's the WHOLE BRIDGE! Why can't others do it? Well, possibly they are working on the Nr. 3-8 Purposes given before and they are not on the 1st and 2nd, and thus are not on the trail of reaching for Source.


Well, what's beyond  the Physical Universe anyway, and what happened before  the Physical Universe?


These are two very interesting questions.


If your  Bridge, that you are on, can't answer this with certainty and processes to resolve it with big cogs, and gains, well, I'm sorry, you must be on a FALSE Bridge. These little questions are resolved on the ACTUAL Bridge very simply at OT 12-13 and most people know a lot about it, even before they get there.


Well - if you case progress is stopped by Body Problems, Somatics, High-Stuck TA, Headaches, Grief, or a "not being able to get through it or audit" or some Unreality, Funny Thoughts, Evil Intentions, Unclear feeling, Illogical Compulsions, Feeling of "being on Two Time-Tracks at once", etc, etc, - then come onto the ACTUAL Bridge and find out, what the Game is all about.


You can, of course, choose another  one, or wait  for a very "reasonable sounding" one, that might  come out soon, but realize: WE ALREADY KNOW ALL ABOUT THESE BRIDGES AND WHY THEY DON'T WORK.


The most effective in stopping  you, of course - that we know of, is a FALSE Bridge, that promises you a way to OT, that is very expensive and gets you to a state - well - where you can't ever report, how you have been trapped. But of course FIRST they will make you MONEYLESS and in a condition of INDEBTEDNESS. But then they will get you to the state, where you can't ever report, how you have been trapped  and it will exist for longer than ever before  and you might even become "One with the Physical Universe".  And, of course, that isn't saying very much at all, because look at where the Physical Universe is on the Tone Scale! Well, that's the kind of Game, that nobody wins, except the Implanters. So don't fall for that one.


It's a Bridge, that makes you feel good to be "in debt and out-exchange", because you are convinced,  you can soon "Blow" to OT and not have to pay back the money.  You will of course, also drop the body to "Prove it". The proof is: of course I went OT! I didn't have to pay the money. Anyway, some people are expecting something like that, and they are waiting for it.  And what a great way to go! Ha! Use up all the money, have a good time, and then drop the body and never have to pay it back. Little bit out-exchange, though. But they think, that doesn't matter, because "I'm going OT". Well, eventually we find them on the bridge, you know? They are not  OT, they are stuck in the Mest Universe. It's the worst fate, that could happen to a thetan.


Well, you say: "What! How do they know all this?" Well, we know  it's a FALSE Bridge - that one I just described - because it's been done before.  And by going up the NEW ACTUAL Bridge we have, you will find these thetans and free them. They were caught  in it, trapped forever,  and they were still  trapped, until we showed up. And many, on being freed, stated as the 1st words, they have been able to communicate in eons and eons and eons:"WOW! What a TRAP! I want my money back!".


And, I'm sorry to say, there wasn't anybody at all on levels past that, that had actually completed anything. I mean, there were people, that were stuck  there. And there were beings, that had gotten into other practices and maybe thought he was there, but he was really stuck well into the Mest Universe, and into the Games.


Well, I'm sorry to say, there isn't any other way out. The only  being, that we did  find, and you will find,  on going on up there (besides the other people that have already gone up, of course) - you will find Ron there, because he is the one, that left us the Road Map for the way out and he and I and any OT invite you all to do the ACTUAL Bridge and Play a better Game.


Now, some News from the Games Master Level.


There is now a series of issues, which takes you to your own PERSONAL IDEAL SCENE. It's called The Games Series Course and it's done right after The Games Master Course.


And then, on the Games Basics Course just above that, is the answer and handling of what does a thetan, or OT, do when the body is asleep? Do you know, you can become 100% aware of your actions 24 hours a Day?  It's quite incredible why  the thetan chooses to "not recall", what happens when the body is asleep! We now know all about it.


And as a finishing touch, there are Source Operations Issues, which give the final handlings to any mysteries why we are here at this particular point in the game. It has to do with your OWN application of Pre-Logics Q 2 and Q 1. That's Pre-logics 1 and 2. If you don't know them, you will have to look them up, because they are already there and have been there since the early 1950's. And, at this level - Source Operations Level - it has to do with your OWN application of that as a self-determined  Source. And how you may have deliberately chosen to limit your OT Abilities! It's also quite incredible.


So, there's plenty of room for more Players and Game Masters at the top. There is a New Civilization to put here, a new game with FUNS, WINS, and ACCEPTANCE by all. Of course it's so BASIC and TRUE to the nature of a being. And it will PERSIST as long as you CHOOSE to make it or play it. It will persist, that's your 3rd Right as a Thetan. Enjoy it.


The music you heard before this talk was an example of what two OTs can do on Dynamic 9 Aesthetics.


Now you will hear another example, but just before I end off, I want to thank LRH, or Elron Elray, for doing what he did to help us all out of the trap.


And I welcome you all to this most exciting and interesting OT Convention, AD 37.


Thank you very much.


Administration Briefing Number 3


September 1, AD 38


Hello! This is Capt. W.B. Robertson.

And this is Admin Briefing No. 3.

The date is 1 Sept 1988 or AD 38.

The title of this Briefing is





Admin Briefing No. 1 was about 'The Bridge here at Ron's Org'.


Admin Briefing No. 2 was about 'False Bridges'  that you might be exposed to.


And this is Admin Briefing No. 3, about 'YOUR BRID6E'.


You are a logical being and interested in improvement. Or you wouldn't be listening to this tape. Or perhaps you couldn't listen to this tape, if you were suppressed or otherdetermined enough to be below the need of change, hope, and help Awareness Levels.


