"And you have to only realize there are only really TWO intentions in anything you go into on the planet. So don't be fooled. There will be an intention TO TRAP YOU OR TO MAKE YOU SMALLER. And the good guys though, they will have a different one.They will have the intention TO FREE YOU AND MAKE YOU BIGGER AND EXPANDING. So don't get fooled by any of these "other practices" or anything, which have become popular in these last few years. Anything, that is trying to reduce your awareness, control you, to make you smaller, or to trap you, is operating with, or in agreement with the monitor systems, that are already installed on the 7th Dynamic*. Just remember that and know also, that now on this planet, we have a Bridge and we CAN get people TOTALLY up to the point, where they don't have a case**, and they can do things, which are very effective in helping OTHERS not to have a case, and clearing the planet, and OT-ing the planet, and Static-ing the planet, and getting it all up, you know?" Captain Bill Robertson, Admin Briefing 1.   *dynamic - one of the eight urges (drives, impulses) in life. These are motives or motivations. We call them the eight dynamics. These are urges for survival as or through (1) self, (2) sex and family, (3) groups, (4) all mankind, (5) living things (plants and animals), (6) the material universe, (7) spirits, and (8) infinity or the Supreme Being. **case - a person's mental condition. A person's case is the way he responds to the world around him by reason of his departures from rational thought or behavior.



The New Civilization knows:

1) You have the power

2) You have the freedom.

3) You have the purposes.

4) You have the knowledge of how to play the game.

5) You have the right to your own sanity and will not agree to insane uses of power.

6) You have the right to leave any game you don't like, take your power, knowledge, and purposes with you and join another, start another, or just not play.

7) You WILL enjoy the New Civilization Game, if you decide to play.

8) That if you do decide to play, you - and ALL of us on this planet - will win.







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