In other tapes we have looked up the Bridge to see what's next. Now, in this tape. let's look down on it from the top -- if you are logical enough you can do it. So let's begin:


Ron said that 'Life is basically a game'. I stated in Admin Briefing No. 1 that it could be seen as a 'SERIES of GAMES'. Now I can even say that the Series of Games extends as far back as you are willing to confront. And that most of them -- you and others -- agreed to play, but some of them were covertly and secretly put in to the existing agreed-upon games, and these are the reason for much of the misery and suffering and other-determinism in this one, and in most of the other ones you agreed to play.


And I can say that the overall game that You are playing now has a LOT of Players in it -- at least a number as big as 10 with 40 zeros behind it That's a BIG game. And when it gets suppressed and goes wrong, there can be BIG trouble.


You could even say that the solidity and persistence and 'mystery' of this game and the playing field and the creations on the playing field which we call the MEST Universe, IS A MEASURE OF THE UNCONFRONTED SUPPRESSION AND COMPLEXITY AND THE INCOMPLETE CYCLES BY THE PLAYERS IN THE GAME.


Now, I ask you, 'Are you, or have you ever been, a player in this game?' The answer is YES, if you are listening to this tape. And, 'Does it seem complex with lots of incomplete cycles, enturbulation and suppression, and secret going-ons?' YES it does, if you care to inspect the Dynamics of life in this game:


Let's take the First Dynamic: 'Do you have all the havingness you desire in the game today and can you easily get what you want if you don't have it?' Think about that.


On the Second Dynamic: 'Does it seem there's a real scarcity of 2nd Dynamic ideal scenes in this game?' Consult your own experience and that of others for the answer.


Take the Third Dynamic: 'Do you see any groups betraying their members or others, and working for suppressive, secret, and evil purposes in the game today?' Did you ever see anything like that?


Let's take the Fourth Dynamic: 'Are there some players in the game of life who don't even have enough to eat and are subject to disease, famine, and war or are just being killed 'accidently' or 'by mistake'?'


On the Fifth Dynamic: 'Do you hear of species of animal life becoming extinct or endangered and forests of trees being destroyed -- all affecting the chain of food supply and ecological balance of this planet?'


On the Sixth Dynamic: 'Have you read of pollution and climatic changes in the Earth's atmosphere due to depletion of the ozone layer, and loading up the air, and water with poisonous waste products?'


On the Seventh Dynamic: 'Have you experienced strange pressures, headaches, illnesses which medical science can't handle? And have you seen other people depressed or out of their mind with pain and craziness from drug effects and incurable illnesses?'


Let's take the Eighth Dynamic: 'Have you read of, or seen, the fighting and killing going on in the name of religion, -- in Ireland, the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, the Far East, the Persian Gulf -- to name a few, or the bigoted other-determined and other-determinism practiced by those who claim to have a comm-line to 'God'?'


On the Ninth Dynamic: 'Have you heard any 'modern music' recently, or seen 'modern painting', or even 'modern sculpture'? Does it look or sound confused? Are all people making their cities and communities pleasing to the eye and artistic, or is there garbage and trash and decay in the living environment?'


On the Tenth Dynamic: 'Is anyone trying to make a 'fast buck' with no delivery of a quality product or service in your area? Ever hear of any scandals or rip-offs in government or business circles? Any news of innocent people being killed or persecuted just for 'being there'? Any news of poisoning the environment in which we all live?' Well, those would be examples of what's going wrong on the Tenth Dynamic - the Ethics Dynamic.


Now let's take the Eleventh Dynamic: 'Have you seen any advertisements for a 'quick way' to OT in just a few days? Have you seen any Tech groups 90 out of business or have to rip-off their public and make war on dissenters?' Well. that's the Technical dynamic -- and it certainly needs some correction.


Let's take the Twelfth Dynamic: 'Do you have the feeling there is really no 'policy' or 'ideal scene' for this planet? And that many actions are found to be full of false, omitted. or wrongly included data, or especially, altered importance? But anyway there is a lot of 'paper work' and 'admin' to do just to survive? And that the exchange agreement of money is somehow variable and false, and inflating all the time? Did you ever notice that? And do you see a lot of false datums in the society?' All this comes from the 12th Dynamic of Admin of Games and when Admin is out, those conditions are prevailing.


Well, it's not all bad, there are many players trying to IMPROVE on one or more of those 12 dynamics, and there are areas where the agreed-upon game is still 'bringing order' and sanity to the universe. And there are more frequent glimpses of 'sanity' or logic in today's events. There is HELP  and ARC  and even some KRC  being applied. But. not enough.


The viewpoint which you are now looking at -- if you have followed with me so far -- is the viewpoint of the 13th Dynamic -- GAMES --  their analysis and handling. This is a Point which begins the OT application of Logic to improve the game as it exists and make it more VIABLE. That means 'able to be full of life, fun, wins. and acceptances for yourself and others as players.'


Now, what has to be handled on these dynamics to make them more viable and to bring them towards an ideal scene for each player? Well, what has to be handled is called CASE. You could also look at it as 'MISAPPLICATION or NO APPLICATION of pure Theta Logic in the game'.


In a word, what we're dealing with is ILLOGIC. A thetan is basically LOGICAL, if you want to say what is his highest quality. In fact, ALL AUDITING RESTORES LOGIC TO THE THETAN.

Of course, 'all games', again per LRH, 'are aberrative'. We could say that all games are a bit 'illogical'. But Ron also says, 'Some are fun'. And those are the ones YOU agreed to Play .


Just take this view for a moment: Here we have an IMMORTAL LOGICAL BEING, a thetan, with a potential of anything as per Axioms 1 and 2.


What can you keep him interested in 'forever'? What can you keep him interested in that would span IMMORTALITY -- which is, ALWAYS WAS, ALWAYS IS, ALWAYS WILL BE THERE? or, IF YOU SEE IT INDIVIDUALLY, ALWAYS WILL BE HERE?


Work it out. It's simple. A thetan has the quality of LOGIC. He would have fun APPLYING IT. What can you apply LOGIC to? You can apply it to ILLOGIC, the resolution of. The resolution of ILLOGIC. Therefore we have games, and it's fun to apply the logic to their resolution. That's what fun is. But it's not just one game or a game with one player. No, that's only a start. You can't cover 'forever' and 'infinity' with that. It has to be an INFINITE POSSIBILITY OF GAMES. For example, gradiently through from simple to more complex. Hence, this one existing now. It is very complex and interference in its agreements has produced a regression and forgetfulness in most of the players. Yes, a real forgetfulness. Most of them have forgotten their rights -- that's the 'Rights of a Thetan' --. Their dynamics -- which we were talking about before -- and their hope and their ability to Play .


Their attention gets stuck on past smaller, less complex games and the wins they had there. Or another already-played game is tried to be played over again, while not-ising or not confronting the one that is here .. because it has too many 'unconfrontables' in it. Or a false game is 'thought' to be the real game (usually gratefully supplied by implanters who try to make the logical player into a piece or a broken piece of ILLOGIC or a piece of MEST.


Enough of examples, I'm sure you can see many many more.


The question is: 'Do YOU want a BRIDGE out of this ILLOGICAL MESS towards more viable games for yourself and all your other dynamics? And for others as well?'


Remember, the game is this complex because the simpler ones were already done. Therefore you must have been ready for this one or you wouldn't have gotten into it. So let's take this big viewpoint, so we can all play better and more viable games.


Have you still the ability to help another and want to really know how to do so? Or will you let someone else put a 'FUTURE' there, which is really a PAST OLD UNSUCCESSFUL GAME? Will you let them put that on your track to really confuse you further?


Well, there is no 'FUTURE', other than what we put there. And the only way to put an improved, more viable future there is to know about all the past games 'scenes' and the past games 'complexities' and past games 'handlings' -- all the important ones And not only know about them, but evaluate them with comparison to the existing scene and move the vectors towards viability. Otherwise the existing scene could worsen. And it will do so if one does not confront the complexities and suppressions and incomplete cycles of his own and other's games. And that would lead into a dwindling spiral of NO FUN.


Games are supposed to be FUN. The ones you agreed to play are and were FUN. Everybody can win. And that is what the Bridge at Ron's org is all about. It's a bridge for YOU.


You know, for you to be in a game this 'complex', you must have been ready for it and agreed to it. So you should be really 'cooking' on all 12 Dynamics in this game and moving them easily to ideal scenes for your own havingness, fun, wins. and application of and appreciation of the Rights of a Thetan .


And that includes: 'To make or choose, or to not make or not choose, your own games to play'. That's a Right of each Thetan .


And you, of course, have the right 'to go OT', or 'to experience out of the game states above the 12th Dynamic', which we call the Source Level States.


And you do have the ability to apply what you learn there to improvement of all games .


There are plenty of possibilities left. We haven't run out of infinity yet !


So, if you aren't cooking on all 12 Game Dynamics and aware of and can easily experience the higher ones when you wish, the Bridge is here for YOU.


It's a game in itself. A game of undoing and as-ising bad games and improving and making games more viable.


Now you might say, 'Is that all, all, there is to it? You mean it's just a bunch of IMMORTALS playing an INFINITE amount of games? And now we're stuck somewhere in the middle of the infinity of possibilities? And all this stuff around was created by us IMMORTALS to experience ILLOGIC and analyze and handle it? And some went against the agreements and suppressed the fun out of it? And now I don't want to be here but I can't not be here because an immortal ALWAYS was, is, and will be HERE? And all the other stuff you hear about philosophy, theology, cosmology. etc. is mostly BULLSHIT? Or some recalls of past games already played and forced down everyone's throat? Is that the way it really is? It sounds too simple, too 'logical'. Well, my answer to that is, 'YES, IT IS'.


And someone might also ask, 'You mean I can get to the leading edge of application of logic, to making new and more viable games, by just going up the Bridge and handling my games track and incomplete cycles of freeing and as-ising on the Dynamics and restoring my ideal scenes and purposes?' Well, 'YES, YOU CAN'.


And someone else might say, 'You guys in Ron's Org are really there to help, not just a 'con', a betrayal, a rip-off? You really believe you can make a more viable and better game and handle all those dynamic situations? You really are trying to make a New Civilization and restore The Rights of Thetans?

Well. 'YES, WE ARE'.


And, if I might give a little thanks here, 'We can only do it because we were started off and given the basics by ONE GREAT GAMES MASTER.' And here is a short poem in honor of him:








Elron Elray


That's the end of Admin Briefing No. 3 about YOUR BRIDGE.


Thank you very much.



Administration Briefing  Number 4


October 7th,  AD 39




Hello everybody! Welcome to Davos Switzerland - up here in the snowy and beautiful Alps - and this wonderful OT Convention 1989, hosted by Walchwil, Zurich, Bern and other different delivery places in Switzerland. This is Admin Briefing #4, and it is called






Now you have all probably read or heard Admin Briefing #1,2 and 3 - about "The Bridge", "False Bridges" and "Your Bridge". Recently I have come across something very interesting, and it fits in with the convention and the subjects in the convention lectures, and it is an overall look at some things, that are omitted in this game, omitted in this universe and have been omitted or never put in. I have the proof of that - I'm leaning on it (the lectern) right here - that these areas were never handled and never had a Bridge - all right?


Now, what do I mean, when I say "Omitted Bridge"? I mean it is a bridge different, a bit different , from the one you are on, the one you are doing or the one you were trained to use. But, it nevertheless is there and is necessary to end off the game properly or at least bring it into a better game, a more viable game. So what I am referring to here is a Bridge concerning the fifth and sixth dynamic. Now, when I say "Omitted Bridges", each of those two dynamics may be composed of certain things, which need a different bridge, so there may be more than one. Now, we have only been able to get to this point by actually completing the bridge for the thetan - the game player, you - who are playing a game, whether you know it or not - on at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 dynamics. And, if you are on mission, maybe even more - but you are playing a game on various dynamics.


You all know about that. You studied it from the first moment, that you heard your first public efficiency lecture. The "eight dynamics". And then aesthetics, ethics, tech, admin. Yes, we have all these dynamics, and your processing is devoted towards expanding your abilities on these dynamics, and increasing your awareness of these various dynamics and the games, that are played on them. But that's your Bridge. What about the created particles, created bits of postulated theta, and matter, energy, space and time, that exist on these dynamics? Is their Bridge the same as yours? No. But, they have to end off the game too, or it isn't a complete cycle. You can't play a new game with - well, you can, but it won't be very much fun and probably not as good, and it will be less viable, than the one you are in - if you don't finish, as-is, bring to conclusion the cycle on the old game. Otherwise it drags over into the new game, all right? Just like the bill, you didn't pay last month, it still keeps bugging you this month, you see? Or the papers you didn't file properly last year, you can't find them this year, or any incomplete cycle in your life, if you look at it - why can you look at it? You see, you can look at it, because it isn't complete! It's still there, reaching for your attention. Ha! Ha! If you had really completed it, then I would say - just look at the completed cycles and just have a feeling of win. "Yeah, I did that." "It's finished." You see? But, the incomplete cycle of action will hold your attention.


Now let's get back to the fifth and sixth dynamics; fifth dynamic - life forms, sixth dynamic - matter, energy, space and time. So, where is the Bridge for this? And what is the Bridge for this?

Now the fifth dynamic is a combination itself - of seventh dynamic theta and sixth dynamic matter, energy, space and time. So there may be a combination of two bridges here or maybe three, that it has to handle. OK? You see the point here? Have you ever gone to any therapy or school of knowledge, anywhere like that, where they said, "Well, this is now the way, we are going to bring this piece of matter, energy, space and time out of this game and finish it off for it.."?  No. People are too concerned with their own cases, on all their dynamics. Usually they don't bother about it, except in one specific, and that is their own body and whatever it keeps bumping into in the Physical Universe. And there you have produced a thing called an incident or engram or secondary or just different things, that happen with the various randomities of collision with MEST by other MEST or life forms. Of course it can also be FUN to some degree, but all games should be fun. If they are viable, they should be fun as well.


So what is it? What has happened to this matter, energy, space and time? What has happened to the theta particles of the body? What has happened to these tiny little individuals? Or we can call them little pieces of theta, because when you go back to Axioms 1 and 2, you will find that matter, energy, space and time itself was created and/or agreed upon by the static or the thetans, the players of the game. So, when you come right down to it, you have little particles of created theta there, or that theta created, whichever way you like it. Now, what is the Bridge for these guys? Now remember they are not playing the game on all Dynamics, as you are. In fact, they are only on one dynamic, one of your dynamics. So it is quite obvious from a technical point of view, that they may have an entirely different Bridge. Alright? Now we are in a position to actually develop the processes for these bridges. We have cleaned off all the other junk - all the implanter implants, all the incidents, engrams, locks, secondaries - all the things, that were affecting your game as well as theirs.


And now you get it all cleaned up and you say, "Hey, I am willing to have a better game now!" and, "What are all the people stuck in? Let's get them out of it!" So, that's the players. But what about the postulated particles. Well, we know on the Bridge, if we get each person in the game up the Bridge, he will then take responsibility for, and complete the cycle on, every particle he created. We know that. That happens in OT 12 and 13. But there are so many players, it will take a while. And meanwhile you have to operate with this stuff. And so for purely selfish - if you want to put it that way - reasons, you want to operate better, and if you can bring some of the MEST and some of the lambda, which is the life form part - the MEST is the phi-part, Greek letter phi from the Dianetics Axioms - if you want to operate better, you can help bring it up the bridge, at least in your immediate environment. Now does that sound interesting to help your OT operation? Because you all know,  "Yes, I can get it done. But it take so long. It's longer than my usual earlier universe game postulates. If I wanted a hamburger in those days, I just said 'hamburger' and there it was." Well, that was your created hamburger - maybe on a via, if you wanted to have it stay around to eat it.


You would create it on a via, you see, so it wouldn't disappear the minute, you looked at it and said: "Yum!". So, but definitely it was yours or maybe one of your friends and you all knew, whose particles were whose. But, in a big complicated game like this with eight dynamics and millions and billions of players you have to operate within a framework of: "We have to  get these guys on the Bridge one or two at a time." And we are moving it along. And then we run into the scenarios, and so on and so on and the implanters work hard to make sure, that people can't recognize you and all that, as Arnold was talking about.

So we, as Players, handle it on an all Dynamics basis. But let's also look at the possibilities of shortening down some of these long 'postulate to completion' cycles by actually auditing  some of the matter, energy, space, time and life forms, that are in the cycle of action. If we can audit them successfully, ffft! We can get the compliance, the cycle of action done much faster. And we might get some very, shall we say, unusual phenomena coming out of that.


Now, this is just the theoretical and logical background to this, from the theory of games, and from the theory of the Bridge, the tech - technology of LRH - and Scientology. And you all have looked at it before, I'm sure, in some way or another. But now let's look at it from a C/Sing viewpoint, a case supervision viewpoint. Let's look at some of these differences, and I think you will be amazed at some of the simplicities, we have overlooked. I know, I thought myself very stupid,  when I  found them -  not stupid now, but stupid then - and realized that I had missed and probably misinterpreted or didn't quite get the full meaning of what LRH was saying or had missed something about it, and I realized, "Man, this is so simple. Why didn't we ever see this before."


Now here is one of the examples. You are playing the game on eight Dynamics - at least - maybe twelve, maybe more. But a particle, that is created, is created with a purpose. You don't create things for no purpose at all. You don't spend your money on things, you don't need. You don't plan your day, so that you do things, you don't want to do or don't need to do.So you have some evaluation, some plan, some importance, as to what you are doing and what you want to do things with. So when you create something, you usually create it with a purpose. And that's the first logical thing to look at. A purpose is not the same as operating on eight or twelve Dynamics. It's a single thing. Maybe worded a bit complexly or intended a bit complexly, but it is not the same thing. I mean, this little piece of MEST here doesn't go and get married to that little piece of MEST. And they don't have children - you see, what I mean? They are not operating on that second dynamic. And  this little piece of MEST here is not going around saying, how many little Submocos or subatoms or subparticles he owns - you see, what I am saying? He is not having his first Dynamic possessions and his second dynamic and things like that. No, it is not the same Bridge at all. So when I realized that: "Hey, wait, these guys are on the Dynamics. They are not playing a game on all the Dynamics, they are on the Dynamics. They only have a purpose there."


The trick is to find out what the purpose is. And the trick is to then be able to do a C/S to audit that purpose and to straighten it out, handle any losses on it. It's not the Failed Purpose Rundown, by the way, because it hasn't failed, you see? It is doing it. One thing about those postulates, they are very strong. And those little particles will keep on doing that forever, they will. And they might have their troubles with it, and they might have some ARC Breaks, and so on, but they will keep doing it forever. Until the creator of that particle goes and does the Bridge and goes to OT 12 and 13. But, while he is doing that, he might as well do it happily, and he might as well do it viably and he might as well help the people, who are trying to clean up the game and finish it off properly and bring it to a new game, you understand, what I mean?


There is a help factor here. Now, so OK, if you agree to help and restore nice and clean the purpose of the lambda and phi, then you are qualified to audit and C/S the lambda and phi. You see? Never audit somebody, you don't want to help. So if you are going around being angry at MEST, and you don't like your body and all that, well, don't become an auditor for it. Turn yourself over to a Review auditor. Don't audit counter-intention, you see? You don't want to help it, but it needs help. Don't play around with it. But, if you really want to help the fifth and sixth dynamic, and you like that idea of increasing the operation potential and shortening down the operation time, then this can be done.


Now one of the first things I realized, after I realized that there is a purpose sitting in every created particle put there by it's creator, is that maybe some of them are similar, maybe some of them are the same. A lot of them have to do with the game, of course. And they could have had all the things happen to those purposes, that you could have had happen to any one of your dynamics. But they are still there. And that is their basic. Or at least their basic of existence.


If you want to go earlier than that, you have to go back to the individuality of their creator. In other words, he has to come and do it himself on OT 12 and 13  and get recognition back and forth there. 'Yes, I made you. You are finished now with the game. It's OK to return to that moment of creation and become as-ised." But, there is also an opportunity at upper OT-levels, to do a lot of clean-up of their purposes on a gradient. How can we help a particle of MEST or a particle of lambda (life form), how can we help it achieve it's purpose? And, we have to realize, since thetans are basically good, that they would have put good purposes in there. Basically their purposes are good. And probably every time a "moco" ( a little created particle) in a bullet kills a thetan's body, for instance in a battle, it probably has a slight bit of bypassed charge there, and a bit of anguish, grief, and perhaps an ARC-Break with the guy, who fired the gun. And the bullet itself has all that. You see, what I mean? Because it's not helping the rest of the game every well.


Well, you will be surprised to find out, that there is such charge on matter, energy, space and time. They are particularly susceptible to or the effect of, well - let's say it in this order:

One - neglect or non-acknowledgement by the players in the game. Of course they were created to help in the game, and if you do not acknowledge them, you neglect them, and they'll be a little displeased with that, because it goes against their purpose.

Two - betrayal. Especially betrayal. You say, you are going to do something for them and then you don't do it. Or, simply leaving them to fend on their own for a long period of time, not even using them at all, or not putting them in another game, by saying, "OK, that's finished, you can be free." or whatever. And not giving them their rights of a thetan.

Three - they are also susceptible to bad tech, as anyone is, all right? And that includes somebody using bad intention on them, you understand? You probably notice this, when you buy a used car. You just look at some of them and you say, "Boy, the owner sure didn't like that car. He treated it very bad. I don't want it at all." You see? And the car is giving you that intention: "I don't like you players. You mess me up! Grr!" You see? You know, what I mean? And there are those intentions lying there and being duplicated by the MEST. And reflected back to anybody who cares to examine them, and that's some of the charge too.

Four - another charge, they get, is overrun. In other words, the game went on too long. "You said, you would come back and free us, but you didn't." "Hey, you left us a hell of a long time there without nothing. We didn't even get used. We didn't get played with. We didn't get a kind of acknowledgement, no ARC at all. We feel very overrun about that." Especially if the players are going off and trying to start a new game without even ... well with totally ignoring the matter, energy, space and time, they left behind them. Oh boy! From your side it may look like "irresponsibility". From their side it looks like overrun, betrayal, bad or no tech, no auditing, no acknowledgement, OK?


You get the idea. There can be charge there. So we are looking at these case phenomena. Now, what tech can we use to handle this? Well, it's in one of the basic policies of LRH, in the "green on white". And this especially applies to lambda. If you apply it to lambda, it works very well, because the lambda is the interface between theta and MEST, and lambda therefore animates the life form. This is the hidden thing, the scientists are trying to find all the time. What orders the cells around? What orders the nerves to do zzzt? Or to move the hand when you touch the stove and so on? Well, this is your lambda interface. These are just created bits of theta, that have some of the same "smartness" of the thetan in some areas. And they have that smartness, so that they know "when you lay that piece of meat on that hot plate, and you don't take it off, you get cooked meat." And - "If you use that finger for, you know, for giving fingerprints, or writing a book or something, you better move it quick!" At least the little lambda guy knows that, and he says: "Hey! Get it off of there!" And all the matter, energy, space and time say: "Oh, oh, we're supposed to get it off from there!"

Otherwise they don't care, they just cook. Why will they cook? Because they, when you look at them as MEST, each particle wants to return to its own creator. And it wants to rejoin its own creator and get back in the game with him. So it doesn't have any purpose to stick together really, except for its own mutual benefit, to help each other out, when everybody else betrayed them. That's the first idea, you find they have, but the basic idea is not that. The basic idea is to rejoin. And they know, that he is somewhere, even if the guy, who created them, has left the universe. He is may be in static state somewhere or outside the game. So, most of your smaller and lighter particles of MEST, after they go through the first socialist attempt to gang together for their own mutual benefit, they try to exteriorize from the game to go back to the beginning. So then you find radiation, you find sunlight, you find all these particles moving on through the universe, expanding the universe, trying to get out! Scientists find the universe is expanding, it's trying to get "outside of itself". There are very few pieces of solid stuff in it, if you care to look at it. In the dimensions of the physical universe, it's really small particle lumps and lots of open space.


And the space itself hardly ever gets acknowledged! Remember? Matter, energy, space and time. How about space? Little created particles of space. They hardly ever get acknowledged. But I tell you one thing, if you look or go ask an astronomer, "How much space is there between here and the moon or here and the stars?" He would say: "Oh, wow! There is lots of space there. Lots, lots, lots!" They measure it in lightyears, you know. Hey, did you ever realize, that there is another simple basic: That statement right there is  proof of the individuality of each player in the game. Why? Because each particle of space does not compress into itself, or into any other space, it all stays separate. Even if the matter tends to clump together, the space around, with which that was created, all tends to stay individualized. That's why you  have such large amounts of space around. The large amount of players. A large amount of space. And it won't compress.


We are not talking about area, we are talking about space. Playing field space. It doesn't compress. It will expand. It'll try and get further and further away from. But each space particle, say, is "neighborly" to other space particles, mainly because they never get acknowledged by anyone else. I mean, we already know this from doing the Bridge. That you can look at a piece of matter, energy, space, and time anywhere and you can just acknowledge it, and say, "Hey, I understand, that you have been betrayed, you have been overrun, you are unflat or have not been audited at all on the technical way to finish you on the game, I understand all that." And all of a sudden, wow, you get this incredible flow of "Wow, somebody finally understands me!" coming from the matter, energy, space and time. No matter what it is. Yes, try it some time. But remember, the reach of a little created particle is very small, so you have to put both the comm lines there. Sort of like the man with the ear trumpet, you know? You have to put the comm line there to put the intention to it, but you also put the coming-back commline for it to talk on, you see? It's like a telephone. You have to have both lines there - one to hear on, and one to give on. Telepathically. And you will find, that you can hear, what it says and what emotion it's feeling, and so on. And you can brighten up MEST all around you by just indicating the bypassed charge on that, you understand?  "Overrun - betrayed by your creator - overrun here and went too long in this game - didn't have any tech or you had bad tech. Yeah,  I understand  all that. We are here to help you."


Oh, that will really get them excited. "Wow, what do you want me to do?" Well, now we have something, we really can help them with. And that is this lambda and phi processing. Now, the policy, I mentioned before, is "OT Organizations". That's the one, in which LRH writes about rehabilitating a failed purpose, or rehabilitating a purpose, and this action will bring new life into an area, an org or an individual. Now that's very interesting. New life. That fits in with viability. Able to live. New life. So, all you have to do is work out a series of processes, that will clean up the purpose line, audit the purpose line of the matter, energy, space, time or lambda particle, so it's all cleaned up of all bypassed charge. You understand? And bring it forward into the game, where you are in present time. And then either let it continue and help, experience its rights of a thetan, go free - or it may even be willing to take a new purpose on, and do OT operations with you. It normally will. You see? Or at least do its purpose so well that it just almost can't be knocked off it. What I am saying is, if you have an automobile, that has been treated with these processes, it is better than Turtle Wax! In other words, it keeps going and going and going. It fixes itself. It never breaks down. You hardly ever have to do anything to it. You do normal maintenance maybe, and it tells you when something is wrong. That's interesting. So, for durability of matter, energy, space and time there is an advantage.


And I have and other OTs have already witnessed some of these results, especially with the operation of matter, energy, space and time. And also some other very strange activities, where it tends to do what you wanted it to do, and not be knocked off its purpose-line. For instance things that are falling off that might break - and all of a sudden the lambda and the phi work together, to make sure it doesn't happen. And you have not even postulated it. I mean, it's just immediate cooperation from the body, from the MEST in the area, and whatever it was that was going to fall and break, suddenly does not. I've seen some stuff in that line with the body moving so fast, that it's impossible to even see it. And it will stop the thing from falling or either put it back very quickly and it's faster than I have ever seen any athlete react to anything. You see? Absolutely almost a blur of light. Now, these things happen, and it happens quite often actually. Now before, we have sort of looked as, "Well the guy is doing OT, of course these things happen." But what we also have to look at now is that he is getting better cooperation from the dynamics themselves, which also have recognized that the person, the player, is going up the Bridge. You see? So, going OT can be looked at as a two-way flow: He is in better control of his dynamics. But also the dynamics are recognizing him and cooperating with him better. You see, what I mean?


Now we are going to push the research, and the technical processes mentioned here, into better ways to improve the "cases" of the phi and the lambda, the matter, energy, space and time and life forms, entirely on their own. And this will bring forth as I said before an omitted Bridge or Bridges. Omitted Bridges that needed to be there in the past but never were there, and therefore the game became too old, went on too long, became stale, the interference came in and everything went downhill. Everybody wanted a new game, but they couldn't take any responsibility for what was left in the old one, so they only wanted to blow, take off, you know? That was covered in "False Bridges", the tape before last. The False Bridges, you know, the guy says, "Well, look, can I get OT in a weekend?" And, "You get me totally out of the universe. I have no responsibility for it, I just want to get out." "Oh yes, we can do that. We can do that, yes, yes, yes. Well, you take these drugs now and you go." And the guy is gone, and there is another body standing around for some implanter or Markabian to use.


OK. So, we have this area and these processes, I've started to work on some of these and try them out, and they are going to be available for people to C/S and audit, and we are going to apply some of them down the Bridge for specific body problems. And of course, when you look at it fully, the gradients from Dianetics helps this action in both respects. Gets the thetan more at cause over the dynamics, and the accidents and the injuries that happened on them, and it also brings the communication level of the body back up.


Dianetics also brings up the responsibility of the person for the body and for the body itself to recognize that. "Hey, the guy is playing the game again, he is talking to us." You see? "He is running us through our incidents.Wow!" You see what I mean? It's a two-way operation here. We are going to improve OTness, not only on you but also on your dynamics. Now I don't know where this is going to lead, because in this complex of a game, with this many players in it, we haven't ever done this one before. We haven't needed to. We've had other complex games, but the Bridges were quite simple. There wasn't interference, there wasn't so much, shall we say, suppression, betrayals and so on. In this one there was a lot. So we might get some quite amazing results. And this will be the exact technical things, that we need to handle and give the alternative to the things which are being planned by the "other side",  which you heard about in John's lectures and Arnold's lectures, and in other people's talks, and in some of my own talks, about some of the scenarios planned for this planet on  the MEST level and on the genetic level for the body. If we move ahead with these processes and this research, we can find and rehabilitate the purpose of the MEST particles and they won't listen to the implanters. They'll be totally in PT and say, "To hell with you guys, we are going to finish off the game right!" They won't be able to get any compliance from them. You see what I mean? If they are down into "finding the purpose of the atom" and all that, suppose we already have a catalogue of all the basic purposes of all the particles of MEST in the different categories? This we can have. The lambda are going to have various purposes a little bit more complicated, because they run a life-form, and they are there to help theta get back in communication and work with MEST. So their purposes may be a little more complicated, I've already worked a series of processes for those, they seem very successful, I need some more people to try them out, when they are up the Bridge. But the MEST ones? I've just got a corner on that and I have already found out some very interesting things.


That the combinations of MEST - we are talking now about basic molecular structure - can be looked at as a combination of the purposes of the atoms and particles  comprising it. So let's take a simple example, which I have already examined, water. Water, if you have read some Science and Biology you will know, that water is the water molecule H2O. Two hydrogen, one oxygen. It is a basic component of the body, it's almost 90 percent of the body. It's all over your mountains here, as snow, it's all over the planet here as water and oceans. And you have it in your house, coming in in pipes, right? And you have it in your refrigerator as ice. Hey,  this is a very active little game-guy, heh? These little guys get around. They are in the air, they are in the ocean, they are in your ice-box, they are in your bath tub, they are in your body. Hey, who are these guys? I call them the "water mocos", all right? What makes them such great players?


They run around, they do all kinds of games. You look at one of your brooks down here as it's running down the mountain, they are happy. They are having a good time.Of course you look at them in pollution, when people have dropped all kinds of chemicals in the water, they don't look so happy. Well, they can't carry out  their purpose. because if you analyze these this goes back - I got the idea from an LRH tape in the PDC - where he says that gold, the element gold, the gold molecule or the gold atom has a purpose in it - "have me". Everybody likes gold. I mean, people don't refuse. If you offer them a piece of gold they say, "Yeah, I'll take it." It has a "have me!". So, I thought about that and I said, "Well, it's probably very simple, they probably have a simple postulate on each particle and they go together into the combination that makes this "thing" called water. And I realized that now we have to go through the periodic table, Medeleevs Periodic Table, and write all these down as the extra data he didn't put in there for all the particles and atoms and so on. But on the water molecule you have 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen. Now, I didn't get into the sub-particles'  purposes and so on, which I can go into later on the research, but just on the basic hydrogen atom and oxygen atom.


What did I find? The purpose "to be free" on the hydrogen, and "to live" on the oxygen. So, you have two "free" and one "to live" . So you can get the combination of, "to be free to live freely", or "free to live freely", or "live freely". And when you look at what water does, it's doing that. It's very free. I mean if you don't watch it, if things are getting a bit hot, it'll spread its wings and evaporate out of here. It's free. And the next thing you know it may be up in a cloud, going over China, saying, "I'm going to play over here now." The next thing you know, it's in the Yellow River, and the next thing you know it's in a typhoon, and the next thing you know it's parachuted down as snow in northern Alaska, and it's now being a piece of ice, and carrying a rock: a giant, enormous rock, that human beings couldn't even lift, and it's coming down with it on a glacier, being a piece of ice, and doing it over a period of a few thousand years, while it's thinking about what to do next. But it chooses a lot of the time, you see? And it's got that "free and live". It lives. It's very active, very viable.


And the gold with the "have me". Did you ever noticed, that people really have it. They have the gold in the ring, they have it on the finger, the gold around the neck, they have it on the neck. Most people, if they have any gold, they put it in the safe, and have it there. You see what I mean? But you don't ever see a game going on, where people are throwing pieces of gold back and forth. I mean, it's not a reach and withdraw postulate. It's have. I haven't  ever seen a game, where they are throwing it back and forth. And even when you go in the casino, they make you take the chips, not gold. If you want to bet a piece of gold, they say, "No, take these chips here."


Okay. So this is the area of research. I just wanted to give you this because it seems to be that this years convention is moving ahead - we have to move ahead, to stay ahead and even farther ahead than ever before - of the billions and millions of research monies that are being put in on the implanter side. We have to stay ahead of that. They have also maybe 5 million scientists working on it, and we can stay ahead with one or two C/Ses, you know, and twenty dollars for an occasional glass of water. Good water, though, clean. But this is why I wanted to bring  it to your attention, that you will be seeing some stuff coming out and maybe in your auditing you will be getting some from your C/S, maybe to handle some body problem, or to get you in better communication with the body.


If you are on the OT levels, especially Source and above, you will be experimenting with some of this stuff yourself. And we do want to catalogue these things, we do want to finally handle the fifth and sixth dynamics. They were never handled before. You still see it  all right there before you, and you can check it out with those commands I gave you, those indications of "bypassed charge" and you will find out that it is sitting there because it was never handled before. It's not helping you very much, it's just being there, but you can get it helping you, and the more and the better you get it helping you, the quicker we are going to be able to end off this game and make a more viable one. You can always bring forward into the new game things you like, that's no problem, but just don't leave it unaudited, don't leave it with incomplete cycles, don't leave it in a state of aberration.


So all of this is possible now, and don't forget the space particles, because they are holding space in between everything. it would be very hard to play a game in a big lump. So don't forget the space guys. You have to create space every time you do an  auditing session. So say, "Hey you guys, help me create this space, we are going to make a big auditing session here." "All right!" "Okay!" "Yeah!" Acknowledge them a little bit.


And by applying the data in this lecture, you are going to have a lot more fun in the game, and you are going to get more OT abilities sooner, and you are going to be able to complete cycles of actions faster, and we are all going to do our jobs on this planet a lot easier, and with a lot better results. Because, remember, we are not only handling our own case and that of other players, but we are also handling the cases of the dynamics themselves. And those,   gentlemen, ladies and all the created particles, that are listening, are the "Omitted Bridges".


Thank you very much



And now I want to thank Ron - Elron Elray - the Games Master, without whose help and technology, we could not have done all this. And maybe even we would have become "lumps" with BPC of no acknowledgement, failed purposes, betrayal and no tech.



Thank you. That's the end of Admin Briefing #4.



SECTOR OPERATIONS BULLETIN 22                                                  11 MAY 86

FREE ZONE ONLY                                                                                    TELEC -

                                                                                                                      1400 GMT

                                                                                                                      11 MAY AD 36






This is going to be the most important planet in the Universe.


It will be the EXIT POINT, the training center for Auditors for the rest of the physical universe.


It will be a center of culture - of art, music, and knowledge.


Sector 9 will be a buzzing beehive of industry and  activity again.  The "game of games" will bring prosperity and a new future to this area.


I wish to thank all my friends in the Free-Zone and especially Capt. Bill, who carried on, in spite of great odds, on my behalf.


The tech is all in his hands and is ready for you now. I wish you all success with it.


When enough are ready for OT 17 and OT 18, I will return.


Until then, I'll keep the show on the road here, in this galaxy and others, to direct the attention and interest of all thetans toward what you - my friends - are doing there on dear old Teegeeack.


It was my home and it shall be again.  Keep it beautiful and give it a New Civilization we can all be proud of.


By the way, you all can still communicate with me - haven't you ever heard of telepathy? (Joke).


Seriously though, I don't think you will ever be fooled again after you do the "Excalibur" level.  That is the final barrier to your self-determinism, although some may want or need the OT Life Repair Capt. Bill worked out to fully appreciate your gains.


We all have a lot of work to do to prepare the way, so I bid you "Adieu", "Hasta Luego", "Auf Wiedersehen", and "Goodby" ... for now.


The future is ours, is theta's, is static's - forever.


                                                                       Ron, Elron Elray



"In the broad universe

Are many civilizations.

Only a few require

Methods of control

And enslavement.

All others love freedom

Exchange of ideas,

Free trade,

And open communication.

Cherish spiritual expansion.

Let not martial conquest

Be your goal.

Your real power will create

A radiant, jewelled planet -

For the Admiration

And Prosperity

Of All Mankind.

Enter the Galactic Community

As a re-born Wonder -

Not as an enslaved


The choice is yours.

The Alternatives have been shown.

It is up to you to decide.

For Your Own Forevers."



Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector 9




copyright 1989


The Free Zone